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RULES  Good morning birds were released at La Sarre 330 miles rules for the Borden bond race Is they do not let anyone know when the birds have been released so there will be no live clocking until we go to strike off  if you would like to know the times of your birds today you can give me a call  we shipped 22 birds last night reminder only 17 are eligible for the average speed encore the other remaining birds are just in the bond rate as well as the 17 with the green dots good luck


Race Series Summary:

1st race-160 miles- North Bay, Ontario-September 24th, 2017

2nd race-300 miles flying in conjunction with the Borden Bond race-La Sarre, Quebec-September 30th, 2017

3rd race-400 miles flying in conjunction with the Up North Combine-October 7th, 2017

Call Ryan at 416-990-0187 no later than Saturday September 23rd to activate your birds.

Activated birds will also be eligible to win prize money offerred in the Borden Bond race along with the Trifecta average speed sereies.



Here is a listing of the winners from yesterday's race with the prize money won listed beside their names.

Congratuations to all the winners and to all participants! This was a tough race!

Stay tuned for details on our upcoming Encore Race.

Race Winners


Our final race of the season will be taking place on Sunday September 17th. The release location will be Matheson, Ontario.

Shipping will take place on Saturday, September 16th beginning at 7 PM. Those that wish to attend shipping and handle their birds are welcome to do so. The shipping address is 2651 Bloomington Road, Stouffville, Ontario. 

For the race day we plan on releasing the birds at 7:00 AM (weather permitting).  We will be posting the liberation LIVE on our Facebook page.

The race birds are expected to arrive back at the home loft between 2 and 3. Everyone is welcome on race day if they wish to come and watch starting at 1 in the afternoon. Please bring a lawn chair. 

The prize breakdown will be posted shortly.

If you have any questions or need directions to the shipping and loft location please call 416-990-0187.

Best of luck to all participants and thank you for your support this year!


Our final race of the season will be taking place on Sunday September 17th from Matheson, Ontario.

We are giving the birds a chance to rest and will be doing some training sessions throughout the week.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook for our LIVE releases.


 Good morning race one release time 8 AM Burks Falls 

Important note we have one other entry into the Pick bird  for some reason the computer is not putting a green dot on the bird it is from Wayne Beaudion  ring number 10797 MLY


Our 100 mile activation qualifier took place on Saturday August 26th from Burk's Falls.

The first official race of the 3 race series will be Wednesday August 30th.

In order to compete in the 3 race series your birds must now be activated.

The activation fee is $133.00 per pigeon. Please note that ALL pigeons on your team MUST be activated in order to participate.

Activation fees are due NO LATER THAN September 4th (no exceptions).  Pigeons that are not activated prior to the 4th will be disqualified.

We are also having a pick bird average speed.  The cost to enter this separate series is $225.00 per pigeon.  The pick bird activation fee is due before September 4th but your pick bird must be chosen PRIOR TO THE FIRST RACE Wednesday August 30th.

Please contact us at or 416-990-0187 to advise us of your pick bird.

Thanks to those that supported us this year & good luck!

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 Good  evening today we had our 40 mile training flight birds did fantastic in super strong shoulder headwinds  clock missed birds yet again  we let birds out after training and still we are counting 51 there are 56 in Loft please do not mind the late times of  The birds at the end of the day 

 Tomorrow is favourable and fair we will go back to 40 miles   Good luck to everyone if there any questions or concerns do not feel free to hesitate to contact me 


Remember every toss has been posted on our Facebook page under Toronto trifecta thank you

TRAINING UPDATE Good afternoon today we did hand inventory just wanted to let everyone know we started training with 61 pigeons and we have 60 hand inventory today there is one bird from Calgary ring number CU CAL 10252  this bird has hitting a wire about a week ago and will not be trained until fit.   All birds are looking fantastic the training is going fantastic the clock yes it has been missing birds we are going to have that adjusted well before the races  also our European reader does not have his name posted beside his birds we are working on getting that adjusted with Terry Gilmore  we have been training mostly mid afternoon to late afternoon and we will continue this until we feel the birds are ready to switch over to morning training   Note the birds are Loft flying in the mornings and trained in the evening. Please do not be alarmed if you do not see a bird on the list it may have jumped the pad if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call  you can also follow all of our liberations on our Facebook page under Toronto trifecta.  We will continue to train the birds to 15 miles   Then they will do a few 25 miles A few 40 miles a few 60 miles and upward we go  also another reminder if anyone is interested in coming with us on any of our training flights or wish to view their birds anytime or Loft are always open thank you good luck to everyone
Ryan, Richard & Lia Zonnekeyn 


Today we are banding the birds with their electronic rings.  We will post a hand inventory this afternoon.  Training will commence tomorrow and we will be training on every nice ay up until the first 100 mile activation.  So far the birds are looking great and are flying 2 to 3 hours every day.

Please check our website later on this afternoon for our first posted inventory.



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