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Hey guys I hope you are all having a good week. The weather here has been a little rainy. But we have been able to get the birds out a couple of times along with some loft flying. 

 We are looking at Friday to try to get the next race going . The forcast shows that we have a pretty good day and we hope it holds! We well update if we have any changes. Thanks and good luck


Well Guys the weather is not going to hold out for us!!The forcast in Montana is showing rain. We have been watching it closely and cannot find an opening that we feel good about to let them go. The rest of the week is Bad until next weekend. I guess that is spring time flying. We well keep you updated

UPDATE 4-21-17

The birds are looking great! They well be going out on training this morning so keep an eye out to see how they do. The last training a few had a hard time going into the loft when they got home. I think I must have overfed a little . We are looking at Sunday  to send out the birds on the next race. The weather is still looking good.

The payout for the following weeks is as follows 

First Bird in the clock on the 2nd race (Apex) wins 500 points

1. Average speed 1625 split between top 5 birds

1st place 650 points

2nd place 406.25 points

3rd place 325 points

4th place 162.5 points

5th place 81.25 points

2. Second to last race 1625 to top 10% of paid entries

1st place 650 points

2nd place 487.5 points

3rd place 325 points

4th place 162.5 point

3. Final is 3250 points to top 10% of paid entries

1st place 1300 points

2nd place 975 points

3rd place 650 points

4th place 325 points


Good luck  The Evolution Team


We had a great race from Duboise Idaho today. The weather was ideal and the birds  really pulled through. Last look showed that we were out just 1 bird. We well get them ready for Apex Montana next week which is 284 miles.                                    The top 20 birds from todays race are still elligible for the eliminater series. If your bird is not already in it , it well now cost $50 to get your bird entered. Get online and enter if you desire.  For those that already paid $25 you did the correct thing getting in quickly. 

 Hopefully training this week is kind to us and all birds get through ok. Ive got to keep pushing them!  Good luck to all . The Evolution Team


It looks like we are ready to send the birds on Sunday. We well be releasing from Duboise Idaho . It well be about 200 miles. Weather looks good with a slight head wind in there face.We well be taking birds out today for a training so watch and see how your birds do. 

 We have got all the entry fees in that we are going to get so first of next week we well figure out payout for the series and let everyone know.   thanks to all The evolution team


It has been a pleasure speaking with most of you this past week. We have been planning on racing on Monday, but at this time we are waiting on quite a few payments that were sent out but have not arrived yet. So we have decided to push the race back to next weekend [weather permitting]. That way we can receive all the checks from snail mail. There is an option of paying on line with an additional 3% charge if for some reason you have not sent your payment.

 Powerstroke has notified us that he well not be able to make his payment so we have opened it up to anyone interested in paying the entry and take ownership in his birds. let us know if you are interested. Sorry for the change but it is for the best.


Evolution Team 

UPDATE 4-8-17

We are currently trying to get in the entry money. Have run into a few problems but it should be taken care of shortly. If you have not got your entry in please do so or contact us. 

 The race from Dubois well be Monday It is a 206 mile fly for the birds and I think they are ready for it. The weather this weekend is not good here,so the first good day seems to be monday Good luck


Well the activation race took place yesterday. Not real sure what happened to the clocking system, we do apoligize for the problem. The birds started coming in and they were not scanning. We worked hard and fast but about 30 birds came in before we decided to set it up as though it were a training and quickly scanned the first 30 birds . So those 30 were not in order of how they came in. I think we have the problem resolved.  

  NOW, the entry fees are due. it is $175 per bird and can be paid on line or send in a check. Please check and see how many birds you have qualified.

  Also you can enter your birds  in the eliminater. it is $25 a bird this week but if you wait and your bird still qualifies nest race it well go up to $50 so get it don know.



 Thanks to all  


Hello Everyone,


We had a clock disaster for the first race and were not able to clock the birds as they came in! So we had to set up a training to clock the birds so this will not count towards average speed but still will be the activation qualifier. Since about half the birds are back the first 53 will qualifyfor the Eliminator. Sorry about this we will be ready to go for the 2nd race next week and all race fees are due before basketing. $175


Evolution Team


We have decided to release the birds on Monday instead of tomorrow. We have been watching the weather closely and decided that tomorrow is going to be too rough on the birds.  Thanks and good luck

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