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February Update

Only 20 days left until we start accepting birds for our 2017 season.  Please make sure you are registered on the website before you ship your birds.

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We wish to Congratulate our friend Tom Schilling on winning the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race today!  Tom is a fellow club member of ours and always competes on a tough level.  The harder the race the better for T & J Loft.  Congratulations Buddy!  I know Big John is smiling down on you!!

Have a Great Week,



February Update

Well, March 1st is fast approaching and we are well underway with the construction of the new addition to the loft.  We have moved to the inside of the loft with the construction.  A few nice days in January helped with getting the outside finished.  We posted a video on our YouTube page a few days ago showing the progress of the inside of the loft.  If you click on the "photos" page on our website and then click "YouTube" link it will take you to all of our videos including the newest one. 

We have begun posting pre paid perches on the website for anyone that has either pre paid or left money from the 2016 series.  If you see birds on the page they are only pre paid perches.  We will being accepting birds March 1st, which is quickly approaching.  Please remember that all perch fees are $200 per bird.  Of that $200 we will be putting $100 towards the 1st Place Capital Prize.  We will continue to stress that ALL birds need to have the perch fee with them when they arrive.  There are 2 lofts that had prize money coming from the 2016 series and never sent a W-9.  If you would like to apply the balance to this years race please contact us so we can mark perches pre paid for you.

We will be attending the iPigeon Gala in Las Vegas in less then 2 weeks.  Our children will be attending with us as well.  I'm sure many of you know they are actively involved in the race when it comes to shipping and basketing birds.  We look forward to meeting many new faces at the convention this year. 

Congratulations to Ado Family Loft on his BIG WIN in the Victoria Falls Race last weekend.  We wish everyone the Best of Luck this Saturday in the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race.  We have a few entries left ourselves. 

Good Luck and Have a Great Week.