News and Updates

Dear Fellow Flier,


     We at Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge, wish you and your family a Great New Year!

We hope that your new year breeding season is off to a great start.  Once again, it’s that time of year to make your reservations for the 2017 Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge race series.  We have cleaned and sterilized the loft making it ready for the coming new season.  

We have purchased all our vaccines for the coming season. PMV, Pox, Salmonella, worming and medical supplies are on hand.  I encourage those sending birds to the Plymouth Peak race to vaccinate youngsters at about 22 days and then do not send them to the race until at least 35 days old so, giving the vaccine a chance to provide a measure of immunity to PMV before being mixed with other pigeons in quarantine.  Plymouth Peak will then provide a booster vaccination upon the bird’s arrival and medicate all birds for 10 days.


           Please go to our website ,  and sign Up for 2017.  Follow the instructions for sign up. You can also check the Breeders List to see all of our participants this year.


     We at Plymouth Peak are looking forward to another successful and competitive race series.  See ya there!


Sincerely,  Brad Hoggan   -   Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge