TauRIS One Loft Derby System - How to run a race or trainer

IMPORTANT PROCEDURE - Recap to Create a Trainer or Race Sequence:

  1. Internet Create the race on Wincompanion
  2. Desktop Open the Tauris Derby software >> Entry - Create Entry list >>Exit >> TauRIS Derby Menu >> Flight >> Start
  3. Last Step turn on Wincom (the Black box on your desktop)

IMPORTANT PROCEDURE - Recap to Stop or Finish a Trainer or Race:

  1. Desktop - Close Wincom (Black Box)
  2. Desktop - TauRIS Derby >> Flight >> Finish
  3. Internet - Wincompanion >> Login >> Admin menu under Race >> List >> Click the Red O (open) it will turn to a Green C ( Trainer or Race is now Closed )


First birds must be on pigeon stock list and have chips assigned in the TauRIS Derby Program

Goto your Wincompanion Admin menu Login and Click New under Races

Fill in New Race form and submit to create the Race Online

Note Race ID for TauRIS will always be 1 - whether it is a Race or a Trainer (never anything else)

Start the TauRIS Derby program and Click entry from the main menu.

Create the flight entry list

Click entry fill out the form


Start the flight

Click FLIGHT START FIRST then you can start Wincom on your desktop

Wincom will upload the arrived birds to the Internet


Finish or stop the flight

Turn off Wincom


Race should be uploaded to the internet

Note: You can re-upload these birds to the Internet any time until you Start the next race in the TauRIS Derby program

Just restart the wincom program and it will post them all over again