How do I export and Import my TauRIS pigeon.dat File

Overview: We want to export the Bird List from your website and then import the Bird List to TauRIS Derby Program. Logon to Admin on the website. Update the eRings on the Internet.

Step 1

Logon to your website Admin menu. >> Click List TauRIS under Birds >> SAVE this file to your TauRIS Derby Program. It will save as pigeon.dat

Save to this path:

C:\Program Files >> TauRIS Derby >> pigeon >> replace the pigeon.dat file

Note Window7: C:\Program Files (x86) >> TauRIS Derby >> pigeon >> replace the pigeon.dat file

(Note: The first time you download - If you do not get the Save or Open Dialog box follow the steps at the Bottom)

Step 2

Connect the Club Antenna to the PC.

Open the TauRIS Derby software. The new Pigeon List should be on display >> Click Pigeon >> Select a Pigeon >> Click Change >> Click Assign - swipe the eRing over the Club Antenna. eRing Id should show on the screen.

Repeat this step for each pigeon.

Close the TarRIS Derby program

Step 3

Login to your website >> Under Birds on the Admin menu Click eRing Import >> Browse to the pigeon.dat file >>

C:\ Program Files \ TauRIS Derby \ pigeon \ pigeon.dat

Click Open >> Click Upload File >> Click Upload Bird List >> Goto your Bird List under Birds on the Admin menu - All the eRings you just assigned should be there.

Repeat Steps 1 through 3 every time you want to register eRings on your birds!


I cannot Save the file as pigeon.dat only as .mht, .html or .txt and I cannot import it?
Depending on the settings in Windows , you may have to set a File Association for the Pidex file (P_.PIB), Unikon file (W0000013.d00) or TauRIS file (pigeon.dat)

The instructions below work for:

Unikon W00000XX.d00 file

Benzing Pidex P_.PIB file

TauRIS pigeon.dat file


Note: this image is of the Unikon W00000XX.d00 File


Control Panel >> Folder Options >> Click View Tab >> Uncheck the box "Hide file extensions for known file types"
Click File Types >> Click New >> type in .dat >> Click Advanced button on this dialog box - scroll down to Text Document > Click Ok and Save.
Back to Control Panel >> Folder Options >> Under the File Types tab scroll down to your File Type .dat that you just entered >> This time click the Advanced tab at the bottom of this screen with the .dat file type selected. Make sure the check box Confirm open after download is checked. Click Ok; Click OK

Vista & WIndows 7
Control Panel >> Folder Options >> Click View Tab >> Uncheck the box "Hide file extensions for known file types"
Open the program Notepad. Create a file, type anything in blah or whatever as the contents. Save it as test.txt to the desktop.
Now go to the desktop right click and rename this file test.txt to test.dat >> Double click test.dat You should get a box that asks what program you wish to use to associate with this file type. Check the box that says pick from a list of programs in this computer >> Click OK. Wait for the box to populate >> One of your choices should be Note Pad >> Select it and click OK. Now double click the file test.dat and it should open in Notepad. You can close and discard this file we will not need it anymore.

Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9 - 30-March-2012
Follow the steps in the paragraph above.
Login >> Click ListTauris >> If you do not get the Open or Save file dialog box Click the Compatibility Mode icon next to the URL input box >> Once you click it an Open or Save dialog will appear at the bottom of your screen >> Next to the Save is a small dropdown twiriller >> Click that and select Save AS >> Save the pigeon.dat file to C:\Program Files(x86)\TauRIS Derby\pigeon\pigeon.dat