News and Updates

We dodged the big bullet here and just today are getting some showers and light issues at all with bird delivery  .   so try to get your birds in this week unless you have made arrangements with me.  Getting Canadian birds is a task, so I have given them a pass on the due date simply due to their restrictions and extra work in getting birds in our races......  we expect the final tally to be near 375 birds.

thanks to all of you who texted or emailed/called us wondering how we were doing in the big storm.   Like I said, we were not in harms way at all here.   Birds look just fantastic, moulting feverishly.  We ask that those of you who still some perch money  to get checks in by Oct. 1st.

thanks for your kind support.


Hello Breeders;


as of today, thursday, the model path for Irma is well away from us here in Milton, Pensacola area.   We continue to monitor the projected path and are prepared to take action if the path changes towards our direction.   Many factors involved here.  If the path stays as it is now, we may not even get a whisper.

The birds look fantastic as they progress through the moult nicely.  Health has been paramount and we attribute that to added nutrition.  Our regimen of 'Red cell" along with Comega supreme 3-5-9 mixed into the feed is a huge contributor to their good health.  I have had other breeders call me and tell me this combination has given their birds a state of condition that they had never seen.

Birds are still arriving and we anticipate 360 birds by the time the doors close.   

we will keep you updated so you will have minimal worries.


Those 'in the path' have our thoughts and prayers.............


Hi Breeders;

if you have called my cell and left a message,  and do not get a call

back right away, call me back and be sure to leave your name and number clearly in the recording.   Some of our phones do not record

the number of a missed call that leaves a message.  If its not clear who it is or what number,  its not possible to call you back.   

We expect last minute shipping now in the next dozen days and if you

have a question,  better call me and get your question answered.

counting expected birds based on emails or calls, we are near closing

the race.  Please call first if your not already signed up.  thanks for

your support.


Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those down in the Texas and

Louisiana area affected by this storm.   




Hello everyone;

in just a few short weeks the race will be closed.   If your planning to

send....gitter done soon.   Perch fees for those not paid will have to

be paid by the 10th of september.     

Thanks for entering and giving us your support this season.




All of us Pigeon folk come from different walks of life...........from different states and different ethnicities.     But we all carry one thing in common.........and........Once we have had the birds..........its always going to be there.    Its part of our soul.    Whether we are active in the sport, retired from it or, just taking a break from it.    It stays with us.


I encourage you to send a photo for our display.   Whether it be our most humble loft to the fanciest abode we house our birds in.     It matters not, for whats important here is that we have found what makes us happy in this life............the birds.   Help us put your photo to your name.......send what you wish.........but     do send.     We are all in this together, so lets take joy in seeing each other from across our great country.   No one is judging anything, we are all in the respect and enjoy each others commonality mode.   thanks for taking this consideration.


Thanks also to those I contacted to confirm if you were still planning on sending birds.  I left messages and received many return calls confirming your plan to ship, particularly when this heat subsides somewhat.   

Some who call ask if its too late to send birds that have dropped flights.   I actually prefer your bird to have dropped a flight or two.    Last seasons 325 mi winner from Bieche Loft arrived with 7 flights dropped and number 9 & 10 half grown back in (trimmed and pulled already).    

We look forward to the coming season and do wish and hope the best for you in the soon to start fall races you have entered.


Its all good........bill Hatcher





looks like we are ahead of schedule receiving birds.   We will most likely


be closing the door sometime in August.    Be sure to get your entry


in asap as once we are about to close, we will put it in bold letters on


the front page of the site.........

birds look great.........staying healthy and doing well with the supplements.   Looks like we may have finally found a good feed dealer not too far willing to mix our proprietary formula for us.   Browns decided not to ship anymore citing that ''we are too far''....


all things happen for a looking ahead, we can now

continue with our new feed dealer to see how things stack up with our

feed order.      Thanks again for your kind support as we look forward


to another fun season ahead.


Breeders, just a short reminder.   What with the rain here which is a few times a week at this time of year, its imperative to be diligent when shipping birds.   Please be sure to tape the bottom of your shipping box.

Transferring boxes from the Plane to the truck on the Tarmac can be very wet.  We have received boxes with very damp/wet bottoms.  If these had not been taped........the chances of them just opening from the weight of the birds inside could be high.   So lets be cautious and

simply tape the boxes on the bottom seam....Thanks


I want to thank everyone that is signed up and sending birds.  We do expect this season to be a ''fun'' series with the different classes and something there for everyone to get excited about each week.

We have some new folks this year and thats always nice to see.  Those staunch supporters who return each season are always cherished too.


Please keep in mind that the week of the 19th of June means Disney world for a few days with the kiddos......The birds will be under the management of my son Everett (20) who has always worked with the birds quietly in the background.  He is also in preparation for a stint in the US Navy in the fall.

If you have a website and have signed on this season, be sure to send me your Logo for our site.  We are happy to promote our fliers here.

As for limits..........we have them.   We will stop accepting birds around the 375 marker.    Yes we can hold more, but folks, I just dont believe in overcrowding the loft.   We stick to our guns trying to maintain a specific number of cubic feet per bird housed here.

more to come soon........


we are preparing for the new season here at floridas winnerscupusa.   our redline race is no more........but will continue as winnerscupusa.   taking birds mid may for our 4 race series with two race entry formats.........


we look forward to handling your birds for the race in february.



the loft has been powerwashed and fogged.  It sparkles and is dry.

We have received our first birds.  We are now ready to receive birds

for this fall series of Emerald races for average speed.

If you decide to use paypal for perch fees.......  use the winnerscup@ email.


thanks to you all...