Race Rules for 2017

Capacity of new loft – 400 birds.  See Jerry's facebook page for pictures.

All birds will be vaccinated on receipt for Pox and PMV, and 10th flight pulled.

Perch Fee (Non-refundable): $80 per bird. 5 for $350. Perch Fee must accompany birds (no exceptions).

Entry Fee $250 per bird, due after the 125 Mile Race

Replacement birds accepted until the end of June.

This is a three race series. (125, 225 and 350 miles) flown Oct-Nov (weather permitting).

125 and 225 mile races paid by clocking order.

350 mile race will split 1st drop and clocking position after that.

Accepting birds Feb 1st until May 16th.

Birds will be vaccinated for Pox and PMV

9th & 10th flights cut and pulled.

Videos and regular updates on Facebook Page GT-TC

Payout per race based on 350 paid entries going to first race.


125 Mile

225 Mile

350 Mile

Average Speed




1 - 4000




2 - 1000




3 - 500




4 - 10th 250



5th - 9th 900




10th -28th 400



In case of a tie 2 positions will be combined and split 50/50. 1st bird “out of the money” in each race will receive a free perch for the next year's race.

Birds remain property of breeder (as long as breeder pays entry fees) and will be returned at the end of the series as follows. Two bird box (1 or 2 birds) $60, additional birds $10 each. All birds not claimed within 2 weeks of final race remain property of the GTTC.

Time Out for Darkness-30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise is dead time. Birds clocked after midnight in TOD given start time of the next day. Flight day times will not be extended due to clocking of birds in TOD.

If any bird does not clock due to piggy back or clock or chip malfunction, and the GTTC verifys the bird is in the drop, it will be placed last in that drop.

A completed w-9 form will be required with winnings of $600 or more.

Loft manager reserves the right to make all final decisions.

GTTC Management Team

Mail Payments to:

GT Texas Classic
986 CR 341
Cleveland Texas 77327

Contact Us:

Email: nadiatorres192012@gmail.com


Ship Birds To:

General Delivery

26130 FM 2090 Rd

E, Splendora Texas 77372