Evolution Yearling - training

Station: Riverside - T Race

Distance: 41.317 Miles    

Release: 19-Apr-2017 08:30

Weather Release:    Arrival:

Wind at Release:     Wind at Arrival:

Temp at Release: °    Temp at Arrival: °

Lofts: 33

Birds: 68

Clocked: 38

Good Luck to Everyone!
Drops Pos Breeder Pigeon Name Color Sex Ent Arrival Speed To Win Eligible E25E50E75
30 WŸŁØft - CA 0010-AU16-WEEK BC C 1 09:40:55.40 1025.310 00:13:53 Yes

There are 62 bird records

Note: These Race Results are unofficial and subject to change until verified by the Race Committee and declared final.