News and Updates

Due to all the wire injury birds n the weather I have decided not to have the 100miles entry toss. 

I'll shoot for this up coming weekend for 100 miles. Birds are just loft flyi today. 


The first inventory by hang is up 

The birds are started to travel but for the last few time that they have bee routing 

there are one or two went missing and have not come back yet. 


All birds will be chip tomorrow and hand inventory. 

We have had a few bop attacks and have lost a few birds. 

It have been raining overcast for the last four days these bird and more rain to come over the weekend to.



OLR have started to arrive at TC OLR. 

please let me ahead of time if you are shipping birds in. 



Hello to all breeders Tc olr is accepting birds now. Lets the game begin as always please let me know ahead of time if you are shipping birds to me. 


Happy New Year to all breeders and friends