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Hello Breeders,

Were sorry if you tried calling us in the past week, we lost our phone and ATT finally sent us our new one yesterday. We lost our pics and numbers and are trying to retrieve them. We have shipped all brds back and have sent refunds and prize checks out also.

We had a tough Las Vegas race with only 4 birds coming home before the clock was turned off. We would like to congratulate again, Tom Fahmie from Red Bank, New Jersey for winning first place and sweeping the boards!! His bird, 16 IF BSC 46, won over $ 28,500 total prizes !!

We would like to thank everyone who came out to our race. We had a great time at shipping and the following day at the loft. As a  reminder, we will not be having a race for 2018 due to work obligations. Please do not send birds. We will update our homepage soon.

Good luck to all breeders in the fall futurities.



Hello Breeders,

Under a clear sky in Casa Grande, AZ, we let our birds go for the 300 mile race.  However, back at the loft, the clouds started to pack in by early afternoon.  It was a bit chilly, so we started a fire in the pit, turned on the heat lamp, and enjoyed great company!  We had the Taco Man, open bar, and FUBAR Tequlia!  It was so much fun to catch up with everyone who made it out for the shipping and race day events!  

The first day bird, owned by Tom Fahmie (Battleridge Loft), arrived at 3:55pm.  Congratulations, Tom!  The second bird, owned by Tony Romero, arrived at 5:14pm! Congratulations, Tony!

As of today, we had more birds:

3rd Place:  Kwan Loft

4th Place:  Spring Break 300

Our clock will remain open until Monday at sundown.  At this time, we will calculate payouts.  Refunds for unpaid classes will be sent out this week, and we will ship birds out starting next week.

Congratulations to the first four birds!  We cannot wait to see who's bird will arrive tomorrow.  

We truly appreciate ALL of your support!  

Best regards,

Will Fonte


Birds up at 7:00 am. Clear and Calm with 45 degrees.

Final Payout

1st - 20,000

2nd - 7,600

3rd - 6,000

4th - 4,000

5th - 3,000

6th - 1,000

7th - 1,000

8th - 1,000

9th - 1,000

10th - 15th , 500 each

Total Payout 47,600

Good luck, everyone! We appreciate all of your support!


Hello Breeders,

Just a quick update to let you know what we have done this week. The birds went out Monday 30 miles, Tuesday 45 miles, and Wednesday 30 miles. Today they were loft flown and then got a bath. Later we will scan the birds so that we can post a basketing list. The birds are in great shape and ready to go to the final race.

Here is our schedule for Friday and Saturday. These are private events for breeders and their families only.

Friday 2/24 - Aliante Hotel and Casino - Ballroom

5:00 pm - Shipping of birds. No loft auction. 

Saturday 2/25 - Loft

10:00 am - Coffee and pastries. Calcuttas until 12:00 pm 

11:30 am - Lunch

1:30 pm - Wait for arrival of birds

Aliante Hotel and Casino                      Loft

7300 Aliante Parkway                          5611 Donald Rd

No. Las Vegas, NV 89084                     Las Vegas, NV 89131

Good Luck To All !!


45 mile toss today, 1 crate at a time 10:15 - 11:15 am. Last group got hawked on the other side of the mountain. We will go 30 miles tomorrow. This will be the last toss before the final race. 




Hello Breeders,

Today's toss was 30 miles. Birds were let out 1 crate at a time. Weather was cloudy and windy, birds came in fast. We kicked the birds out agin when we got back in two groups to loft fly. We picked up our piggyback birds. We still have a few birds to pull out that will not race. This will be done by Wednesday. 

We are going out again Tuesday and Wednesday. The birds look great! We have a few birds not paid that are available on a first come basis. Send a note if you are interested.

As a reminder, entries were due last week. We will post a schedule of activities later in the week. If you have not sent in your reservation card, we dont know your coming.




Hello Breeders,

We had our 180 mile toss on Thursday morning and the majority of birds came in good. We only dropped a few birds. We had a slight tailwind at the release site and some SE winds as they came into the valley. Overall, a good toss for the birds. They are ready for our final race next Saturday. 

It has been raining here for the last two days but hopefully gone by Sunday. We would like to get the birds out a few short tosses next week in preparation for the race. We will post a basketing list on Thursday night and ship birds on Friday. If you plan on being at the Aliante Hotel to handle your birds , please let us know. Otherwise, your birds will go on the trailer and to the race.

We will have more updates later in the week for shipping and race day activities. We have not heard from a few breeders and we are trying to get an accurate headcount for shipping and race. Please remember, this is a private event for breeders and their families only.




Hello Breeders,

Thank you for all your feedback. I have spoken to or received text and emails from over 50 breeders and besides a few, the majority would like to continue with some changes  to the schedule due to loses and weather delays. These changes will be in the best interest of your birds.

The overwhelming majority of you would like to eliminate the average speed and grizzle races. This will allow the birds to rest up and get back on training  schedule. Our forecast calls for high winds over the next 4 days with possible rain on Friday. We have the birds on baytril for the next 5 days and then vitamins and probiotics. We will get them out loft flying asap. Late birds will continue to rest and build themselves back up. We will put them back into the rotation when they are ready.

The majority of flyers have agreed to eliminate the first 2 average speed tosses and keep the final 300 mile race on 2/25. We will have short tosses with loft flying . We will try to get a 180 mile toss a week to ten days before the final race. This will allow for any late birds to recouperate. We went through the loft today and can report there are no injuries!! (finally). Just some tired birds.  Some of these birds flew between 3 to 8 hours.

Please understand that by sending in your entry fee, you agree to these changes in our schedule. If you do not want to participate, just let us know and we will pull your birds out. Otherwise we will train them. Please look to see if your birds are here and send your entries now. Any entries not received by 2/14 your birds will be disqualified from the race.

We are almost there. 

Thank you for your support,



Hello Breeders,

We had our 100 mile toss yesterday and it proved to be a difficult one for some birds . The weather was clear and calm at release and mostly cloudy with some slight headwinds at the loft. The first groups arrived in normal time, with birds coming in all dayafter that. As of this morning, we have 97 birds back. The birds that we saw come in yesterday did not look tired and were chasing hens around.

What happened ?  There are a lot of Monday morning quarterbacks out there so your guess is as good as mine. All the birds receive the same feed , medication and training. Some birds seem to be navagating the river mountains better than others.

We are dissapointed in losing birds after all the time and effort we have put into them for almost a year. We are sorry if you have lost birds.

Going forward, this is your race. Let us know if you want to continue. We know that  we will probably lose some more birds, but we will continue with the race series if the majority of flyers want to. We understand if you dont. Any flyers that do not want to participate, we will pull your birds out and ship them back to you at no charge.

If you have sent money in or prepaid and we do not continue with our race, your money will be refunded.  If you have a bird (s) here, send us a text or email us on your wishes to continue or not.

We will take a concensus and let you know.




Hello Breeders,

We completed a hand inventory today and found some birds with bad chips. We replaced them with new ones.

Here is a list of the bands;

VITA 3348

FVC 501

MEX 30944

MEX 30965

MEX 30969

MEX 30910

ARPU 4731

KWAN 688

STONE 1097

WVC 999

WVC 1000

NHCF 601

NHCF 603

NHCF 605

NHCF 609

We should have 225 birds on our basket list tomorrow. Birds are relaxing and eating well. weather permitting, we will go long on Sunday or Monday.



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