News and Updates

Dear Plymouth Peak Fliers,

                    We have started to update the information on our website.   During this time, you can still go in and reserve perches for the 2018 season, it will not affect the improvements we will be working on.  We will not be taking over 720 birds.  When we get to 720 perches reserved the loft will be closed.

I want to tell you about one major change for 2018.  I just turned 65 this past summer, Cathy and I have decided that we would like to cut back a little.  So, I have brought Derik Alder a young flier from my old RMR Club on to help and be my Loft Manager. Derik is a very hardworking, honest young man that is a really good flier.  I'm looking forward to Derik and I working together.  

Also, one change we made this past year, was to drop back to Apex, Montana for our fifth race, at the two hundred fifty-mile (250) station.  My race committee and I felt it would  greatly improve the overall race series.

 I’m always trying to make our race series a better series, and hope that this will improve our race season even more.  We try very hard to make this just like flying in a club or combine race series.  From my perspective, winning is important,  but improving your birds, and our sport as a whole!, is and always has been my goal!

I want to thank everyone for their support, and wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season!

Best to all,  Brad & Cathy Hoggan   -   Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge

Derik and Amber Alder   -   Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge