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Again - Thank you for entering our new race. I'm posting this here so that it matches some clarifications and updated rules to the race. The updates are minor for the Breeder. The New Acknowledgement Form was edited to show: PLEASE MAKE CHECKS OUT TO TOP BREEDERS CHALLENGE - vice SOC club. Mike Cambra is the owner and manager of this race and Mike Garrett is acting as his assistant and as such, Mike Garrett withdrew his entry after it was brought to our attention that some potential fliers didn't like the idea that he was helping with the birds and money and entering birds. So Mike (Garrett), bless his good hard working soul withdrew his entries but will still be helping with the race. My role in all this in case anyone cares/wonders - I'm just the Website host and I told Mike Cambra I would do that for him at no cost just to get this great race started. Here's the quote from the website page and THANK YOU!

The Top Breeders Challenge Prohibits The Loft Manager And His Assistant, Mike Garrett, (per paragraph 18 below) From Entering Birds In The Top Breeders Challenge Race.

Good Intentioned Questions Were Raised By A Few Fliers Who Desired To Enter The Race But They Thought It Inappropriate For Mike Cambra's Assistant To Enter Birds. That Concern Has Been Resolved - Mike Garrett Has Graciously Withdrawn His Entries And Remains The Assistant To Mike Cambra.

 Also, There Were A Few Fliers Who Wanted To Enter But Didn't Like The Idea That This Website Stated That The Top Breeders Challenge Was A SOC Club "Sponsored" Race. It Is Not. 

I, Mark Hernandez, Am The Person Who Owns This Website And Its Content Is Solely My decision. I Post SOC Club And SWI Club Race Results On This Site And Agreed In Friendship To "Host" The Top Breeders Challenge Site Here Free Of Charge.  

I was Responsible For Mis-wording The Language That Suggested This Is A SOC "Hosted" Race. Those Edits Have Been Made So Please Accept My apologies.

So, Now, Those Of You Who WANTED to Fly This Race Can Be Assured Your Input And Concerns Have Been Addressed And Resolved. We Look Forward To Your Participation In This New Race. Good Luck To All And Thanks For Your Understanding!


Mark Embarassed



Thank you to all who have signed up so far - we are half way to our goal of 100 fliers.  Top Breeders Challenge is unique in the fact that it's a nominated race and only 200 birds (100 in the A race and 100 in the B race) total allowed in this race. The total perch fee for the A and B race is only $300. And YES, the entry fee is high. But when you look at the cost of other races and entry fees and the possibility of winning a big prize - well, nothing compares to this race - 100 birds in the A race competing for a $40,000 first place prize. And when you nominate your A and B race bird in the last two weeks, you are guaranteed to have an A bird because if your nominated A bird is lost in the last 2 weeks, your B bird AUTOMATICALLY becomes an A bird. This race was designed to make sure your entries get the very best care - so we keep the numbers small - but the return is BIG!


Again, thanks to everyone who has signed up so far. Please get your perch fees in and encourage your friends to sign up for this high value race !


Here is an explanation resulting from a question "Can I just enter the "B" Race?

Uhhhhh - NO!


If you send only one bird, you are automatically in the "A" race. You CANNOT enter the "B" race only - entries are progressive - you must have a bird entered in the "A" race if you want to also enter the "B" race.


This "clarification" has been added to the Top Breeders Challenge Web page under paragraph 6.



Well, we're 1/3 the way to our goal of 100 fliers and 200 birds! Get your reservations in soon!


Thanks to all who have signed up thus far and a BIG thank you to WinnersCup OLR for placing our ad right in the middle of your own webpage AND in your updates - and thanks for the great endorsement!


TOP BREEDERS CHALLENGE If you're reading this then you've found our new site for this exciting new race. So, what's so special about this race compared to other OLRs. 

Well, there will be TWO races, an A and B race 30 minutes apart on the same day from the same location. 

You can only enter 2 birds - So pick good ones! Since we've limited the entries to 2 birds, everyone is on the same level. You won't find some breeders with 20 or 30 birds entered. 

Additionally, this is a nominated race - But you get to wait until the last 2 weeks to decide which bird will be an A bird and which bird will be the B bird. And even then if one of them is lost after you've nominated your birds, your remaining bird will be automatically placed in the A race - so you don't lose out on the biggest prize! 

We are only taking 200 birds total - so that's only 100 breeders and no more than 100 birds in each race - so your chances of winning the $40,000 first prize, just by the numbers, are MUCH higher in this race than any race with this small number of birds.  

Your birds will be handled by experts with over 200 years of combined experience - I know - we're old! 

Our past experiences with OLR's is not new. Anyone who attended the California State Race in 2012 and 2013 knows that we started training with about 240 birds and nearly 200 birds made it to the race both times - and that was with nearly 1500 miles of training! Most fliers who participated in the CSRPO races of 2012 and 2013 continue to comment on what a great convention we hosted AND a great race. 

So, get your birds registered as soon as possible - Good Luck and we look forward to a great inaugural event - be part of the fun and spend a few days in the north San Francisco Bay Area visiting the world class wineries and the new incredible, massive casino and hotel just recently finished - just a few miles up the road from the loft location.