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Today we are socked in with smoke and have up to 5 miles visibility.  We were hoping to start the race series tomorrow but are now looking at Friday for our first race.  Tomorrow afternoon all along the course the forecast is for winds 7 to 15 mph that continue into the evening.  This should clear out the smoke.  

There still are some entry checks that have not been received. Please notify me if you have not received a receipt invoice.  Also there may be some unpaid birds to enter. Let me know if you are interested in activating these. 


Good evening,

Thunderstorms the last few days have only added to the drama of trying to get in the 125 mile toss. 15 miles to north 12,000 acres have burned since Thurs., 20 miles NW 34,000 have burned, 4 miles north of yesterday's release point a small 60 acre fire burns, 8 miles NE of my 36 mile release point another 50 acres is burning.  Stronger winds did clear out the air this afternoon but big clouds of smoke still loom high in the sky.  Tomorrow's forecast calls for overcast skies for at least 60 miles of the coarse.  I'm planning the 125 mile for this Thursday Aug 17.  This set our entire schedule back a week with the 166  mile set for  Aug 24. Tomorrow we'll go 36 or 50 depending on how it is in the morning.  Have a good week. 


Tomorrow I will hand inventory the birds as I load them for the 125 miles toss on Thursday.  Positive thinking that the smoke will clear enough to pull it off. 


Training continues.  Tomorrow we will again go to 36miles and release in groups.  Friday I am planning to take them 90 miles to be released at one time.  Then next week more short tosses  and on Thursday Aug 10th 125miles.  This will keep us on schedule for our first race Aug 17th at 166 miles.  Plans don't always happen.  This morning we had smoke lay in here from some distant fire.  

Also this year I will not be sending out entry invoices.  It seems in the past, that by the time print them, put them in the mail for a week, they are not very accurate anyway.  If you need help finding out the amount of entry to send, call me.  Entries are Due now and will be totally refunded if the bird fails to go to the first race at 166miles.

The birds are looking good, with the boy/ girl thing going on and a few eggs on the floor around the loft.    


With all the struggles this year with health in the loft, I am very grateful for your understanding and willingness to replace missing entries of your teams.  My concern has always been, just how will these health issues affect the birds performance in road training.  

For this reason breeders who have lost birds prior to training , as well as those birds lost and missing in the July 15th inventory, of road training will have a credit of $90 /missing bird toward their entry fees  due August 1st.  Only one breeder struck out and I will mail him a check for his credit due.  All those with credits due will be emailed.  Thank you for your understanding.

Training this week will continue with flagging tomorrow, Tuesday 40 mi, Wednesday 60 mi Single release,  Thursday 40-60mi , and Friday 40mi. 


The birds did well today.   Much improvement in their attitude of leaving and wanting to get out of the trailer.  We are still having warm days so late returns are not happening very consistantly.  Tomorrow we begin to train east for a few days. 


Good Evening,

I just went through and made changes to those  breeders with more than 6 birds that have not called me.  Please look at your teams  and advise me as to how you want them assigned to team roosters, if differently.  Flagging of the birds will continue this week with our first toss scheduled for a week from today July 2nd.



Good Afternoon,

Short some birds in the clock today.  I've found one of the pads wide open and it has been repaired.  Clocking will catch them all tomorrow!!


Good Morning,

The temperature has backed off from the near 90's, to the 60's, and we are having a nice gentle rain this morning and my how the birds are loving it.     

All the last replacement birds are out today with the group. I tightened the stalls yesterday as we had some missed birds on Tuesday.  Flagging will start late next week.

Those of you with more then six birds let me know how you want your teams split before July !st when road training begins.

Have great weekend!!


Good Morning,

It's June already and just one month until road training begins. Yesterday I pulled 10th Flights and did a hand inventory on the birds that are out flying.  You can find these results on 5/31 training.  The following birds were not working in  the system or were found; PNW 5411, GUO 609, HICA 700, SLP 1104, WSJ 1741, GSL 413, & LING 113 they should be seen in today's 6/1 inventory.

As the birds have completed the first week of Virkon S sickness spread has been minimized, health has improved with more and more birds that are flying. As I handled every bird only 3 birds did I question their condition yesterday 

Have a great week!!  

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