News and Updates

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday and let everyone know where we are . we partnered with certify one services today and they will be present on the final race to over see the race as an uninvested third party and will be doing a video of how everything took place . That should give perspective breeders some peace of mind. also they will be helping promote the race with digest adds and social media . More entries , means a bigger prize fund for you guys. we are getting close to 900 hits on the web site and have 80 some birds signed up so far. when the first bird arrives i will start doing a weekly video update on our facebook page and as training starts i will make them more frequent, probaly ever time i take them out for a toss . May we all have a great 2017 season .


Al Gibbons



Dear Breeders

      We are up and running on wincompanion now . Feel free to start reserving your perches for 2017. Please remember that its three bird teams ONE Primary and TWO Backups. So Reserve your perches in groups of three. (e.g. 3/6/9/12 and so on)




Al Gibbons