Club Alas Capilla - TCI-Cro. Altimara Zacatecas

Station: Altamira Zacatecas - A Race

Distance: 285.298 Kilometers    

Release: 10-Sep-2017 08:00

Weather Release:    Arrival:

Wind at Release:     Wind at Arrival:

Temp at Release: °    Temp at Arrival: °

Lofts: 74

Birds: 353

Clocked: 157

Good Luck to Everyone!
Drops Pos Breeder Pigeon Name Color Sex Ent Arrival Speed To Win Eligible RacePointsTCITIC
31 Hermanos Gonzalez A - JA 53502-MX17-ACD AZUL H 1 12:20:49.10 1093.861 00:10:39 Yes TCI959
127 Hermanos Gonzalez A - JA 53509-MX17-ACD AZUL H 2 13:49:56.60 815.272 01:39:46 Yes TCI714

There are 689 bird records

Note: These Race Results are unofficial and subject to change until verified by the Race Committee and declared final.



"TCI" = Triple Corona International

"TIC" = Torneo International