News and Updates

Ok folks, the loft is open and accepting birds!  I've had a few come in this week already and a big thanks for the heads up on the shipping.

I've been sending my updates from my email account so far.  If you'd like to receive updates to follow along, please send me an email at, or you can always send some birds as well and have a chance to participate in a great race!Wink


Thanks, Eric


I'd like to thank everyone that has reserved perches so far for the race this year, make sure to spread the word to your fellow flyers before the local/area flyers wait until the last minute to enter as I'm only accepting 225 birds. 

As I learn how to use Wincompanion and add emails to my Gmail list I plan to send out updates on weekly intervals once the birds start to arrive, so please bare with me.  Check us out and like our page on Facebook as I will be putting pictures and videos occasionally once we get rolling look for Heinsohn Boys Racing Pigeons.


Remember if anyone has questions please email, call or text us if needed.  Also as you plan to send your birds, please make sure to contact us so we know they're heading this way.  Make sure to put my phone number on the outside of the box fairly big, as my local post office won't go looking for it. (FYI, the postmaster knows to expect them and is aware of any boxes with my name on them).


Thanks again for your intrest and confidence and I look forward to a great inaugural race season!!



Get ready to compete in one of the best place to race, SOUTH TEXAS!  Register now and check back often for messeges and updates!  Thanks again