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The loft is full!!! Please only send birds that have been previously paid for, or replacements. Those who have contacted me by phone this week ending April 14th are in.  


We currently have only 100 perches left before we are full for this year.  Of you that are still interested in entering the Blue Bucket Stampede for this season you will need to Prepay your perches this week.  Yes you may have registered earlier but now it's time to commit. 

As far as the birds, everything is well with 415 out free lofting. Yesterday and today we have 25-35mph winds so they have been locked in.  There was a cooper attack earlier this week so they are getting education there besides. 

Am looking forward to a successful year may you have likewise.  Paul   


Yesterday's clocking apparently didn't work. The birds were locked in all day then in the afternoon I locked up the board and pushed them through the traps. Watch the clocking today before you believe to be missing birds. Also the birds that arrived last week are learning the trapping trick. only 53 will be scanning while the other 47 in an adjacent penare trapping but not in where scanning takes place.

Birds continue to be in good health. I've had three now the needed medicatication and have been isolated. Breeders have been notified.

Have a good week,



Just a few days and we'll be taking birds for the 2018 season.  This year I'm recommending that all birds be vaccinated for both PMV and Paratyphoid prior to sending them here.  It is definately not 100% insurance against sickness that can occur but might just help. 

1099's were mailed ten days back so everyone should have received there's by now. 

Only changes in this years race are the B and C Optional Races that will be paid out in the 350 mile final, and Average Speed. 

I do hope that your winter thus far has been tolerable and that all is well in the breeding loft. 

Will to be communicating with you soon. 


        The 2017 race series is now complete.  We had many obstacles and setbacks to overcome but we made it.  Congradulations to all the race winners, =1st winners, average speed winners, 2-Bird team winners, prize winners, and to those with birds that just completed the 45 training tosses, 5 races and logged over 3160 miles on the wing.  You have birds that can compete!!

        To those who have accumulated prizes of $600 or more I will be needing a completed W-9 unless I already have one from previous years.  My plan is to start mailing birds this coming week.

        Thank you again to all the participants in this years' race and may your success continue in the other races you are competing in this fall!!!


God bless


RACE #5 ....350 MILES

Good evening,

At 3:30 this afternoon 293 birds were on their way to the 350 mile release point in Battle Mtn, Nevada.  By 7:30 Tim our liberator called and was just leaving the 125 mile airlines.  

Our planned release is 7:30 PDT.  Forecasts predict 29 degrees, sunny, 2 mph SE. at release.  Along the course sunny, variable winds 3-6 mph, and 74 degrees at arrival.  Come on down for lunch at 1PM and spend some time swappin lies.  Birds should arrive sometime after 2:00 PDT.   Best of luck tomorrow!!!  


Good Morning,

Our final race is scheduled for Monday October 16th from Battle Mountain, Nevada 350 miles.   Sunday evening there will be a hosted meal at Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant around 6:30 pm.   Monday at the loft turkey and lamb with the trimmings will be served at 1:00pm.  Birds should arrive some time between 2 and 3.  Give me a shout if you will be coming.  

Several motels are in town.  Econolodge Inn & Suites is adjacent to Mazatlan.


The 350 mi our final race I am trying to schedule at this time.  Monday, Oct 16 appears to be the best day for a while as rain and winds are predicted later in the week.  Will keep you posted.


The birds were released under mostly sunny skies at 7:30 PDT temperature 30 and calm.  Along the course there will be variable winds 3-5 mph.  Hope to see birds home by 1:30 this afternoon.  Come join us for Taco Salad.

RACE #4----#309 MILES

347 birds are on their way to Winnemucca , Nevada which is the 309 mile release point.  I talked to Tim about  9PM and he was half way there expecting to arrive around 12:30AM.  Our planned release time is 7:15 PDT but I'll give you updated information in the morning. 

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