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Well the 400 proved to be a little less than I expected {really thought there would be day birds}, but the overall top pigeons once again proved they were the best! The 1st place bird is from proven, tough pigeons, that have flown very well for the owner. At this time we have almost 50% of the total sent to the 400 home. If you want your birds back,please let me know, if not I will fly them as Old birds in the spring. If you dont have money coming and want them back-please send $45 for 1 bird,$ 50 for 2, $60 for 3 , and $75 for 4 or more.We had pigeon men here every day and needless to say the 1st day it was pitch black before anyone left. The 2nd day we were on the scene at 7a.m. and didnt have long to wait till they started coming in.It was really a fun morning ,even though it was cold.Congrats to the winner,just a few seconds before the next bird,and it seemed he saved his best for the longer race.The most amazing performance that we have had in 6 years was put on by the 1st and 2nd CHAMPION BIRDS! They are nestmates and on the 200 Race were 1st & 6th - 8 seconds apart. On the 250 they were 1st and 7th, 8 seconds apart. On the 300 they were2nd & 3rd - .4of 1 second apart,and on the final 400 they were 13.8 seconds apart, in the air together and on the board together ! Over-all they were separated {after 200,250,300,and 400 } by 13.8 seconds !! I think they must have the same mental,physical,and shape as any 2 birds could have. I also must remind everyone that the 300 was a head-wind in their face ,race, all the way, and we had 81 of 92 birds home . We feel like we did a great job with the birds this year, most of our past Champions have went on to produce great winners and I am sure this years crop will do the same. One thing we do is separate the wheat from the chaffe and fluff pigeons dont fair to well here, due to the strong cross-winds every training toss and every race. Thanks to everyone and may the pigeon gods smile on all of you in the future! And --Thanks for the positive calls and comments from those of you that know Liz and I do all we can for you and your birds. I will start sending birds out Monday- if you won over $600-we will need that W-9 a.s.a.p. Thanks - Liz & Larry - K.P.C.


Birds went up at 7:40, clear,sun, and 3 mph S.E. wind, it is overcast here ,no sun,and 7 mph S.E. wind. It has been a long and eventful career the last 9 years for Liz and I {mostly her because of her cancer struggles] and me because I am pushing 70. We have decided to no longer continue in the one-loft game as we take loosing birds personal and we would like to take some time for ourselves. This 400 will be our last ,but it has been fun,at times. I have been called out by some as a loft that looses too many birds-I have also had some great people support me - Martinen, Kelly,C.L. Gage,Ander Yinn,Errol Ecker,Orlan Gulker, Richard Callahan,Dale Bergeron,Slyter,Payne,Loyd,Rueter,Morton,Lukonen,Greg Warren,and others that I have left out.Some have asked me what I think are the best one-loft races to get in- I can only think of one and as far as I am concerned has one of the best pigeon men in America in charge of the birds - TEXAS SHOOT-OUT, with Kenny Kelly!!! I took the following lofts and with the # of birds entered, with the # of birds that flew their final race and have listed 9 ,and the % of birds left after their races were complete.After looking at this list it doesnt look like we are any better or worse in loosing birds. You can check the list and decide for yourself. I am sure nobody has ever done this before ,but facts are facts.Thanks again and have a great 2017 and may the pigeon gods smile on all of you. 2016 Results-    CROOKED RIVER-61%, HOOSIER-45%, BLUE BUCKET-45%, KANSAS PRAIRIE CLASSIC-35%, LUCKY 17-22%, PLYMOUTH PEAK-18%, GREAT AMERICAN CLASSIC-15%, PACIFIC N. W. CHALLENGE-11%, BREEDERS CUP-9% . There are lots of others but we have been compared to the ones listed so I wanted to see how we really stacked up in the final outcome.In the end you must make the final decision on where you want your birds-it is hard to choose, but do your research and go by past results and may you choose wisely. Thanks again for some great times, now lets get some birds home from 400 Miles ! Larry


