News and Updates

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Good Evening Breeders, first birds arrived this past week. It looks like we are in for an early spring in the south. It will be in the upper 70's most of this coming week. The new arrivals have enjoyed the sunshine and spent a great deal of time lying in the sun in the aviaries. Trap training takes place the first two weeks  and several of the birds that arrived on Wednesday are already coming through the traps with no bobs down. The youngsters have food in front of them all day until it is dark and then the food is taken away and replaced again early the next day. I give the new arrivals plenty of pro-biotics on the food and in the water.  Birds also have Versele Laga  "all in one " grit each and every day.

We have a 4 race series this year on a tough course, it will be fun to see who comes out on top. I feel so privileged to be able to host this race and for you as breeders to send us your birds to test. We will strive to make it even better than last year and I have already implemented several changes that I think will only improve the race. I post a short video each week on our facebook page and our youtube channel. Both can be accessed from the home page, youtube channel under photos tab and facebook page link about halfway down the home page.

Please email or text me to let me know the birds are on their way prior to shipping. I will contact you when I have your  birds in my possession. I usually make a run to the small local post office twice a day, early in the morning and late in the afternoon as we get two live shipments daily. Breeders have a great week.


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Hello Breeders, we are accepting birds now for the 2018 season. I want to welcome all of you and to those new breeders I hope your experience will be a pleasant one. I train the birds hard and will have them ready for the series. I do a weekly email update usually on Sunday evenings and will post at least one video on our Youtube account and our facebook page per week. All our training tosses and races can be tracked on our home page link that follows the GPS tracker on our trailer. I am with your birds all day, I do not do this part time,  this is my full time job and I take it very seriously.

I have heard from several of you that are sending birds this week. The weather is mild with some 70's predicted later in the week. Birds will be vaccinated on arrival and then a few  weeks later given a booster shot. They will all be treated for internal and exterior parasites on arrival. A local vet that is a pigeon fancier here will be doing periodic samplings of the dropings to keep a close eye on overall health. The #9,10 primaries will be pulled the end of May along with the 2 center tail feathers.

Your pigeons will be on an excellent diet and will mature into strong healthy birds ready for the long road that lies ahead to the final race. Please email me or send me a text to let me know when you ship birds. During race season it is often difficult for me to take a phone call as it is busy with all the birds. I will respond to email and texts in a timely manner and I will return phone calls if you would like to speak to me in person.

Thank all of you for your support and good luck in the Old bird season at your local clubs.


UpdateGood Afternoon Breeders, all 1099's were mailed out yesterday to our 2017 money winners. We accept birds starting Monday February 12th.  The pigeon trailer will be updated this season. The individual baskets will be made smaller, enabling easier loading. We will almost quadruple the baskets  from 8 large to 30 smaller baskets each capable of holding 30 birds with no overloading. The trailer will now be  three levels high and have 10 baskets on each level.  I have also changed the baskets design so birds can drink water on both sides for those shy birds that may not want to move much to the water. I have also changed the floor system to allow me to put absorbent floor covering under the floor of the baskets, birds will not be able to get to it and it will absorb any moisture to keep the basket even drier during transport for races and training.  

We will continue to use Versele Laga feed again this season.  All birds will vaccinated upon receipt and again 14 days later. Birds will have the #9 and #10 primaries pulled along with the two center tail feathers in early June. Please try not to send youngsters that have down on their heads and are still squeaking, 33 days and older is best. If youngsters are coming out individual breeding sections make sure your babies are eating well on their own and drinking out of the waterers. I like to tube some water with pro-biotics into my youngsters crops prior to shipping, that way they are well hydrated and it cuts down on the stress of leaving home.


Good Afternoon Breeders, I would like to wish all of you an early Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year from the Southern Belle Race.  Welcome to the  new breeders , we have 364 birds signed up and expect our best year to date. We are accepting birds on February 15th.

I know many of you are in the grips of some really cold weather, hopefully it will pass soon and not impact your breeding too much. I personally am pairing up my breeders today after the last 3 weeks of preparation for breeding.  It is one of the best times of the year when I can be a pigeon scientist and hope my experiments will pay off in the one loft races in the 2018 season.

I look back on the past year and feel tremendously fortunate to be living in this incredible country and have the freedom to pursue happiness. Thank you to all those veterans and current military men and women for your sacrifices, our family is truly thankful.

Have a fantastic week ahead and set some goals and make them happen.