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We had a great race yesterday! The weather cooperated and the birds came through. Congragulations go out to all the Breeders. Any bird that makes it through the entire series is a champion in my book. Eric and I were talking while we were waiting for birds and we can not believe anything could make it back through what they had to go through. Hills ,Mountains, Valleys, Winds and many other obsticles. They are truly amazing.

  Our winners for the final race were 

1 Wy Loft 10 au week   {almost 22 minutes ahead}

2 Gurney Dansie  132 au UCA  

3 R&S loft of Texas  734 au RS

4 Pelican Loft 1543 au IDA


 Average speed goes to

1 Martinez Family loft  376 au MART

2 Gurney Dansie  132 au UCA

3 Gurney Dansie 143 au UCA

4 wy loft 10 au week 

Get on line to see the full results of the series. 

I well try to get out the checks as soon as I get the w9 forms turned in please get them on our site and turn them in as soon as possible.

 Also please let me know where and how to send your birds back. You can also go onlie and pay for shipping if that is what you are intending to do


Thanks again to all and I hope you all intend on participating in future races. 


UPDATE 5-17-17

Hope you are all having a good week. The weather around here has been kind of up and down. The birds are flying well I am hoping to start taking them out a little as soon as we get all the birds here and ready. We well be taking in new birds until the end of the month. 

 We have lost a couple to sickness and also to injury. but all and all they are doing great. If you have not been notified then your birds are ok. 


We have decided to have the final race on Saturday. The weather looks good that day {better than Sunday} so as long as nothing changes it well take place then. The birds are doing well and ready to go. It should be a good one. Good luck and hope for finally some good weather. 

UPDATE 5-15-17

We have trained the birds a few times this week and they are coming along nicely. The last race really took it out of them. Yesterday was a 80 mile toss . The weather has been hit and miss but I hope that it well be good for our final next weekend. We well keep working them this week  Good luck 


Well we had  a tough one again yesterday! Mother nature can pull some fast ones on us and she did once again. I had to release about 50 miles short as we posted yesterday to avoid the cloud cover and rain in Garrison. When I came down about 50 miles the skies opened and it was beautiful. So I released them. All through Montana was perfect weather. Then I came to Spencer Idaho and a fog bank had set on. It wasn't terribly bad but it went all the way through Idaho. Just a unbrella of clouds that I think really effected the birds and after Idaho falls we had a bit of rain. From the utah border it was clear sailing with a slight breeze to there back. A little bit of everything. 

  Congradulations go to 

1 Gurney/ Dansie  # 143 

2 Win One Soon # 908

3 Martinez  # 376 also winning the eliminater

4 Matt Jones  # 653


Thanks to all and hope we get a few more birds in today




Due to storms in the area we decided to release from Feely MT. instead of Garrison. A difference of 50 miles. It is still well over 300 miles and should be a great race! They may dodge some storms along the way but the winds will be variable. Good luck to everyone.


Evolution Team


We are planning on having the race on Sunday. I well be heading out tomorrow night and let them go at 8:00 on Sunday morning weather permitting. The course looks good right now . The only shakey part well be Garrison itself with a chance of rain. We well have to see what it is like. There well be a slight tail wind to start changing to head wind about half way. but not too strong. 

 The birds are looking real good and ready to go. If you would like to come over and watch the birds come in let us know so we can have plenty of refreshments. Good luck to all!


Well Guys, the girls wooped on ya yesterday. Their little #21721 hen came in through the snow about 5 minutes before the next group. Congradulations to the Freedom Flyers. 

 Mother nature really was tough on our birds yesterday. They had it pretty easy to Idaho Falls and then the clouds came in and let er rip!. We thought we had a window that was going to get birds through but it gave them a good test to say the least. I have all but 4 birds home and hopeing to get the rest later. They are all looking a little tired but they are ok. Thanks to all The Evolution Team


Hey guys I hope you are all having a good week. The weather here has been a little rainy. But we have been able to get the birds out a couple of times along with some loft flying. 

 We are looking at Friday to try to get the next race going . The forcast shows that we have a pretty good day and we hope it holds! We well update if we have any changes. Thanks and good luck


Well Guys the weather is not going to hold out for us!!The forcast in Montana is showing rain. We have been watching it closely and cannot find an opening that we feel good about to let them go. The rest of the week is Bad until next weekend. I guess that is spring time flying. We well keep you updated

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