Benzing M1 - Upload Basket List to the Internet from the clock

Step 1 - Create the Race on Wincompanion with a Race ID of 1

Scan all the birds into Race 1 in the M1 Clock using the Benzing Club Unit.

Note: You can use Race 1 every week in the clock and Wincompanion, just name your Race - Race1, Race 2, Race 3 etc.
in the Race Field when you setup your race each successive week

Step 2. Once you are finished, connect the Club Unit to the PC and set it to communicate with PC
Turn on PideXX and Click the evaluation Tab from the main menu at the top.
Click the green round circle button at the bottom of the panel on the Right.
PideXX will read out the birds you just scanned in.  You will see it spooling up the list.
When the read out is complete Select the 01 from the little drop down window at the top right (Clock-Active Races)
Once you select the 01 from the drop down all the basked birds wil appear in the large window on the right and the Winspeed button below will light up.

Click the Winspeed button and save the file to your desktop or to Downloads where you can find it (wxxxxxxxx.d00 - You can rename it) 

Step 3. Login to your database on Wincompanion.  Under Birds select  Import Pidexx  

You will come to an Upload File screen. Click

ClickChoose File - A file dialog box will open navigate to the wxxxxxxx.d00 file you just saved from PideXX

Click Upload File 

Select the Race from the drop down where you saved it and click Upload Race Birds

The basked birds will print on the left of the screen as they upload
Scroll to the bottom of the list and Click the Admin menu
If you click on the Standard Race report all your basketed birds should be there


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