Setup Unikon Race:


First enter the Race Station entered under Stations on the Admin Menu

Second create the Race, Click NEW under Races on the Admin Menu.
Fill in the form the same as you have for your Training tosses.
DONOT USE 1 FOR YOUR RID (1 is reserved for trainers only)


UNIKON PROGRAM under Administraion select Liberation Data:

3 things must match when you setup your UNIKON Race in the Clock:

1. On Wincompanion the Rid will be in the top box of the form - Unikon it is the Race Number
(NEVER USE 1 for a RID in Unikon- 1 is reserved for training tosses)

2. Wincompanion Unikon Race Name will be the second Box - Unikon it will be the box under Liberation (8 Characters Max)

3. Wincompanion Unikon Race Date will be the third box - Unikon it will be the box under Date

Once you have the race setup in your Unikon Program - Press SEND to Unikon Button

Connect your Club Unit to your Unikon Clock, it plugs into the back of the clock.

Put the TOKEN in the Club Unit and turn on the clock.

Set the date and time if you need to or accept the current date and time on the clock.


Select the Race you put into the Clock that matches the your current race.

Pass each pigeon over the antenna and be sure to watch the clock to verify the band is assigned properly and working.

Put the bird into the Basket.

Repeat the scanning of every pigeon to be entered into the race.

Once the Basketing is complete, connect the Unikon Clock to the Computer, turn on the Wincom program, Press 2 and enter to upload your basket list to the Wincompanion Internet database.

On Race morning plug in your clock, connect to the Computer with the special diester serial cord, Press 3 and enter to post
your birds to the Internet as they arrive.

If your wincom program stops posting just turn wincom off and restart it to continue posting the arrived pigeons.

Call me if you need a walk thru!



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