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After reviewing the entry status and contacting breeders who signed up but hadn't sent birds yet: 

We have exteneded the entry date to register and/or send your birds no later than 15 July 2018 - of course, we are doing this to encourage more entries.

We had about 20 fliers who changed their minds for various reasons. Some breeders indicated they were concerned about the date change and the impact it would have on their birds. Every breeder knows the limitations of their own birds  and what works best for them. So, next year we will post the date and stick with it.

We completed an inventory and breeders with missing birds have been contacted. We have removed those breeder names who reset their birds to "0" OR who have not sent birds so far. 

So, if your intentions are/were to fly this race, register and contact Mike Garrett as soon as possible.

Thanks to ALL the fliers who signed up and thanks to those who considered the race but didn't enter - we hope to see you next year.


A hand inventory was completed and there are 8 birds missing. The owners have been/are being contacted. Top Breeder Challenge will pay for the shipment of any replacement bird - and the TBC will send a box to your address at no cost if you have a lost bird and need a box.


Mike Garrett is contacting those breeders who need to send replacements. 


First - Never forget "D Day" 6th of June 1944 - over 10,000 aircraft, over 6,300 vessels, more than 166,000 men landing for the invasion of France and the defeat of the Germans. More than 14,000 casualties - and 4 Medal of Honor recipients. God Bless them ALL!!!

Actually, we are at 87% on sign-ups. If you have changed your mind about entering the race for any reason, we'd appreciate you going into Wincompanion and reset your bird count to "0". Then we can remove your name if you'd like - Wincompanion will let you edit your bird numbers but you can't delete your name - however, we will be glad to do that for you.

I have added a "subpage" to the Menu. Hover over "Top Breeder Challenge" and you will see "TBC Pictures and Video" link. I put a few pictures up there for your viewing pleasure. As of last week, the birds were doing great. They are being let out in small groups of 25 or so to keep the hawk impact minimal on the flock. The health is great and over 100 birds are out and flying (small groups) and grouping up around the loft.

Birds are due by 15 June 2018. If you are not going to be able to meet that date, please give Mike Garrett a call - he will be willing to work with you to make sure you get your entries in.

Greatly appreciate all of you who have sent in your birds and for those who signed up but changed your mind - we appreciate you too and hope to see you next year. 


The date for the race is now set for 27 October 2018.

This date was selected to make sure the birds have more daylight for a 325-350 mile race and a little better weather pattern. We said from the start that your entries will get the best care and we want to make sure that each breeders' birds have the best chance of a peak performance. For those who aren't familiar with this course (east to west); the birds will have to navigate through the Nevada desert, climb the Sierra (9,000 feet) and then basically have a light to moderate headwind for the last 75 miles. But it can be fast on given days with the right conditions. 

Shipping will be on 26 October 2018. There will be food on shipping night and race day. Shipping will be at the SOC Club location. We will provide directions at a later date for the shipping and Mike Cambra's home where the TBC loft is located.

The first 115 birds have been vaccinated and have had their 9th and 10th flights pulled. The health of the birds is excellent. All birds have been hand scanned and inspected - they are trapping well. If you should have any questions - ANY QUESTIONS - please contact Mike Garrett via e-mail: or give him a call at 707.322.8545.

Your participation in this new race is greatly appreciated - Please remember the deadline for shipping your birds is 15 June 2018. If you have youngsters that will be too young and still want to fly the TBC, please give Mike Garrett a call and he will work something out that is reasonable for you and the TBC. Same goes for any replacement birds.


All Breeders

This is a reminder that 15 June 2018 is the deadline for receiving birds at the TBC. TBC will be running an inventory within the week to let breeders know if they should send replacements. Right now, the birds are looking great and have been out in the aviary and learning to trap quickly while getting an excellent view of their surroundings. For those who are not familiar with Mike Cambra's location: it is located at the south end of Petaluma up - HIGH up - on an elevated site on 32 acres. Even in the settling cages, the birds can see 5 miles or more. The plan this weekend is to pull the 9th and 10th flights on the first group of 115 birds received so far and vaccinate them. At the same time, an inventory will be taken of all the birds received thus far.

If you are a breeder who has signed up and have changed your mind about flying this race, please go into your account and edit your birds to "0". Wincompanion will not allow you to remove your name from the breeder list, but if you want it removed, please contact Mike Garrett and he can remove your name also.

If you're flying this race but your entries are going to be too young to meet the 15 June 2018 date, please let Mike Garrett know; we can work something out as long as it is reasonable - same goes for the replacement birds.

Again, THANK YOU to all who have entered. The race, of course, wouldn't be possible without your trust and confidence



We are approaching the 90% mark and still have almost an entire month to go to register and get your birds in.


Thanks to all of you who have signed up so far.


We're now at 85% capacity with another 5 breeders who notified us by phone that they will sign up by May 5th. That will put us at 90%!

If you're thinking about participating in this race, please sign up as soon as possible - as a reminder:


The first 100 breeders this year will have priority next year - and there will never be more than 100 breeders in this race.


So, if you're thinking about it - we'd love to have you enter and share the excitement of this new format OLR.

And as always - thank YOU to all who have signed up so far - 

NOW AT 80% !

We are now at 80% with more to come. If you want to be part of this new format of low number of birds and HIGH value return, then sign up today!

Thanks again to all who have signed up thus far. 

And if you're one of those fliers who signs up and then changes your mind - not a problem; we've all been there - then contact Mike Garrett and we'll also remove your name. We know you can change the number of birds to zero, but if you'd like your name removed, we can do that.


We are nearly at 80%!

Mike Garrett has received a few questions on the first place prize and prize distribution. Rule 16 of Top Breeders Challenge says:

16. Prize money will be computed depending on how many birds are shipped to the “A” and “B” Races. There will be a $5,000 “TOP BREEDER” Bonus for the breeder with the best average speed bird. This means the breeder must have a bird entered in both races and both birds must clock to be eligible for the $5,000 Bonus.
*If 100 birds are shipped to the “A” race: 1st place $40,000. 2nd $10,000. 3rd $5,000. 4th $5,000. 5th $5,000. 6th through 10th $2500. 11th through 30th $1,000. If the 1st drop is more than 1 bird the prizes will be split equally between the number of birds, based on the cumulative value of the prizes on the drop e.g., 5 birds in the first drop will be awarded equal shares of the value of 1st through 5th place. After the 1st drop, the prizes will be awarded in clocking order.
*If 50 birds are shipped to the “B” Race: 1st Bird $10,000. 2nd Bird $2500. 3rd Bird $2,000. 4th through 12th $1,000. The same “drop rule” applies as noted for the “A” race.

Please note - just as in most OLR's - 1st place has a set award; ours is $40,000 - see the prize distribution on As rule 16 states - if there are multiple birds in the first drop, we will add up the total value of all the positions that first drop is comprised of, e.g., 5 birds in the drop will receive equal shares of the total of 1st through 5th place divided by 5 birds - in this example AND 100 paid "A" birds in the race - the total of the 5 bird drop would be $65,000 divided by 5 - let's see.... if my division is correct, that would be $13,000 EACH! 

After the first drop, prizes are awarded in clocking order.

If anyone has ANY questions, please call Mike Garrett. We like to address all questions, in the open, right here in plain sight!


Well.... we're at 75% capacity now! Thanks to all of you who have signed up. We have over 25% of the birds sent in so far and they're looking good. We will keep you advised if something should happen to one of your entries - that way you will have plenty of time for a replacement bird.

Again, thank you to the 75 who have signed up thus far - the first 100 fliers will have priority next year. This race will never have more than 100 fliers, so if you sign up as number 101 or greater, you will go on the waiting list for the following year - Don't delay in entering !

Thank you!

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