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Good Morning to all and hope everyone is having a Great Summer. I went to the Texas Center Convention in Houston last week and had a good time , meeting and greeting with all. Thanks to the people who put it all together . I will be letting the pigeons out next week , they have been on lock-down since June 17th and all look good except a couple that have one eye cold and they are isolated and given some Tylan to knock it out and then they will be back with the group. I got a letter in the mail to report to court for jury duty today {GRAND JURY} I hope I don't get selected but things like this happen and you have to do your duty , just hope it doesn't last long. Thanks  to all yall who are flying the Cajun Classic. Dave


Hey flyers, the young pigeons are doing well ! I will be attending the Texas Center Convention in Houston for the next few days to visit with some fellow flyers for a good time as well as I have a few pigeons in the races . I just hope its not raining and they can have a good race. The 10th flight and tail feathers are about 3/4 in so I will be letting them out in a week or so.  Hope everone is having a nice summer , Good Luck to all ,Thanks again for flying the Cajun Classic , Dave


Hey Guys & Gals, First of all I would like to wish each and everyone of the Father's a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!! I pulled the 10th flight along with the tail feathers and now will let the young pigeons set in the loft for 35-40 days and relax and grow all feathers back without any STRESS. They all look and feel Great. I have had only 2 birds that were sick and they were sick when I recieved them . I am using an ACIDIFIER in the water 5 days and 2 days regular water with Orego Stim and man it does work on the health of the birds. Thanks to Tim Kirschner with the Breeders Fall Classic for introducing the natural products to me last year. I used it last year and it worked good , but this year I'm using a different Acidifier , The one I'm using is from Kastle Pigeon , called ACIDIFIER PLUS . It works well in the HOT and HUMID SOUTH LOUISIANA WEATHER . I will run the pigeons through WINCOMPION in the next few days , so you all can see your birds are still here. Thanks Dave


 Hey Guy's and Gal's , I had a hands on inventory yesterday and all but a couple of pigeons felt Great! I pulled the 9th flight and will pull the 10th June17th along with the tail feathers . It has been RAINING in South Louisiana for about two weeks now and calls for more rain this week. Hot and Humid , the only time I let them out is early in the AM. After I pull the 10th flight they will be locked up for 35-40 days ! I've been doing this process on my own young birds for along time ,the stress of flying without all the flights and tail feathers seems take a tole on the young birds ! When I started keeping the birds in[35-40 days ] untill all feathers are moulted they reacted much better when they started flying again . Once again this process works for me , if it works don't try to fix it just try to improve it,  I was always told. Thanks to all that are flying the Cajun Classic , Dave


Greetings Flyers!

We have extended the deadline for recieving birds  to May 31st, due to some breeders having problems raising babies. The original deadline was May 15. Everything is going good in the loft.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call me.




Good afternoon flyers , we have around 130 birds settled and 15 more in holding stall to be settled to our loft . Also we have 25- 30 more coming in this week and more next week . Thanks for all who signed up for the Cajun Classic ! Out of all these pigeons we have had only one that we eliminated from the team due to sickness ,Wow that's is unreal ,we are using a Natural Product that gets rid of the Bad Bateria in the intestines  and not the Good Bacteria and it seems to be TOP NOTCH . The only other things I have gave the pigeons are PMV-1, Ivomec, and dusting them for mites and flies ! The only thing I haven't done is Pox , because it is on back-order, Thanks Again Dave


Hey guys , we ran the pigeons through the trap and put it on the training under inventory , we lost 1pigeon out of 74 and another hurt its wing and already replaced. The only one we lost , I will e-mail the Breeder as soon as I write this Update. We will let the 2nd group  [ about 60] out next week and hopefully will settle all of them. We still are recieving pigeons and will do so untill May 15 th! Good luck with all yall's young birds and any questions just e-mail or call . Thanks Dave


Once again the thrill of releasing the first group of young pigeons, they usally set on the landing board and look around and some trap right back in the loft . Well this time the whole group went up and they went every which direction, for about 4 hours there was nothing in the loft , that's scary,especially when  these pigeons are all from other flyers . Then about 4 trapped in and then it looked like they knew what they were doing! I knew I had them HUNGRY, HEALTHY,& Knew how to trap, then before the day was over I had only 4 birds out and 2 of them trapped in the next 2 days . The other 2 where still in the area, but with a bad storm today, I don't know where they are , I know which 2 they are and if they don't trap by the end of the week I will notify the owners. The Health of the pigeons is GREAT and hope it stays like that, I will let the next group out in 2 weeks , and only hope they re-act like the first group. As of now 73 are loft broke and look like they know what it's all about, Thanks for the support and looking forward to another Great CAJUN CLASSIC Race series. Dave


Good Afternoon to all you flyers!! We here at the Cajun Classic have started getting pigeons and all look in good health , when they arrive I PMV, worm,and dust the pigeons after they water and relax in the loft . Just email or call when you send the pigeons . The Post Office is real good about calling me when the pigeons get here. They have my Phone # down pat.Thank you all for the interest in the Cajun Classic OLR.

p.s. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give me a call.





Hey guys , it's almost time to recieve the 2017 birds for the Cajun Classic , if possible send pigeons at the age of 35-40 days old and if possible PMV them , it makes a whole lot of difference if you do . They are well above [health and etc.] the rest of the young ones that arrive here . From taking notes from last year the ones that stayed with me without any problems were this age and didn't have any effects from some of the ones that did look sickley. Good luck with your Old Bird races and call if and when you send the Pigeons .  { I send my OLR pigeons at this Age and PMV and usually they are there when the last race comes around. } Thanks Dave

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