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2017 RACE

Hello everyone.

We are working through some changes to the race for 2017 and should have that posted in the next couple weeks.

Several people have asked if we are doing the race again. We are and as we said before we will grant free perches to every bird that died with the sickness.

There has been a lot of reports of sickness all over the world in the pigeon sport right now. The fancy pigeon sport has been hit hard with many losses after returning from shows. We all hear about sickness and losses in the One loft races as well.

There is a lot of good info out there are things to do to keep your birds health and build a strong immune system. This is imperative when sending birds out to race.

We Still do not know what it was that caused our issue here. We have sent the post mortem report to other vets for a second opinion and there is still no certainty about what it was.

The loft has been cleaned and sprayed with Virkon. It will be sprayed again before we start to receive birds.

Wishing you all a great hatch.





Hello Breeders.

As of Friday we now have received 67 activations.

The prize payout has been calculated as a percentage of what we posted back in January based on 300 activations. We received 67 so the percentage payout is 22.21%

Since there are only 5 birds clocked in race time the we will pay out the 10 positions to the 5 birds.

1st bird will receive the 1st and 6th prize, 2nd bird will receive 2nd and 7th and so on.

The prizes are as follows

1st 310.94

2nd 288.73

3rd 266.52

4th 244.31

5th 222.10

6th 199.89

7th 177.68

8th 155.47

9th 133.26

10th 111.05

I will have the US money orders made up tomorrow and get them mailed out.






We are still receiving activation checks in the mail. 3 came last week for a total of 64. One participant emailed that his check was returned to him by the USPS as undeliverable even though the address appears to be correct. We will give it until the end of this week and then cut it off and do the payout calculations. I will post them this weekend and get them sent out next week.

We are already thinking about changes for next year. The collection of activation funds in a timely manner is a problem so we will come up with an up front all in prce for next year. We are also going to make some changes tp the schedule. More to come on that later.



We have had an agreement among the breeders to cancel the series. 

The activation money will be returned and the 5 birds clocked in the first 300 will receive their prize money as well. 

The sickness that hit these birds was severe and maybe there were lingering effects from it that continued to hinder the birds, we will never know. We feel this it is best for the birds that remain to spare them any further stress. We also feel that this is the fairest thing to do for all participants. 

Next year we will make some changes and give this another try. Many of you have free perches and we hope you will consider it again. 

Thank you for your support this year and all the best with the remainder of racing that any of you are involved in. 



Im not sure what I did wrong with the clock but for some reason yesterdays trainer was still open and todays birds clocked in there. I will try to get this fixed up.



This Saturday looks to be a good day for the next race.

Training will continue tomorrow with a 60 mile toss.

We have added in a couple more late arrivals. One has been hit by a hawk and she will not go to the next race. Unfortunately this will exclude her from the average speed series but she may still fly for a prize in one of the last 2 races if she heals and recovers enough to go.

Several people have asked for prize payouts to be posted. This I cannot do until all of the activation money has arrived. Due to the activation toss and the first race being so close together, most of the activation money I was told is " in the mail"

As of todays mail check there is still much to come. Of the 12 birds that are training to go to the next race only 3 of them actually have paid activations, the remainder also "in the mail"

The 3 paid entries at this point that are training are John Tavares, Royal Z Loft and Big Andy.

All other funds must be postmarked prior to the first race or they will not be accepted. We proceeded with sending the birds to the first race on good faith that the funds were on the way. I will update again as the funds come in. We do not want to pull any of the remaining birds from the race but will have no choice but to do so if the funds do not arrive quickly.






We have 10 birds home now. 5 birds came in on the second day after the race and nothing since. The birds are coming in from the south and that tells us that they likely flew into NY state and around the lake crossing over at Buffalo/Niagara Falls to return home. We have seen this in our combine occasionally and sadly not many return from making this mistake. It is a round trip of close to 500 miles depending on how far south they flew before they corrected. Day birds on races like this are usually late arrivals and were not in the lead pack so they did not make this fatal mistake. This is what we think happened but of course we ill not know for sure, not unless you breeders start getting birds reported in NY state and area.

Our initial thought was to cancel the race and refund everyones activtion funds. We think this would have been the fairest thing to do. In talking with all 5 breeders that had the first 5 birds, all but one were in agreement. Unfortunately without unamimous agreement on this we have to proceed. One breeder is insisting we do so with the threat of legal action if we do not. So we forge on. The birds loft flew yesterday and are feeling good. They will go 30 mile today.



Well I"m sure you are all watching and see only one bird home. We knew it would be a tough day but have no explanation for this. We released a club race from 250 miles at 8 45 along the path home and there are very few birds home from that either. 2 out of 12 for one guy, 2 out of 9 for another. We sent 34 and have a dozen home.

The clock will of course stay on all day tomorrow and we will regroup once we see how tomorrow's returns are. We have another hour of daylight here.

There is one bird that clocked in 2nd. It is Sal 912 and just returned today from being lost for a few weeks. I will remove it from the result.


Good morning breeders.

This morning we took the birds for a 30 mile toss to stretch before the 300 tomorrow.

The birds are feeling good and were in no hurry to trap. They arrived all together and several stayed out to fly.

The weather is cool now and windy.

We will basket this afternoon and head out around 7 pm for the 300 mile station.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow.




Hello Breeders.

We have been watching the weather closely and have decided to go for a Monday race,

I have had contact with almost all of the participants and hope to contact the ;ast few tomorrow. 

As of right now everyone has confirmed activation with the exception of 1 breeder. His 2 birds will be removed from the loft. 

If the rest are activated we will have 68 going to the first race. 

We will basket late Sunday afternoon. The local Combines are all racing Sunday instead of Saturday because of heavy rain in the area. On Monday the skies should be clear for our first race.


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