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FHI 2016 Young Bird

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August 6th                 Powell Butte              100 Miles        A & B & OLR


August 13th               Hampton                    150 Miles        A & B & OLR


August 19 - 20th        State Race


August 27th               Mitchell                      150 Miles        A & B & OLR


September 3rd           Seneca                        200 Miles        A & B & OLR


September 10th         Powell Butte              100 Miles        A & B & OLR


September 16th         Ontario                       300 Miles        A release with money birds  & OLR





The birds were vaccinated for PMV and Salmonella last Friday and Saturday. They had about 7 tosses and are out to 12 miles. Our schedule will be the same as for the Foothill Invitational Club (FHI). It will be set tonight at the club meeting; I inticipate it will start the first week of August. They will chipped within two weeks.


Hi All,

The purpose of this Willamette Valley OLR venture is to simulate the essence of a OLR for the purpose evaluating our birds and in turn evaluating our breeders. Some of us can't afford to do this testing with a layout of $100 to $400 per bird.

This first year will be a learning experience so please bear with us. We welcome your comments and suggestions. By design we are a small group of participants so please get involved. Feel free to call or email me.


Paul Yahiku

pyahiku@q.com enail

971-600-5889 cell phone