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        It seems just weeks ago I was sending the last of the birds home from the race.  Now here it is only three more days and a new series begins.  Our winter, with snow, has been a long one here, which is not been the case here for a good number of years. Been a little more struggle dealing with the cold, but other than a few falls on the icy paths, shovelin out snow in the mangers, tire chains, and taking extra time puttin on all those extra thick coveralls an' winter boots, spring is getting closer every day!!!  

        We'll start taking birds Feb 1st  but no need to rush things. Mail shipment, just weaned, cold temps, new surroundings, etc all contribute stress on those babies you are sending me.  Watch to see if they are eating and drinking on their own.  I do have small 3'x3' cages I put them in on arrival and introduce them to watering out of plastic milk jugs which I continue to use to attract them to the through-the-wall troughs in the main loft. I also get a chance to see any off normal droppings and allows me another day before I vaccinate, cancer, and worm, (a little more stress for these babies). 

        Again like last year I will be taking around 800 birds to fill the loft.  Prepayment is the only way to issure you will have perches.  I believe there are 190 birds prepaid today. Sorry snail mail is the only means of payment at this time.  

       Those of you who won moneys last year over 600 should have in your possession your 1099 misc as they were mailed three weeks ago .  Let me know if yours hasn't arrived.  

      I'm looking forward to handling your birds this season and will be happy to address your questions and concerns.   




This week I have begun mailing birds back to you.  Please let me know if you haven't already if you want your birds back. Shipping is cost rounded up to the nearest $5 increment. 



The 480 birds arrived in Battle Mtn, NV at 3:30 am this morning.  All is well as the had lots of time to water up before they were released at 7:10 PDT, under calm and sunny skies at 42 degrees.  Estimated arrival is 2:30 pm PDT.  Along the course are variable winds 2-3mph  If you are in the area Lunch will be at 1PM.   Good Luck  


When I arrived home yesterday at about 2pm a hawk was in the yard eating a pigeon.  Needless I say that is why so many birds were late they were spooked and wouldn't come down.  The last of the circling birds trapped about 4pm.  The owner of the bird has been notified.  The birds are resting today and tomorrow, as the final race is Sunday Sept 25th. 



Our final race is planned for Sunday Sept 25th.  Hosted buffet at Hunan Chinese Restaurant 6:30pm Saturday Sept 24th . Sorry again need a head count please let me know.     



Good afternoon Flyers,

We will not be racing Thursday Sept.22 forecast calls for rain at liberation and then 15-25 mile headwinds the last 175miles of the coarse.  I am looking ahead to Friday Sept.23 and possibly Sunday Sept 25th at this point.  Will keep you posted.


Good Morning Flyers,

Birds are out at 7AM PDT under Sunny skies, slight NE wind at ~3 and 44 degrees.  The birds left in a westerly direction and could go around/over the south end of the Steens Mtns.  Expected arrival between 12:45-1:30.  Lunch at 12 Noon.

Also if you will please RSVP for the last race Sept 22 as I make arrangements for meals.  This year we will having a Chinese Buffet at Hunan Chinese Restaurant 16 N.E. "A" Street, Madras on Wed evening Sept 21st.


RACE #4----#309 MILES

Good afternoon Flyers

Our race #4 from 309 miles is on for tomorrow Sept. 8th.  We will be boxing birds by 2pm this afternoon.  Planned release is

7AM PDT,with estimated arrival being sometime after 1PM PDT. Come join us for lunch at noon!!


RACE #3 ---250 MILES

Morning Flyers,

629 birds arrived at the release site at 1:30am this morning.  

        The birds were released at 7:00am PDT under Calm and Clear skies and 61 degrees.

       Winds will be variable along the coarse with some 3-5 mph head/shoulder the last 100mi.  We should see birds between 12-12:30 PDT.  

Good luck!!!! 


Good Evening Flyers,

In the race today there were 8 birds on the drop with 3 more right behind. Congratulations to Duane Gragg who had the first bird to clock. Big thank you to my wife and niece Sophie who helped box birds yesterday afternoon.  Also to my liberator Tim Graves who is managing the Oregon State Classic this year.  

Next week Race #3 250 mles out of McDermitt,NV on  Sept 1st.  There will be prizes.  Go to my Home Page and click the link 2016 PAYOUT under the pictures of the race winners for all the information.


God bless,


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