News and Updates

Hello Breeders,

All is well here and birds are starting to come in. Looking forward to a good OB season again as well. I will be flying Gold Band and Purple Heart banded birds for those intrested. These two races are between the 2nd OLR and the last OLR & Midwest race.  Good luck to all  Dale,


Hello Breeders,

In response to some inquiries. I have included a Price list for the FAOL/ Midewest race. Their is a new tab under rules "Pricing" this shows what is due at the time of shipping for the FAOL/Midwest race, and what the total cost of a activated bird would be after the 100m toss. I realize the complication but the extra race will be worth it.

Also for those intrested I will be handeling birds for the Gold Band and Purple Heart band races. for those who enter The FAOL/ Midwest race with me.

Thank you, Dale Golla


Hello Breeders:

In response to the inquiries about me being a handler for the Twin Cities Gold Band Race (Sept 23rd) and The Heartland Purple Heart Band Race (Sept 30th) Since my last one loft race is October 6th, I will be a handler for these 2 additional money races.  Due to space, I can only accept these special banded birds from those who enter the FAOL/Convention race with me. There will be no additional charge other than the cost of the bands. These special banded birds will be trained and flown along with the FAOL/Convention birds out to the earlier 250 mile (Sept 10th) and 300 mile (Sept 17th) at Lamoine Iowa. These special banded birds are not eligible for the FAOL/Convention Race and are subject to the rules of that particular band race only. In short 6 money races for your bird's when entering the Flying Aces One Loft in 2017. Giving you the most BANG for your BUCK!

Thank You,  Dale


Hello Breeder's

One of the best things about our game is this annual feeling of a mello excitement one gets from anticapating the fine YB's one will breed this year out of our special pairings, that you as the breeder chose to mate together. After handling the birds and checking pedgs. to hopefully find the just rite mate for each bird so that a new champion can be added, like a gold record to a musician. The funny thing is no matter how good last season was or was not to us, our expections and hopes of another good season, or a brighter season keeps us intrested in this novel game.                                                              

I am pleased with the growing particapation in this years race already, As a club member I wanted to suport my club by being a handler for the Mid West Race, and the only way I could make that work was to have all birds with a dual entry for both races. As a result more races, more compition, and more pay days for my Breeders, looks like a win win to me.                      Good Luck to all  Dale,