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RACE #2 Birds were released at 0730. Birds took off fast. Should be a fast one with a slight tail wind. Beautiful clear skies and a crisp 47 degrees at the release point. Good Luck to Everyone!!!
LOFT UPDATE 09/05/2017 The birds loft flew this morning to get ready for the 100 mile qualifier tomorrow morning. The weather has cooled down a little and should be clear with some smoke in the valley. Birds should be let out at 7:00 and arrive a little after 9. All birds that return from the qualifier need to have there entry fee paid by Saturday September 16th.

Good Luck to all
LOFT UPDATE 09/01/2017

Due to the Excessive Heat wave that we are having here in the area we have put a hold on training till Monday. Monday we will try to go 57 miles and then Wednesday the 100 mile qualifier. Our air quality has not been the greatest due to all the fires in the mountain ranges up and down the state.

Just a reminder the Entry Fees will be due for all birds that return in good condition from the 100 mile qualifier. There are 3 entry options this year.

Mandatory Entry into the A-race

A-race $300 per bird (mandatory)

Optional entry

B-Race $700 per bird (optional)

Triple Crown Class $100 per bird (optional)

LOFT UPDATE 08/04/2017
Training has started!!!

We have had our 8th toss and are up to 24 miles. To this point it has been a little rough. the weather has been hot and hasn't let up. Next week it is supposed to cool down to the 90's. We let the birds out in groups on tosses under 40 miles and will let the birds out in one mass once we get to 40 miles. Birds were supposed to go out this morning but it is very cloudy and the K-Factor is up. So, we will try for Sunday. We will go 24 miles both Sunday and Monday then up to 40 miles on Wednesday and Friday.
September 3rd is the 100 mile Qualifier. That is just over 4 weeks away.
Mike Belus
LOFT UPDATE 07/10/2017
The birds are looking great!!!

We have the birds flying daily for 45 - 50 minutes. We have had the annual visit from the nearby falcons. We haven't seen them for a few days and hope they are gone now. I did happen to see a few birds being hauled away. 

This coming Friday we will be pulling the 10th flight and be dipping the birds. At the same time we will be doing a physical inventory.

We will start training on July 21st, taking the birds 1.6 miles to the rivers edge. We will slowly work the birds up to the 100 mile Qualifier on Sunday, September 3rd.

Keep checking the training results for inventories and training tosses.

Mike Belus
LOFT UPDATE 06/19/2017
I hope everybody had a nice relaxing Father's Day.

We would like to thank all of the breeders that have participated in the San Francisco Bay Area Triple Crown. Your support is the reason why this race has grown year after year.
This year we are starting with 772 birds. That is up over 23% from last year. We have shown steady growth every year.

Saturday I pulled the 9th flight on all the birds and did an inventory. The birds in general are looking nice and in good health.

We will start letting the birds out again tomorrow along with the 125 birds of the next 2 groups that have been added to the main flock last week. The birds will pretty much go out Monday thru Friday till we start training the end of July.
Michael Belus
LOFT UPDATE 05/28/2017
Well it is Memorial Day Weekend, the official start of Summer.

I love the summer time; longer sun filled days, young bird training, and the afternoon Delta breeze.

Only five days left to send in your birds or replacements!

There are just a few perches left.  If you don't want to be left out, contact me as soon as possible.

We will be taking birds and replacements until Friday, June 2nd, which is only 5 days away.

We are Introducing group #9 into loft today. Groups 1-8 will continue going out daily.

Have a great Memorial Day and please take a moment to remember why we celebrate.

Mike Belus
LOFT UPDATE 05/22/2017
We will be letting groups 1-8 out this week.  An inventory has been completed and Missing or Lost birds have been updated. Please check your inventory status. We've had a slightly higher challenge with the area hawks this year. Please check the inventory to see if you need to send a replacement.

We will be taking birds and replacements until Friday, June 2nd which is only 11 days away.

If you have prepaid perches and your birds are not here I have sent out a missing bird email as a reminder.

Birds are coming in daily. We still have perches left. Don't be left out!!!
Mike Belus
LOFT UPDATE 05/18/2017

The birds are coming in daily. We only have 27 perches left. Don't be left out!!!

We will be taking birds and replacements until Friday, June 2nd which is only 15 days away.

We have let groups 1 – 6 out and have now added groups 7 & 8.  An inventory has been completed and can be viewed under “Training”. We’ve had a slight challenge with the area hawks. Please check the inventory to see if you need to send a replacement.

We are very excited about this season. With the new addition done and our capacity increased to 800 birds, it is going to be a nice size race with more prize money than ever! 

I want to thank everyone for your continued support in making this race grow every year. 

Mike Belus

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