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Hello race participants! Everything is going great so far. The weather has been very warm and humid. Lots of rain. The birds are doing well. We have over 100 in the loft with new arrivals every couple of days. 2 groups are lofted in well and group 3 is being lofted in now. We chase the birds into the settling cage several times each day and drop the bob traps so they have to come through them. Not much to report yet. The good news is there's no bad news. Please contact me if you have any comments or questions.

Bobby Pollock

(479) 719-3995


Hello race participants! I hope everyone had a nice Easter Holiday. More birds are starting to arrive now. We will receive many birds in the coming weeks. If you have friends who like to enter 1 loft races be sure and tell them about ours. The more birds we get the bigger the prize pool will be. Remember, if they enter 4 birds the perch fees are only $300 and any birds that don't make it to the 2nd race will receive a free perch the next year.

We are continuing to trap train and loft in the race birds. We had the 2nd group out for their 1st time today and didn't lose a single one. After a few more times out I will consider them lofted in. We will be starting on the 3rd group soon.

Good luck!


Hello RVR Race participants! We have a nice group of birds in the loft. Except for a few of the last ones to arrive, we have been lofting the birds in with excellent results so far. We haven't lost a single one. Charlie Mayfield's double "Black Widow" hen almost gave me a heart attack when she flew out of sight the 2nd time she had been outside. I considered her gone untill she came back just before dark and trapped in!

Our plan this year is to loft the birds in as soon as possible. Once they are routing good we will start with very short tosses and slowly work out to about 50 miles. We will do this in small groups. We will train the groups together based on when they arrive here at our loft. The birds that come here later will not be handicapped because the earlier groups will only be trained out to 50 miles. Once all the birds are trained out and coming good from 50 miles, we will mix the birds, but continue to train in small groups. 

If you have any comments or questions don't hesitate to contact me. (479) 719-3995.

Yours in the sport,

Bobby Pollock


Welcome to the River Valley Roundup
One Loft Race
Perch fee: 100.00 each or 4 for 300.00
Race fee: 125.00 each 


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