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 We had a tough day. There were 41 birds on the day, with 10 on the drop,17 the 2nd day 3 more the 3ard day #RRR 207, #Vita 7234, and #Jedds 1106.The 4th-day #MM 4154 & #MM4409. It didn't help that the 2nd day rained a lot. The gentlemen from Certified One, Oscar and Vince were here and provided an excellent service in a professional manner. I highly recommend this service for those providing one loft races.

Next race will be Oct. 6th with the Midwest Race, I will continue to toss the birds as they become ready for it. Those that need the rest will get it before being tossed again. Congratulations to the 1st 10 birds they deserve it.

Thank's to all and hope to see you at the convention, Good Luck  Dale and crew,


Good Morning Breeders

Today is race day and due to the weather in Lamoni, solid overcast NNW wind @ 7 mph, with no chance of sky breaking up all day the birds were then brought back to the 250-mile station @ Bevington the sky was partly sunny with winds @ NW @ 6. Release time is 9:00 expected time of arrival: 2:30+ 

All are welcome. The gentlemen from Certified One are with us today!

Good luck to all....

Dale & Crew


Hello breeders 

Today is the first race 250-mile race released from Bevington Iowa. 

253.7 actual air miles. Weather @ release clear to mostly sunny, with a light SSE wind. birds are liberated at 8:00 A.M.Temp 65°.

Expected arrival time is 1:00 to 1:30 birds should be fast today.


Thanks to all

From Dale and crew



Hello Breeders,

Tonight the birds were sent for the 1st race of 250m. A good day is predicted with a south wind. there were 3 birds that did not go due to wire injury's at this time but are making good progress. The Midwest race is a long way out yet and I won't waste them if not ready.Another bird # 4152 Nanz BB his chip failed at basketing and has been sent to the race. The bird will not show up on the sheet but the bird's position will be verified by 3 flyers and will be counted. If the bird comes on the drop within a group, it will be counted last in that one particular drop. 

I will post Liberation, weather, and expected time of arrival, all are welcome.    Good luck to one and all.  Dale and crew.


Hello Breeders,

Yesterday Wednesday, the birds went to Fairbault 50m toss. The birds were let out with another training group.Their was around 500 birds let out together. Most did good ,some over flew but got home late. I wanted the birds to have the breaking experience. This coming Sunday will be the 1st race 250m  Good luck  Dale


Hello breeders

Yesterday September 1st, I took the birds to the 150-mile toss! Leaving @ 3:45 A.M. I drove down to Chapin Iowa seeing that Friday would be a better day to toss the birds than today because of other combine races from Minnesota and Wisconsin. The birds did a fantastic job and all returning home! The birds were released at 8:00 A.M sharp and one group of 69 birds returned home between at 10:39 A.M. to 10:40 ( 2 hours and 39 minutes) another group of 34 clocked between 10:44 & 10:45, another group of 18 clocked at 10:58, then 3 birds at 1:09. This was the notes I had taken before attempting to print and post the results. I accidentally hit the erase flight instead of print training!! I feel horrible about this as I try my hardest to do things at my best. Sorry about this but the birds are really hot and doing a great job for us. There will be 2 additional training tosses before the first race next Sunday. Again I apologize for this grave mistake. 

Regretfully Dale.



Hello Breeders,

Today Wednesday, The birds went to Owatana they did very good again. I have decided to have the 150m toss this coming Friday in stead of on Sat. to avoid other races from the TC. combine, Federation, and Wis. combine, as long as the weather stays good. 

IT's time to send in your entry fee's if you have any questions, please call I don't text. 

Thank you  Dale,


Hello Breeders,

Today the birds went to Owatana again, the sky had heavy cloud cover with a patch of blue and a north wind of 8-10mph.The birds did well considering the day. This Aug. has been the wettest on record, even though the birds look great.Please check over the last few reports for your birds. This Friday or Sat. will be the 150m training toss depending on the weather.  The race entry fee of $200.00 per bird is now due. 

Thank you, Dale


Hello Breeders,

Wed. toss the next day after the 100m toss. The birds went to Owatana 61 air miles. The birds were tossed with another flock of 110 birds from another loft on the short end to give the birds experience to break. The toss went well with none of our birds at the other loft, the later birds on the sheet over flew as they came in mostly from the north. I will do this again from time to time as I see fit so the birds are ready for the Midwest race.

Good luck Dale,


Hello Breeders,

Today the birds went to Albert Lea Mn. the 100m station, I was pleased with the results as windy as it was with a west north west wind 15-25 MPR. I will keep up the training tosses for the next 2 weeks before the 150m toss Sept. 3ard. This will allow you to see more results and time to send the entry fee of $200.00 per bird. If your bird is hurt or lost before the 150m toss your entry fee will be refunded. All systems are on go and the birds are looking great.

Thanks to all and good luck. Dale,

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