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Hello Breeders;

As thanksgiving approaches, our weather is much cooler at nite now.   The birds daily release has been adjusted due to daylight savings and the presence still of some predators.  I was hoping those guys would just head on down to SpringHill by now !!!

We did lost one yesterday...dallas 4449 .    I changed the bath water outside and thing I knew the birds scattered.


The birds as a whole look absolutely wonderful.  No sickness, no eye colds, no sneezing....nothing......amazing.    The loft is opened to more air during the day when it gets up to 70+ degrees I just raise the green curtain in front and then drop it at sundown to help retain loft warmth.    Still the same program,

Red Cell/Comega supreme 3-6-9 oil on the feed every other day.

birds are fed once daily at 4pm, measured and adjusted for the temperature expected that evening.  They pretty much clean it up with just a few kernals of milo left.  No one is going hungy here.   The birds are on schedule and are easily controlled since they have been on a set 'routine' and know whats expected of them.   We will have another chip check , body check inventory

at the end of November after turkey week.    December brings phase two of bootcamp so we will keep you updated when there are more exciting things to report!!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving to you all !!

God Bless Our Great Country !!


Greetings Breeders !!

On october 1st we began to settle the birds for the first outing.  We sent back 21 birds to owners who had not paid perch fees.  Its been 4 weeks now and the birds are out daily and doing well.   Health today during the chip check was excellent.  They had been through the first round of respiratory meds in September during that humid period.  Some lemon juice for Ph leveling and probiotics are the norm right now.  We have the transport truck backed up to the loft with the entry door open.  The birds are in and out of the truck and beginning tomorrow, we will also be letting them out via the truck as well as the loft.   

Nights are cooler with the temps dropping but the days are fantastic and around 70+ degrees.   We have lots of time before we are racing, so we will do more periodic updatea  and inventories as we move forward into the training calendar.


thanks for your support.









Hello Breeders;

things are going well at the Loft.  Birds are out and about at 2:30 and 

come in at the dinner bell at 5pm.   Each day there is less sign of Mr. 

Hawk being around.   

Settling the birds has been a non hurried pace.  All birds are out now and

each day the flock gets bigger when they go up to a dot.   This tells me

their health and respiratory are fine with all the high altitude stuff.

We will do a wing flight check , chip check and inventory near or at the

end of this month.   

The next 9 weeks will be here around the loft.  We will train for 6 weeks

and begin weather permitting, the races Feb. 15th.

We ended up shipping back 21 birds to their respective owners after

receiving freight monies........those who failed to send perch money.


If you havent tried the Comega Supreme , omega 3,6,9 by Animed

products...( 1 gallon for about 22.00).....give it a shot.  Your local feed

store may have it and if not, can get it easily.  Along with the good ole

Red Cell in the feed and Primalac in the water.........the birds bloom!!











Why do we haul our own birds to the races?

why doesnt everyone use GPS on the truck?

transport to the races can Make or Brake the race.    As a breeder YOU need to know how little things that happen from the loft to the release point can change the outcome of the race............


                our explanation is on the front page of our site.......


greetings breeders;

todays inventory / chip check is now current and accurate.

There were an additional 21 birds not  on the inventory today.

They were not scanned as money is owed for perch fees.  They were removed from the loft and placed in holding pen until owners send freight money for us to ship them back.  if there is still no response, we will donate the birds to a Pigeon Auction.


The heat kicked in again here along with humidity so we are on top of any respiratory issues.   Otherwise we will keep you updated on the weekly progress during bootcamp.   Thanks for your kind support....Wink



we will do a chip check and current inventory october 2nd.   Updates will now begin to be more frequent as we progress into the late fall.  

  This is wet

damp weather is when we need to stay on top of any respiratory in this region.   

If you need to replace a bird,  it needs to get done this week please.  if you owe for anything, it also must be brought up to date this week.  


more to come soon......Smile


We dodged the big bullet here and just today are getting some showers and light issues at all with bird delivery  .   so try to get your birds in this week unless you have made arrangements with me.  Getting Canadian birds is a task, so I have given them a pass on the due date simply due to their restrictions and extra work in getting birds in our races......  we expect the final tally to be near 375 birds.

thanks to all of you who texted or emailed/called us wondering how we were doing in the big storm.   Like I said, we were not in harms way at all here.   Birds look just fantastic, moulting feverishly.  We ask that those of you who still some perch money  to get checks in by Oct. 1st.

thanks for your kind support.


Hello Breeders;


as of today, thursday, the model path for Irma is well away from us here in Milton, Pensacola area.   We continue to monitor the projected path and are prepared to take action if the path changes towards our direction.   Many factors involved here.  If the path stays as it is now, we may not even get a whisper.

The birds look fantastic as they progress through the moult nicely.  Health has been paramount and we attribute that to added nutrition.  Our regimen of 'Red cell" along with Comega supreme 3-5-9 mixed into the feed is a huge contributor to their good health.  I have had other breeders call me and tell me this combination has given their birds a state of condition that they had never seen.

Birds are still arriving and we anticipate 360 birds by the time the doors close.   

we will keep you updated so you will have minimal worries.


Those 'in the path' have our thoughts and prayers.............


Hi Breeders;

if you have called my cell and left a message,  and do not get a call

back right away, call me back and be sure to leave your name and number clearly in the recording.   Some of our phones do not record

the number of a missed call that leaves a message.  If its not clear who it is or what number,  its not possible to call you back.   

We expect last minute shipping now in the next dozen days and if you

have a question,  better call me and get your question answered.

counting expected birds based on emails or calls, we are near closing

the race.  Please call first if your not already signed up.  thanks for

your support.


Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those down in the Texas and

Louisiana area affected by this storm.   



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