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Congratulations all the winners! We had a really good return, 21 birds in the first drop. After that they were still coming.

Thanks all for your participation. Without you guys this could not be possible. We look forward to see you all next year.


Have any questions? Call me.



CVOLR MESSAGE 02-22-2017

Good Morning Palomeros,

I hope that everyone is planning on coming today to the final race. Birds got released this morning at 8 a.m. It was mostly cloudly, 49 degrees some wind to the West. We will have a good race. Lunch will be ready from Noon to 2 p.m. Come and enjoy the day with us.

Good luck to all!!!


Buenos Dias Palomeros,

Espero que todos esten planeando en venir hoy a la carrera final. Los palomos se soltaron esta manana a las 8 a.m. Estuvo parcialmente nublado, 49 grados con poco de viento hacia el Oeste. Vamos a tener una buena carrera. La comida va estar lista de 12 a 2 p.m. Vengan a divertirse.

Buena suerte a todos!!!


CVOLR MESSAGE 10-17-2017


I hope that everyone is doing well. Finally, the final race is here Sunday, October 22.      Saturday, October 21 we will start basketing at 5:30 p.m. We will have dinner ready at 5 p.m.

Anyone that is coming late for basketing please give me a call that way I willl hold your birds till 7 p.m.

Any questions, please give me a call.

                                        Pay Out Ford The Final Race

1st 35%=6560 2nd 20%=3750 3rd 10%=1875 4th 5%=940 5th tru 20th 15%=2812@175 each

                      Average Speed 1st 7%=1310 2nd 5%=940 3rd 3%=560



Espero que todos esten bien. Finalmente la carrera final esta aqui Domingo, Octubre 22.   Sabado, Octubre 21 vamos a encestar a las 5:30 p.m. Tendremos cena lista a las 5 p.m.

Cualquiera que vaya a llegar tarde porfavor de llamarme para poder detener sus palomos hasta las 7 p.m.

Qualquier pregunta porfavor llamenme.

Antonio Gomez 

CVOLR MESSAGE 10-03-2017


Hi Palomeros,

Congratulations to the 3 winners. Our birds did good. We have 96 birds as of today. Training tosses will be posted just like I've been doing it.

Get ready for the final its just around the corner. I will post the prizes soon.

Good luck in the final race.


Hola Palomeros,

Felicidades a los 3 ganadores. Los palomos les fue bien. Tenemos 96 palomos hasta hoy. Los entrenamientos los estare publicando como lo he estado haciendo.

Esten listos para la final es solo a la vuelta de la esquina. Publicare los premios pronto.

Buena suerte en la carrera final.

CVOLR MESSAGE 09-27-2017

Hi breeders,

Today I had a small technical problem with the computer connection. The birds got released from Chico. Over 50 birds beat me home but we are still missing some.

This is a reminder that all birds need to be paid off by Sunday Oct. 1 before the birds arrive from the 200 miles race. 

We are going to have a barbeque on Sunday while we wait for the birds to arrive. Please try to be here by 10 a.m.

Hola Palomeros,

Hoy tuve un pequeno problema technico con la coneccion de la computadora. Los palomos los solte de Chico. Mas de 50 palomos me ganaron pero todavia faltan algunos.

Este es un recordatorio que todos los palomos se tienen que pagar para el Domingo Oct 1 antes de que llegen de las 200 millas.

Vamos a tener carne asada mientras esperamos que llegen los palomos. Porfavor tratar de llegar antes de las 10 a.m.



CVOLR MESSAGE 09-23-2017

Hi Breeders,

We have 150 birds qualify that need to be paid off by October 1. If you have any questions please call me.

We are going 45 miles tomorrow and if everything goes well the plan is 150 on Wednesday. To get them ready for 200 miles on October 1.

Anybody that wants to come to watch the birds arrive on October 1, give me a call by Friday September 29 as I am planning to have a carne asada for all of us on that day of the second race. Be here no later than 10:30 am.

See you guys and good luck to all!



CVOLR MESSAGE 09-17-2017

Hi Breeders!

Congratulations to the three winers in this first 100 miles race, and good luck to all in the next two races.

I just want to let you know that any bird that comes is good condition it needs to be paid from today Sep. 17 to Oct. 1.

We have 149 birds in today out of 163 so we did pretty good. I will post the prizes soon. 

You can make the checks payable to Antonio Gomez or also you can call me to deposit to my account.

Any questions give me a call.

Thanks to all!

Antonio Gomez


CVOLR MESSAGE 09-10-2017

Hello everyone,

      I hope everyone is doing well because all the birds are doing very good. This coming Sunday, Sept. 17,2017 will be the 1st race also a classifying race. Birds will be released on the other side of Sacramento, CA around 7:30 A.M.. All are invited to see the arrival of the birds. You should be here at 9 A.M., we will have coffee, doughnuts and cookies. Come and have FUN!


Just a reminder, the entry fee will be due for all birds the day they return in good condition from the 1st 100 mile race. It could be on the day of the race or after. You may come prepared to pay the entry fee on Sept. 17th but all fees must be paid within 2 weeks. If you send a check, please make it payable to Antonio Gomez. If any questions please call me 209-678-8138


Thank You and Good Luck to ALL,

Antonio Gomez


Hello Breeders, 

Just a note to let you all know that the birds are doing good.

The first race is around the corner, it will be September 17.

That will be the clasification. Any birds that comes from 100 miles with no

problems will be activated.

I will keep you guys posted.

Good luck to all!



Hello Breeders,

      Fun is around the corner! Birds are doing excellent. If anyone has any questions, please give me a call. Looking forward to having a great race. Everyone enjoy their Sunday.


Good Luck to All,


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