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Good Morning Breeders, the race is closed for 2017. We have just over 500 birds in the loft.  Thank you for making our first year in Georgia the biggest race we have ever hosted. I will train your birds hard and do my best to keep you informed of goings on at the loft. I just got an excellent hotspot internet connection at the loft with the fastes speeds I have ever had uploading the inventories etc. It took ages this past hand inventory to upload so I got a mobile hotspot from AT&T and the connection is fast and upload speed is great. Gonna eliminate the headaches I have had in the past with slow unreliable upload speeds.

Have a great week.


Good Evening Breeders, I am haveing a little problem uploading the inventory from today, just bear with me and I will get it up later. Thank you.


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Good Afternoon Breeders, we have 485 birds in the loft. There are birds that are being shipped Monday and then the race will be closed. I will do a hand inventory of all the birds Tuesday May 16th and contact you if you have missing birds or birds that are not perfect when I hand scan them.

We have had another great week of weather, it has started to get hot here, was in the Mid 80's yesterday. The birds are starting to fly quite well and we have over 400 birds settled at the moment.  I will cut the birds
  # 9,10 Primaries the end of May and pull them and the center deck feathers a week later. The birds will be up in the loft for about 30 days while the feathers grow in to ensure we have good strong flights for the fall series.

Thank you for the support to help make this our biggest race yet. Have a great weekend and look for the hand scan inventory late on Tuesday. I did post a short video for you.


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Good Evening Breeders, we have 452 birds in the loft. The race closes on Monday May 15th, this is the last full week to send birds and then only birds shipped Monday May 15th will be accepted. I have a pretty strict time table on getting the birds into flying shape for the fall and I want plenty of time for the birds 9&10 flights to grow in and give the birds time to get back in the air after the shutdown and get them strong and fit again. I will pull the flights the end of May and shut the birds down for about 30 days giving them ample time and nutrients to grow good feathers.

Thank you for the fantastic sign up we have had, the first year in Georgia is the biggest race we have had to date. This week we had some rainy days come in, the birds were out all days except Friday and Saturday due to high winds on Saturday and rain on Friday. I pulled 2 birds from the loft this week that were looking dumpy, I have called the breeders and will continue to keep a close eye on the loft. All the other birds seem to be in great shape and are out and starting to fly well around the loft.

The early arrivals have really slicked down and look great. I posted a shortvideo of the birds out today just playing around. Breeders thank you for your communication before shipping birds and I hope all of you have a great week.



Good Morning Breeders, we have just over 630 birds signed up for the race. We have 401 birds in the loft, just over 300 birds of those are settled and flying.  Per our race rules the Southern Belle Race closes on May 15th. We will accept birds mailed on  Monday May the 15th but not after. We will accept replacement birds until May the 31st. If you are sending birds to this years race you have 15 days to do so, get them in while there is still time.

The birds continue to do well and were out all but one day this week due to weather. I did pull the first bird from the loft on Friday morning that is on a treatment and the breeder has been informed. In my experience, birds that come down with some sort of malady, should respond to treatment within a few days, if not they will not recover and if they do after a prolonged treatment are not fit for a tough race season that lies ahead.   I will continue to keep a close a eye, all other birds are in great shape. I will do another hands on inventory in a few days.

There are several groups of birds that are now leaving the loft regularly. Settling has gone exceptionally well and we are yet to have a visit from a Coopers hawk. I generally start seeing most Coopers in late Summer, that is not a bad time as birds are well settled and strong fliers.

I have posted a short video of the birds under our photo section on our youtube channel. We appreciate the strong support, as always thank you for your continued good communication when shipping birds it is helpful to have an idea when birds are mailed. You can email, text or call with any questions or information


Good Evening Breeders, we have just over 600 birds signed up for the race. We have 352 birds in the loft, 234 of those are settled and flying.  Per our race rules the Southern Belle Race closes on May 15th. We will accept birds mailed on  Monday May the 15th but not after. We will accept replacement birds until May the 31st. If you are sending birds to this years race you have 22 days to do so, get them in while there is still time.

The birds that are in the loft are doing very well, I did a hand inventory this afternoon that is posted on wincompanion. I did post  our weekly video under out photo section if you wish to view it.


We have had a fantastic week at the loft. Birds have been out every day, all birds received thru March 30th are out and flying. We had an extremely busy week for our race at the loft this week with over 60 birds coming in. We have 302 birds in the loft and looks like this coming week may be just as busy.

We have raised a little over $7500 from the $25 perch fee per bird that goes directly to the final race payout to date, along with the $30,000 guarantee it will be a strong payout.  We have 565 birds signed up for the race this year. I posted a short video of the birds this past week flying, you will see the birds are starting to really settle in well and have just started to wander from the loft a little.  I can report that health is still excellent and I hope it continues.

Breeders thank you and have a great week


Good Morning Breeders, we have 182 birds in the loft. Roughtly 106 birds are settled. Health is great to date, birds coming in are in top shape. Weather has been good and looks to be getting even better. Pigeons love the sunlight that streams into the loft till about 11am.  Thank you for the support and look forward to training and racing your birds. Have a great weekend.


Hello Breeders, we have started accepting birds. Please email, text or call when you have put your birds in the mail. We will be vaccinating them on arrival and then 14 days later they will get a booster shot.

Thank you for the support and have a great week.


Good Morning Breeders , we are accepting birds starting tomorrow morning. The weather is great for this early in the year, the temps are mild. Please email, text or call me when you have shipped birds and I can keep and eye out for them.

I picked up the first batch of feed a couple days ago for the race. The feed room which is also the office at the Southern Belle race is insulated and climate controlled to keep the feed fresh. I am fortunate that I have a very reliable source to get my feed from and thus I can order as we need it. Time is finally here to accept birds and I can't wait. I love taking the new arrivals out of the box full of promise and hopes of their owners.

We have  473 birds signed up. Have a great  week, let me know of any concerns or ideas you have and I will be happy to discuss them with you.

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