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Hello guys just want to say thank you for 2016 , hoping will have you again for 2017 .today is 11/22/2016..

Last update of the year , we haven't shipped any birds yet, we are waiting to see if More birds show up. And do to Holliday weekend too. We will like to send birds back this coming Tuesday ,so please get in touch with me to arrange things ,if I don't hear from you I will assume your not interested in getting the birds back .thank you 


Good morning breeders today is October 11th 

Rainy day at houston texas, no training today if weather permitted tomorrow birds will go 70 miles 

The time is getting closer for the activation fee ,if any questions call me at 2817036413 or text at 8327288258 . I need money by the 24th . Send checks to 986 CR 341 Cleaveland Texas 77327 . Made out to...... GT TEXAS CLASSIC.....



Good morning breeders today is October 10th 

We had planned to take birds 60 miles on Sunday but it was a windy day so we decided to keep them home .today we brought them to the 40 mile spot , . Birds made it home safely but, is the live clocking   that is  not sending  the signal ,the ducking station is  not working  We had this issue before but I was able to fix it.  I'm trying to contact Terry Gilmore.  So we can fix this so it won't happen again.  


Today's quick update 

Breeders we are planning on having first race October 29th if weather permitted 

I don't have to have the entry right now but let me say some breeders have already Paid for there birds. 

I do need to have it by October 24th ,if I don't hear from you by then birds become 

Property of GT-TC. And I have the right to let anybody that wants to pay for  the entry to do so. If any questions you can contact me at 2817036413  or text at 8327288258 . Thank you guy's  ... all checks made out to ...GT Texas classic...


Good morning breeders  today is September 27th these past few days weather has been bad yesterday was foggy and it didn't clear out till about 9 so I took the birds back home ,and today is cloudy .

The good news is that the weather looks good for the rest of the week so we will start training again on Wednesday..

that was todays quick update hope you'll have a good day


Hello breeders today is September 18th .quick update birds have been to a few short tosses.  Today we have been having some problems with our internet provider.  Birds are here some are still flying out on and off ,hawk stop by so some  birds don't want go in , check out my Facebook account under GT-TC  and you'll can see a small video of the birds . Thank you hope you enjoy the rest of your day .. 


Quick update for September the 2nd 

Birds are doing great we will start road training soon in a week or two .

This weekend we will not be loft flying do to dove season . Thanks for your support means a lot to me 


Hello breeders today is August 19th 

Just a quick update, birds are doing good we have been letting them out almost every day ,they are enjoying this weather change for the past week it has been in the 80°s and birds love it . We will start road training hopefully  by the end of the month ,depending on how birds are doing ... thank you guys hope you'll enjoy your weekend 


Hello breeders Today is July 28th 

We have some technical problems with our internal, we got in touch with Terry Gilmore but unfortunately we were not able to get things running.  We will try again Saturday morning.  Birds are doing good we have been letting them out every day most of them are flying around the loft for about 15 minutes at a time.we will try again on Saturday morning to get the system running so we can put electronic bands on birds.  Thank you for your patience 


Hello breeders Today is July 19th 

We just want to let you guys know that do to the changes we made ,rule #7 don't apply anymore we will be asking for entry fees 2 weeks before first race let me say that do to some issues we haven't worked with birds as much as we would like but we will have them ready for late October early November. Thank you for your patience 

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