News and Updates

This Morning after the loft fly I did a hand scan of all birds since there was 2 showing up not assigned in the Unikon.

These 2 are CU 7762 AND AU AA 12937.

I will re chip these 2 birds and get them added.

I took the birds to a park 2 miles away for their first toss and let them out in 4 baskets. They were all home in a few minutes and are loft flying again. I fed them after this mornigs loft fly so they are in no hurry to come in now.

There is a high tension power corridor right near the loft that they need to learn to cross. I can see it clearly from where I let them go. One basket of birds heading into the wires and I saw a few hit. The other 3 baskets didn't tangle with it while I could see them. I will check later once they all trap to see if anyone is injured.

All things considered im very happy with the birds and the health. They fly for hours each day and the training will advance pretty easily I think. Tomorrow they will go 5 mile if weather permits. I will train them every day that is suitable.

By the way, The silvercreek email account is not working on my new phone. email me at with any questions.




I made the corrections last night so today all birds should display correct.

Oe bird is in the hospital but should be back out loft fying next week. AA 12910


very cloudy today with a little rain but the birds are enjoying it.




Today we have posted a loft fly.

There are a few corrections to make so things display properly. I will work on that and post another loft fly tommorow and Sunday. Next week the road work begins, With the exception of about 10 late arrivals, the birds are flying for hours and look great,

I also have about 20 of my own birds in the loft flying with the quad birds. When we get to the races I hope to have some gps trackers on some of them so we can follow the flight path.




Hello Breeders.

Hoping that you all had a safe and relaxing long weekend.

This weekend I did a hands on inventory of the birds. The birds feel really good and there are some real top quality birds in the loft.  I made a few additions to the breeders list and a couple corrections as well. Let me know if something does not look correct with your teams numbers.

I have noted that 2 birds are missing.

The health has been great this year.

The birds have just finished a deworming and also a respiratory treatment. With the exception of a dozen later arrivals all birds are loft flying very nicely. We will look to start road training in about 3 weeks.

The birds remain on Kastle acidifier and Ropa B in the water daily, and Kastle young bird developer on the feed with a little oil.

This week I will update the unikon and scan all of the chips so we can start posting loft fly inventories.




Hello Breeders.

Everything is going well here with the birds. health has been excellent. There have been two birds with issues and one was treated and recovered quickly. The other did not.


The birds are out daily and are enjoying the freedom. many are flying well.


This year we are using the Ropa B oregano daily.

We are also using the kastle acidifier and young bird developer.

This combination seems to be working well. We are using it on our own race team as well.


MAY 22


I hope that you all had a great long weekend.

The birds here are all doing well and going out daily.

There has only been one bird looking sick and it has been isolated. I showed signs 3 days after arriving so we feel it arrived with a problem already started.

We have 60 birds in the loft. A few more will come in over the next week and then we will stop accepting.

The numbers are small this year but the quality seems very high. We look forward to getting these birds working.




Hello Breeders.

I just returned from a great trip to Belgium where I was able to visit with some of the top lofts.

Jelle Roziers, Ulrich Lemmens, Bart Geerinckx, Dirk Van Dyke, Op De Beeck Baetens, and several other small and relatively unknown lofts. It was a pleasure to meet these gentlemen, talk systems and handle some word class birds. One loft racing is not something most europeans are interested in. The competition there is so large and I see that as the difference between there and here in North America where many lofts dont even have a club to fly in locally.

Back home now and getting things caught up and settled down.

I will post an inventory of the birds this week. The support has been low with just over 50 birds in the loft at this time. The next and last border crossing will be the 3rd week in May. We will accept birds up to that time from Canadian lofts as well.

Remember this race is about completing the task and not so much about how many birds are in it. We will work the birds like our own to face the task ahead.

Thankfully the health has been good. there have been no issues at all. 

All but the most recent arivals have been out a few times and are settling into the loft nicely.

The weather sure has been wet and we look forward to nicer days ahead.



Good Morning Breeders.

For US participants we have a conflicting schedule for the first week of April and ask that birds be shipped April 3 or 4. Dale will not be around later next week and I am not available early next week so we need to delay one week.

Please email with the band numbers prior to sending to Dale so he can get the health papers sent away.



Hello Breeders.
We are now into March and a month away from Accepting birds.
The list below is for those of you with free perches from last years losses.
We have made a few changes to this years format so please review the updated rules.
One thing to not is the entry fee. We dont want to get into an issue with collecting activation money at a later time so we have an up front fee of 175 this year. This is approximately 60% of the 300 dollar activation fee and we would expect 60% of the birds getting to the first average speed race.
400 loft. 1
Adirondack team 3
Azevedo loft 2
Baden Feed 4
Baldwin & Tilson 5
Barracuda Loft 3
Bet to Win 4
Big Andy 1
Cal Tex 3
Cherokee Loft 4
Chris and Joe 2
Chris Mellidis 2
Cor Ubbels 2
Crooked River Challenge 1
Davalos Loft 3
Derick Schleifer 1
Doug Swingley 3
El Dorado Loft Ca 1
Espo Loft 4
Fassio Loft 5
Fleet Washington 3
Flood Lofts 2
Flying K9's 4
Furlano & Rotiroti 2
Gatti vs Ward 5
Greek Connection 5
Griffin Pigeons 2
Hans Family Loft 2
High Mountain Loft 3
Irish Syndicate 2
J Koper 12 Star 1
John Karnofel 2
John Tavares 1
Jones Family Loft 3
kastle Loft 2
Kempens Koupe 1
Ken Easley & Son Racing 2
Kolvenbag & Son 3
Kwan Loft 2
Leon Jansz 4
Les & Ann Koper 1
Little Reata Loft 2
Marengo Creek Farms 4
Marie Schleifer 2
Mike Kelm 1
Modud  4
Money Loft 3
Mulders loft 3
NC Syndicate 3
Nanez Family Loft 3
Nasrat Yardam 4
Nemelka 2
Norm Lewandowski 4
Pete Aiello 3
Pigeon Empire 3
RR Loft 4
Rampage Racing 4
Rea & Son 4
Red Ass Ranch 4
Royal Z Loft 1
Roziers & Gomez 4
Skyway Loft 1
Spartan Loft 2
Stonehedge Loft 4
T B brothers Loft 2
Taylor Loft 1
Team Ukraine 5
Thunder Bay Syndicate 1
Tony Alves 1
U C A Team 3
Upper Canada Loft 1
V & W Vahle 5
Vaccaro Heavenly Loft 2
Van Heerden Kruger Loft 2
Vandenbossche Loft 1
Vewttese & Chlebowski 2
Wareagle Loft 2
Weber Loft 4
Wonderbred Loft & Kid Bird Loft 1
Please check out this list and update the registry with the number of birds that you plan to send.
Thank You.
Bill and Dan

Hello Breeders

Yesterday I posted a list of free perches and didnt realize that all messages on the 2016 race would be lost when Terry updated the site for 2017 so I will be posting it again. 

There are a few changes for this year and the site will be updated shortly.

A few highlights. There will be an upfront price inclusive of perch and activation fee. This way we will not have any issues trying to collect activation funds at a later date.

Please ensure that you vaccinate the birds and let us know the date of the vaccinations. There has been a lot of sickness around and all reports show a pretty strong case for vaccinating in the nest at 21 days and again 14 days later for a booster.

We will be accepting birds for the Month of April.