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Dear Breeders,

 First of all I would like to say thank you to all who participated this year in the Mid American Challenge. I would also like to say I am sorry for how things turned out. It has bothered me greatly.  I truly have some amazing friends in the sport, Thank You all. For this I will be offering free perch fees to all of you for next year.

 After much consideration and hearing back from all of you who responded to the last email.
We will be going with option one. The 23 birds that made the final race all equal first. We will divide the remaining money 23 ways. As for average speed we can not add that to the pot because not everyone participated in average speed. We will use the first two races to pay out average speed. If everyone would please send a W-9 I will get checks out ASAP. You can email or postal mail it to me.

 On day 3 we had 5 birds return home.
1-2 Brad Hoggen  Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge
3-4 Steve Furlong Irish Syndicate
5     Ray, Ryan Jones, and Tom Hill UTAZ

 Day 4
6 Chad Sandstrom
7 Doug Harms, Al Eskar RRV Syndicate
8 Alan Porter
Day 5
9 Fred Maclus

Average speed at end of race 2
1st Mc Laughlin Loft
2nd Macalus Loft
3rd UTAZ

  Please feel free to contact me with any concerns. I have learned from my mistakes and will correct them for next year.

Your Friend
Stephen Michael
  First of all I would like to say thank you to all who have participated in the first Mid American Challenge. It has been a challenging road for both me and the birds. I have truly learned more about handling pigeons this year than I have learned in the past 10 years. I truly hope everyone comes back next year.  Finally tomorrow will be the final race. Pay outs will be:
150 paid
1st-5th 100
total 500
250 paid
1st-5th 200
total 1,000
350 will be.
4th-5h 1,000
6th-8th 500
9th-10th 250
Average speed 50,30, 20
1st 1,000
2nd 600
3rd 400
total 16,500
Good Luck
Stephen Michael
250 Breeders,

 First of all we would like to congratulate the winners. When we released the birds it was a slight tail wind with clear skies. On the drive home about half way we ran into slight rain. As the day progressed the winds picked up to 18 mph. So what was predicted to be a nice day turned out to be a not so good day. We are pleased to have 22 of 26 home. We are planing on having the final race on Saturday 11-11-17 weather permitting. Good luck to all!

Thank You
Stephen Michael


 Tomorrow 11-01-17 will be the 250 mile race. Again it looks like its going to be a tail wind. The birds look graet and it should be a good race. The pay outs for this race will be 200 each for 1st 5 in the hole. 

Good Luck to all

Stephen Michael


150 MILE Breeders,

 Well after a tough 150 we are pleased to have all but 2 birds home. The race started off with a cross tail wind. As i drove home the wind direction changed many times. At home it ended up being a head wind. The first birds came out of the SE after that the rest came out of the south as to be on line. 
  Birds are rebounding nicely. We are planning on having the 200 on Wednesday the 1st. Good Luck too all.

Thank You
Stephen Michael
Dear Breeders
  Well tomorrow is finally the first race.  Thank you to all who sent. Tomorrow looks like a nice day with 10 MPH ESE winds. We take the birds SW, so due to tail winds we will be taking the birds further than 100 miles. Looks like we will be going 150 for the first race again. Checks are still coming in, so final payouts will be posted as soon as they are all in. For the first race we will have $100 each for first 5 in the hole.  We will keep you posted. Video‚Äôs are posted almost daily on Facebook at Mid American Challenge. If you haven't already, like and follow this page.
  As of now there is only one bird not being paid for. As stated in the rules, that bird becomes property of Mid American Challenge. So if anyone would like to pay its entry fee, it will be fully eligible for all prizes and becomes your bird. The bird is from Stan Meyler its band number is 2017 AU RRV 0933. Good luck to all.
10-19-17  After a very difficult last month and a half we finally got the birds turned around. We had the 100 mile qualifier on Wednesday and everything went great. Since we are starting to lose daylight we will be having a 100-200-300. We are planning on having the first race on Wednesday the 25th. Also since there are so few birds left we will see how many paid entries arrive to decide what to do with average speed. We were thinking less than 10 it will be winner take all. 10-19 first 2 places. If we get 20 or more paid we will do 50-30-20 split. Entry fees are due Tuesday the 24th.  300 entry fee 100 average speed.
GOOD LUCK to all.
Thank You
Stephen Michael

Brreders, Well to 60 mile toss went great. We will be having the 100 mie qualifier tomorrow 10-18-17. Good luck to all.

UPDATE 10-15-17


 After a tough 60 mile toss on the 11th it has been raining pretty much none stop. The birds have been loft flown every day between storms. We will go 60 miles again tomorrow if all goes well we will have our 100 mile qualifier on Wednessday. 


First of all we would like to thank all the breeders for your  patience.  We have been experiencing some issues. The birds look great the droppings look great they fly around the loft for 1-2 hours in the morning and again in the evening. Then when we take them down the road they struggle.  Thanks too The help from others I believe we  finally have things right now around. We will do 2 60 mile tosses then we will have the 100 mile qualifier.  Thank You

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