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looks like weather tuesday the 28th looks good.


remember payout is posted on previous message board.....someone emailed me this a.m. and did not see it.


please check band numbers in the '' class entry'' columns for accuracy.    

new deadline for class entry is this evening at 7 pm.........


325 race is 500 points to winner......7 point decrament.



we will close class entries monday 6pm.

my phone is now alive and well again as

I switched from att.  to 'ting' networks.

850 781 6444.......

watching matter what

winning this final will be earned  with

work..    wish to thank all of you who

are in the race this year......we look for

you to return to winnerscup this fall for

a great series next season.



looks like weather changed for tuesdays intended race.  We may have to opt to wednesday..............but............not yet, lets see how it

works itself out.   things may be clear enroute but be coming home to

showers......(tuesday)........we will further advise........


class entries are coming in and will be updated twice a day.  Please dont wait until the last minute.    if your bird gets lost before, then of course

your not obligated to be in that class.   We will depart for Jacksonville about 4pm the day before the race........the plan is a toss tomorrow, friday and then one on Sunday.   but now weather looks wierd for Sunday......lets see how it goes.   

more soon..........




plan is to train wednesday, friday and sunday.......race tuesday from

Jacksonville .....


Weather looks like it will be very good.....warming up and the winds

have subsided somewhat to normal conditions.   

* if you owe monies,  please send it........if you plan on any classes at

the 325..........send it now.    I like to get checks out fast to the


my phone is on the blink, changing email for now works.




Please remember to inform us of your plan to ship your entry back when the races are over.   We will ship birds back the 2nd week after the final race.   Birds not claimed will be dispersed at the auction or to new fliers.  Shipping costs will be as follows:

60.00 for 2 birds............additional birds are 10.00 each.  If your planning on picking up your birds.......please let us know and we will inform you when they are all tagged and ready for you.


We will be training and running inventories prior to the 325.........

This team points class and avg. speed are really interesting.  some teams have only 2 birds left of the 3 initial.......but with this point system, anything can happen.  

As for the class "c" for the final.........its WTA......100 points entry.

(per bird).   

we will keep you updated on the weather.  This year is nearly impossible to plan anything for the final since weather has been disruptive.  We can only forecast when the race will be since like Oklahoma, wait 10 minutes and weather can change here....

more later....


moving forward for one moment.  realize that the final will award 500 points with 7 point decrament.  so anything can happen with the team

champion breeder category.......This type of system allows birds to catch up when based on the distance of the race and points allocated as such.

If we went with the same points each week with a one point spread, it would be very difficult for anyone to catch performers still need to do their job and be up there to maintain leads....

the clock stays on, points yet to get garnered.......birds are coming in after 8 hrs. on the wing and doing victory laps....and robotic claps...not diving in hurting or beat.......



Release was cold this morning....clear/beautiful and zero wind there and zero wind at home on arrival......of course they did not have any interest in water.....

Congratulations to John Vance & " Big Easy" for his 2nd win.   We all know how rare this is.   I will do a better photo of Big Easy (as I mentioned jokingly to Mr. Vance in an email the other day)......!!!

We tarped the truck last night to help keep the birds warm and kept them all on the lower level for increased body got down to something like 27 degrees....(WTH?)

anyway returns are good, birds look good.........and we move into the 326 with new point leaders......Hosanna Loft from Oklahoma...!!  He also won the "A"   with Gene at Acre farms taking the "B".

more later......


Rain here this very early a.m., cold and funky.......birds locked out later when it cleared somewhat (but not for long) and the sun showed...

no way to road train them........scanned them this afternoon.   I gotta tell ya........they are super.   Scales are falling off the breast, nice and

pink, some onion skinned.......amazing.    they had a nice bath after the last race and they have all their bloom back now.

Gonna be an interesting race with so many good birds shooting for the top.   We depart tomorrow around 5pm for the station.  Water on arrival.  Temps to be 31 degrees tomorrow nite (believe that?) So we

will be sure to park in a good place at the motel thats sheltered if we can.   Water prior to release..........Check your bands on the A/B.

Remember we will be having a ''C" class on the final 325...WTA.

This race will have 350 points to the winner with 5pt. decrament down the list.   The final race will be 500 points to the winner and a 7 point spread.



please note raceday change........also note:  clock will be off by 12:00

noon 2nd day deadline for points.   At the final 325....clock will be off

2nd day at 3pm.   That should conclude our points accumulation

for top breeder.

get your final entries for A/B in by Wednesday noon.  We will depart 

with the birds on wednesday after dinner. 

For the 325 we will add a another class "C" WTA .   (100)




Yes wednesday shows headwinds, but tuesday does as well only with the front moving out that day, we cant trust what conditions will be like.  BP below 30 and humidity very high at 93% along with headwinds......

Better chance for them even with the winds, but clear skies and high BP on wednesday.  The race will just be slower....maybe low 12s or 11s.  check your numbers posted please for accuracy.  birds locked out today as conditions were not training friendly......I can say they are ready easily for this next race.....they sparkle and are very active and vigorous.  Wink


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