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Good Afternoon,

Short some birds in the clock today.  I've found one of the pads wide open and it has been repaired.  Clocking will catch them all tomorrow!!


Good Morning,

The temperature has backed off from the near 90's, to the 60's, and we are having a nice gentle rain this morning and my how the birds are loving it.     

All the last replacement birds are out today with the group. I tightened the stalls yesterday as we had some missed birds on Tuesday.  Flagging will start late next week.

Those of you with more then six birds let me know how you want your teams split before July !st when road training begins.

Have great weekend!!


Good Morning,

It's June already and just one month until road training begins. Yesterday I pulled 10th Flights and did a hand inventory on the birds that are out flying.  You can find these results on 5/31 training.  The following birds were not working in  the system or were found; PNW 5411, GUO 609, HICA 700, SLP 1104, WSJ 1741, GSL 413, & LING 113 they should be seen in today's 6/1 inventory.

As the birds have completed the first week of Virkon S sickness spread has been minimized, health has improved with more and more birds that are flying. As I handled every bird only 3 birds did I question their condition yesterday 

Have a great week!!  


Strong winds this morning and today, the birds are locked in.  I hope tomorrow will better.


Please check your bird inventories on the May 7th Trainer. If all your birds are not there and I have not contacted you that your bird was involved with illness, and that your bird was not sent to me last week, then it's a very good chance that your bird is missing and can be replaced.      


Good Evening,

Today May 7th I again loft flew the birds, however between 1:30 and 2:40 I hand scanned the the two sections of birds that are being held for vaccination.  I've had a couple calls wondering if their birds that are in these sections were lost or sick. So hopefully this should clarify where your birds are.  These two sections I will mix with the main group at the end of the week.


Today the dropping in the loft are much better.  Vaccine was in short supply on hand, but I was able to finish all the birds that have been flying out and 86 more that have been in holding mode.  We continue to have a few sick birds in the main group yet none so far in all the birds I've received since April 1.  I will notify you if I move your bird to an isolation section. The back order vaccine should arrive May 2nd


Part of the Columbopolivac S vaccine arrived late Tuesday so I started vaccinating Wednesday. Thus boostering for PMV and vaccinating for Paratyphoid.  I will not be letting the birds out for a few days to allow them to heal from the booster and pulled nineth flight.


Now that most of the birds are here we are starting to have some health issues.  When purchasing vaccines for this year one of the new options was a PMV/Adeno combo.  Being that I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing Adeno I choose this one and failed to cover the Paratyphoid besides.  After the fact, indications are that this was a bad decision.

I have isolated 15 birds so far now that aren't feeling well. The birds have been on Baytril and Amoxicillin for eight days and are looking better,flying better, and continuing to body molt. Vaccine should arrive Fri or Sat. so we may be able to eliminate or at least slow down the paratyphoid possibility.

 Though their are younger birds housed in the same loft in separate sections that have not yet been liberated to fly, they will continue trap training and will not mix with the main group until after they have been vaccinated.  All birds have been on Kastle YB Developer as a precaution as well with the new +Plus developer on the way. Ecotonic and Avian Solution are used alternately daily.  

Daily clocking of birds will continue for those that are out.  I will try to do a better job of keeping you informed about birds missing on these inventories.  Remember all birds received after April 1 are not involved and are not included in the daily inventories.  Thanks for putting your trust in me, to care for your birds and make this a great race.





Winds today!!! I will keep the birds in the loft. A better day tomorrow!!

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