Pay-out is posted on web-site under "Prizes" , it is current.Thank you to everyone that sent us birds this year,we have enjoyed flying your birds and it is always a thrill to just sit out there and watch them come in. On the 300 I predicted a 5 bird drop and we got 11, on this 400 I am looking for a good 5 and they probably will be the same birds that have been showing themselves to be out front on all the other races. We will post a new up-date tomorrow, be sure and check it out. Thanks- Larry


-We flew a 40 mile trainer today- released at 11am due to overcast and drizzle,everything went great , some flew 1.5 hours before coming down-they are ready. We will get 1 more training toss in before Thursday, and fly the 400 on Friday this week. Saturday is also looking good so we have a good 2nd day just in case there are no day birds. Larry


We flew the birds 30 on Tuesday and 50 this a.m. ,they all did well and seem ready for the 400. The 300 was an absolute dream race with slight head-winds and mild temps. Everyone here was treated to some real enjoyment in watching some really fine birds fly a good decent working race, not a wind up your butt blow home that we see so much in a lot of these contests these days. We have 5 birds within 57 seconds of Champion bird after 3 races of 200,250 and 300 !! Could it be that these are the cream of the crop ? The big bad 400 will decide and whoever prevails will be a well deserved race series winner - brains, brawn and the ability to get home after flying the ONLY 400 mile young bird ONE-LOFT race in America !!  There are 23 birds within 1 hour of 1st. The pay-out is listed on the PRIZES  page on the web-site. Good luck and may the best birds prevail.  Liz & Larry

2 DOWN - 2 TO GO

The wind came up on us yesterday,and the race was way faster than I wanted-but you get what nature deals you here in the land of OZ. aFTER 200 AND 250 WE HAVE 12 BIRDS WITHIN 43 SECONDS OF WINNING champion bird- SHOULD BE A VERY INTERESTING 300 AND 400. We will train 35 and 50 this week before the 300 ,so they will be lit  up and ready to go. 300 will be Saturday or Sunday, depending on the wind and weather, Good luck everyone, maybe yours has what it takes to get out there and be # 1.


Flew birds 35 miles this A.M.- looks like all made it, forgot to set up training toss so no results, but they flew for quite a while when they got home. Next 3 days winds are to be 30-50 mph, nothing is going out. Looks like the 250 will be next Monday.Still waiting for some entry fees,please send them if you havent already. Thanks and good luck. I think the 200 was a good working race and the birds did not get hurt any- they even flew a few extra laps when they got home. Larry


2oo miles- Average speed only, 1st of 4 races ending with the 400.You need to call us if you havent sent entry fees, or e-mail- we will send all birds to the race and if not paid for will delete their results. We do have some people who would like to activate some birds ,so if you would let us know we will get them hooked up for the race.Liz and I would like to thank everyone who sent us birds- we treat them like family and cannot stand to see them lost. We have been really hawked this year and several are missing a few tail feathers, but its far from their heart and they will do just fine.May the best birds be up front and may the pigeon gods smile on all our entrants and their owners. THANKS- Larry


We are planning on flying the 1st race this Friday- Nov.11th,weather permitting. Entry fees of $200 per bird is due at that time. Checks and mailed envelopes dated by Nov,10th will get your birds activated for all 4 races.If you dont want to activate ,call me and we will try to get them entered.The birds are in great shape and look and feel like champions.Birds not activated will become the property of the K.P.C. and will be sent to the races but thier clocking times will not be recorded. Best of luck to everyone and may the best birds prevail.Thanks for this year- Liz and I have had good and bad times, but that seems to be with all pigeon flyers. Larry


We had a strong tail-wind and the birds did what I was afraid they would do- fly by and miss to the WEST and North. It is a sick feeling to watch birds come back all day ,into a 20 mph head-wind,and this a.m. from the west and north, as many as 5 or 6 in a group at times.I knew they were flying around here for 2 hours and looking fine when they came down,from other tosses.- I should have jumped them to 40 or 50 miles so they would have had time to get it right- I screwed up.Thursday we will get a good count and a good indicater of the health they are in. One cut his breast open and wont go . GHC 13757 came home without his clocking chip so we will get him re-chipped,but he was here on the day and looks fine. Good luck everyone-I just messed up. Larry


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