News and Updates

I got the birds out yesterday. They did real well . Each time I get them out farther. The jumps now well be greater distances for a while. The weather is a little wet at times but not too bad the temp is in the 40's. Hope all is well for you all ! thanks

TRAINING 2-13-17

Sent the birds out yesterday. It was a cool beautiful day for flying . Took them out a little farther this time. They seemed to do well and all came home quickly. I'll be taking them out again soon. Still trying to work the bugs out of the wincompanion system . I hope we have everything corrected soon. So if yu see somthing strange in the returns we are aware of it and working on it. thanks Bryan

TRAINING 2-11-17

Took the birds out 5 miles today. Put it on line. Had a few bugs in the system but I think we got it worked out with Terry at winncompanion. Great looking day for flying .Most the birds came right in and then we had a few stragelers. Remember when your looking for updates  or races / training you well have to go to Yearling site then check updates or results  Thanks Gang!! Happy Flying


I took the birds out a couple of miles today and let them out. They seemed happy to get out and really fly. I well get a training on line in the next few days where we can do an inventory and you can check on your birds 


Well Spring may not be here but I did see some grass today!! The birds are out flying and looking good. They are all Fat and Sassy!  We have about 75 birds for the yearling race. Not as many as we woould like but the show must go on. The race schedule is on the site so feel free to check it out. These birds are really going to be tested!!  But they well be ready. 

  I am going to be better at getting the updates out. I really am bad at this computer stuff!  Thanmks for your participation  The Evolution Team