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We have had a fantastic week at the loft. Birds have been out every day, all birds received thru March 30th are out and flying. We had an extremely busy week for our race at the loft this week with over 60 birds coming in. We have 302 birds in the loft and looks like this coming week may be just as busy.

We have raised a little over $7500 from the $25 perch fee per bird that goes directly to the final race payout to date, along with the $30,000 guarantee it will be a strong payout.  We have 565 birds signed up for the race this year. I posted a short video of the birds this past week flying, you will see the birds are starting to really settle in well and have just started to wander from the loft a little.  I can report that health is still excellent and I hope it continues.

Breeders thank you and have a great week


Good Morning Breeders, we have 182 birds in the loft. Roughtly 106 birds are settled. Health is great to date, birds coming in are in top shape. Weather has been good and looks to be getting even better. Pigeons love the sunlight that streams into the loft till about 11am.  Thank you for the support and look forward to training and racing your birds. Have a great weekend.


Hello Breeders, we have started accepting birds. Please email, text or call when you have put your birds in the mail. We will be vaccinating them on arrival and then 14 days later they will get a booster shot.

Thank you for the support and have a great week.


Good Morning Breeders , we are accepting birds starting tomorrow morning. The weather is great for this early in the year, the temps are mild. Please email, text or call me when you have shipped birds and I can keep and eye out for them.

I picked up the first batch of feed a couple days ago for the race. The feed room which is also the office at the Southern Belle race is insulated and climate controlled to keep the feed fresh. I am fortunate that I have a very reliable source to get my feed from and thus I can order as we need it. Time is finally here to accept birds and I can't wait. I love taking the new arrivals out of the box full of promise and hopes of their owners.

We have  473 birds signed up. Have a great  week, let me know of any concerns or ideas you have and I will be happy to discuss them with you.


Good Evening Breeders, we have had a great sign up for the 2017 race and there are more breeders that have spoken to me and will be sending birds.

I had a great conversation with the Versele Laga Rep today regarding their feed. I will be giving your birds their  "Start" feed until the birds are about 60 days old and then we will go to the " Junior" feed.  Once the birds are flying and we begin road training I will  use the "Gerry " feed. Once races begin we will use a combination of the Gerry, Champion and Traditional feed.  I tested the feed this last season and I really like it, great quality and fantastic results. A local flyer in our club has used it for a few years with phenomenal results.

Your birds will be vaccinated for PMV on arrival and given a booster 30 days later. The birds will also be treated for internal and external parasites . I have had great results with endo/ekto drops made by Dr. Okkie Botha of South Africa and available from the big suppliers.  I will pox the birds in early June. I am currently looking at the Adeno virus vaccine but it seems the Jury is still out on its effectiveness. I will update you on whether I decide to use it this season or not. I will pull the 9th and 10th primaries in early June along with the 2 center deck feathers.

Road training will begin in August with the 125 mile activation race in late September. The races will commence in October. I will give your birds many miles on the road, it is my belief that young birds really have to be worked on the road in order to get the best out of them. I will post all road training tosses on Wincompanion for you to follow along with frequent videos uploaded to our You Tube Channel on the website under the photo section.

We are accepting birds starting February 15th until May 15th with replacements until May 31st. It is in my opinion better to send the youngsters when they are at least 35 days old. Birds sent before this are subject to more stress and seem to develop slower.  Should you have any questions please call of email me at and I will be happy to help any way I can. Thank you again for your confidence in me and our race. I can't wait to get the season started.


Hello Breeders, I would like to wish all of you a blessed time with your families. May the New year be filled with health, happiness and prosperity.

I hope you all have a great breeding season, I am excited about our new location and the new race series. Thank you all for your continued support.




Good Morning Breeders, Versele Laga feed will be our feed sponsor for the 2017 race. I used it this year and  really was impressed with the quality of the grains in the feed, the corn both yellow and red are small and easily eaten by the birds, they also have a premium race feed that has black corn in it. They will sponsor a trophy at the final race and will also have a small booth set up with some of their products.  Sign up now we are gonna have a great race in the new year. Have a great day.


Good Evening Breeders, we are finally at my favourite time of the year. I love the thanksgiving celebration. Many years ago when I first came to the USA, I was invited to a thanksgivin meal by a student that I hardly knew. It was the first time I really experienced the goodness of the people in this country to a stranger. We have tried to continue that tradition in our own home of inviting someone that does not have the blessings we do. I wish all of you a wonderful time with your family and friends.

Once you have all rested, Friday would be a great day to start pairing up those breeders. I know that is what I will be doing.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

Shane , Heather and kids.


Good Evening Breeders, the final loft punch list of items have been completed. We will be taking birds starting February 15th until May 15th and replacements until May 31st. Thank you for your continued support and to all the new breeders you will find a transparent race and a handler that is readily available to answer questions and concerns you may have.  You can email or call and I will get back in touch with you in a timely manner.

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