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This mornings birds:   7213  8184    2433    1053



It was nice to see that first groups arrival speed.  but, overall, not happy with the results with concern for those returns of the later group.

No visible changes, errors or ommissions......just wonderment how they could be split almost in half with results.   Someday with technology we will be able to view the flock and its journey in real time.

Remember that the points will be allocated and that even if your team birds are a little late.......its NOT avg. speed.......Good chances of getting caught up with points in the next 3 races exist.

Rain expected today around looking forward to seeing the rest of the troops that camped out last nite.   We will keep you apprised as to what birds arrive this day.  The clock for race purposes and points purposes was closed at dark.   (but on this morning)

Thanks for your participation,  so far no one has complained about a thing....but we are always open to your opinions and criticism as it

does reflect what breeders are thinking.  One Loft racing can only be

better if we can hone our programs to best suit the birds and loft

managers; whom without, would mean no racing(OLR).


we scanned 147 displayed not accurate.......having

terry gilmore look at it now so we can get it fixed.......stay tuned.


On the website page, scroll down and leftside see "video login".

Click on it......enter user:

password is:  password17

view the traps......ready for race day.....

today, later birds flew use that information accordingly.

many have contacted me about entries......that had not before.  better at this time to call me rather than email.....we are running out of time.

reminder, tomorrow noon.....(saturday)  Wink

have not heard from Marengo Creek, but I know he is in...must be out of town or having family will post his birds as "in" since I know he would rarely not enter his birds...  if you know Stu...maybe try to contact him.?   

If your loft name is in white......check has not arrived yet.  Not a problem....I know your good when you tell me its 'in the mail'.

Sunday looks release and on the way....... but at home later that night and next morning calls for showers.....we will try to

get them up early and make sure they have 2 hrs. of complete rest from the trip to the release point...we will water.

"A" entries are pouring in........good.  lets have some fun....

questions:  850 781 6444



we are racing sunday.  rain expected here at home during the week so we have a window.

* I have not heard from some of you..........I need to hear via email or text, air balloon or whatever..........about what birds you are entering in what classes........and that your check is in the mail.Embarassed

Deadline for a or b category for the 150 is saturday noon with your entry band numbers....

if you dont let me know your racing by giving me your band numbers and entry classes by Saturday dont race. Undecided

I will also follow this up with an email to insure everyone gets notified....






pay no mind to those that trapped in late...................had to shorten toss, / weather.......they are just full of it right now.

in fact , pay close attention to those that did come in late...........they are in super condition...




well, software is an the "no" will not work since it erases the band number of the bird thats not activated.  Rules permit this bird to be in the race and place but not be eligible for any prizes/awards.


so I left Terry a message and let him know this wont work and am in the process of changing the "No" back to ''yes""......

thanks guys....



we go tomorrow if its right.......40 mi.   again saturday 40 mi.

scan sunday a.m. (during lockdown) and race monday, again

weather optional.

As I put your band numbers and place your team categories on the

front page of the sight...........I ask that YOU please check and make

sure its correct to your specs....   Once we go down the road to the 150

its written in stone...Wink

I have already corrected some typos for band numbers.  thanks for your help in that area...

on the report of todays inventory notice:

team:  this bird is in the top breeder category (3 bird team)

AVG:  this bird is in the average speed category

NO: says disqualified (sorry about that, its the software) but it simply means that this bird is not activated, but is racing anyway just to see how it performs.   By the way, this was an experiment this season and we will go back to our old Winnerscup Format accepting birds in May.

YES:  bird is activated and qualifies for the 250.00 entry payout at the final race of 325 mi.



In an effort to help keep us on schedule for the start of the 150:

* we ask that you email or text us your band numbers you are entering and what classes.   Your check may arrive later in the week but at least

I can get the numbers posted before the last minute rush.

* you can even call me and give me the numbers, whatever works for u.


once I get the numbers, I have to enter them into the wincom data base showing what classes they are in so it shows up on the report for those classes, ie: avg. breeder team and regular entry.

so in other words, we dont race if that stuff is not put on the data base


thanks for helping expedite things.  * if your worried your birds not here, dont worry.....we will refund it if he gets lost on a toss prior to the first race............Tongue Out


We almost stayed home.  I was up at 1:30 am checking weather, looked outside and it was totally fogged in.   3 weather reports all said

dense fog on the course.   All of them said it would lift by 9am though.

So off we go at 4am down the road.  The birds loaded down the hall and into the truck easily with lights on.   By 6:20 I was at the release point and it was dense fog.  Kicked my seat back and set the alarm and went to sleep.  By 8:30 the sun was up but only through the heavy overcast ceiling (ground fog was gone).  Up they went, straight shot, no circles.

On the way back, there were some fog banks but blue sky above but

I think despite what the clock shows (like they almost all came together) just wasnt that way.

They came from all directions in groups of 5, 10, 15, ...constantly like they were really spread out.........

It got up to 80 degrees quickly today......the later birds came in 

looking fresh despite hours on the wing.......but they learned something.

Last year we had no fog, but I was told it was normal this time of year.   We will run an some tossing this week in between some goofy weather stuff.........and hope to get the 150 off

in good order.

thanks for your entries and support.

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