News and Updates
LOFT UPDATE 05/18/2018

Hi Palomeros,

I hope everyone is doing good, here we are doing great. We have receoved 276 birds and there is 266 in the coop all in good health.

There has to be some replacements, I will contant the person if needed. 

I will keep you guys informed with updates.

Thank you all!!!


CVOLR MESSAGE 05-06-2018

Hello Palomeros, I hope you all are doing great. I wanted to let you guys know that we are doing better than ever with all birds being healthy. We will be doing inventory later this week. There are about 180 birds located already. We are missing 6 out of those 180. I will contact those breeders about the missing birds. I just received the other microchips which I will be installing tomorrow. Best thing to think is that the birds are all healthy and more birds coming. Without you guys this couldn't be done. Good Luck to All.

Any Questions? Please Call.

CVOLR MESSAGE 04-22-2018

Hello Palomeros, I hope everyone is doing well and had a good weekend. Good Luck on all your Club races. Here at the One Loft we are doing great, all birds are healthy and we have close to 200 birds. Perches are still available; invite your friends to join us in on the fun. 

Any Questions?? Don't hesitate to call. 

CVOLR MESSAGE 04-01-2018

Hello Breeder's, I hope everyone enjoyed Easter. All the birds are healthy except one; it died on me the next day. I have already contacted the owner. The first group has 47 birds and has been out 3 times this week. The next group will start to come out next week. The total amount of birds is 134 and birds are still coming. Looks like we might have over 200 birds. This is Good, better than previous years. This year we already have some Top Flyers and more are coming.

I hope you guys understand that last year was my 1st year on Win Companion. This year I have more experience in the GPS readings and online communication. And remember, Any questions, Please give me a Call, And When you Bring Birds, Remember to remind me to Get Your Free T-Shirt with the One Loft Logo on it!


Antonio Gomez


CVOLR MESSAGE 03-10-2018

Hello Everyone,

     I hope you all are doing well. As far as receiving birds for the One Loft we are doing better this year than last year. The 44 birds we have now are all doing great, 0 health problems. I want to let you guys know I will be in the Martinez & the San Jose auctions, I can receive entries on those days as well if that makes it convenient for you. All who enter receive a free T-shirt, don't forget to remind me. 

Any Questions? Give me a call. 

Antonio Gomez


CVOLR MESSAGE 02-02-2018

Hello everyone, I hope all of you are doing good. I just wanted to let you guys know that we are all ready and we even have birds in the coop. We are looking forward to a better race this year. I am learning a lot on WinCompanion. So, pick your birds and enter the 2018 One Loft Race. Everyone who enters gets a free T-shirt for participating in the Central Valley One Loft. Come and have fun, Good Luck.

Any Questions call Antonio Gomez.