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There are 2 groups of birds headed home to breeders.  The first group shipped out on Monday morning:
Elton Dinga,  Furia Loft,  Baldwin & Tilson,  John Georgeopoulos,  Andy & Tina Li,  Dan Sherri & The Garfiled Boys, Genesis Syndicate, Neil George, Tiwi Pigeons, Mark Mourton, Shiloft, Twin Loft, Roby Delgado Loft, Dave Ratliff, Carl McNelty, Bill Hatcher, Brad Santos,  Oscar Rodriguez, Jimmy Zheng, Igor Leontyuk, Ken Easley, MODUD, Chad Compton, Tim Byers, Jones Family Loft, Perez Bros, Book & Van Wingerden, Fernando Vasquez, Nanez Family Loft, APC Loft, Kolvenbag & Son, Furlano & Rotiroti, Wesley Freise, Steve Cappellini, Pan Family Loft, Ado Zohorovic, Fleet Washington, Steve Furlonge, & Nemelka Racing Loft.
The second group ships out Tuesday morning: Lebresco Rubino, Liqing Ni, Steven Loft, Jose Crisostomo, Greg Warren, John Fukumoto (shipped to Bob Roberson), Duane Gragg, Eastern Pearl Loft, Lucas Cramer, C L Gage (included Paul Daniel birds), Michael Hibbard, Steel City Loft, Morningside Racing Loft, BQE Loft, Marion Taloi, Kiko Arana, Cecil Romero, & Nhia Xiong.

Many of these same breeders/lofts have entered the Hoosier Classic Old Bird Series as well.  We have around 200 entered for our first old bird series.  We will begin training in April and races start the first weekend of May!  It is a 5 race series consisting of 100 - 200 - 300 - 400 - 500 miles!
Watch live on wincompanion week after week to see who really has the Best Old Bird Racers in the country! There will be optional entry fees available for prize money and trophies will be awarded to winning Ace Pigeons.  Any pigeons lost before the 100 mile race will be refunded $100 of the $150 perch fee.  Birds will be flown from our 2017 Hoosier Classic Loft (164 ft long) and sexes will be separated.  This is a true test of your family of racing pigeons.  Not only as young birds but now as old birds.  LET YOUR PIGEONS RACE AGAIN!!
We will be flying old birds and young birds from a new course from the South in 2018.
Email us if you would like your birds to stay and race again.

We will be sending out another group of birds next Monday and Tuesday.  This is a long process to ship back this many birds and find the ones that are staying for the old bird race.  The best way to communicate with us about leaving your birds here to race again or wanting them sent back in via Email.  We will also be working on prize payments going out by the end of the week.  If you won over $600 we will need a W9 which can be found at this link  We must have a paper copy or an email copy of this form.  Sending a picture of the form in a text or email does not work. 

We will be launching our New Updated Website very soon with all the 2018 Rules and Payouts!  Our 2017 season is over, however we feel as if we are just getting started!  A lot of work to do for next season!

Have a great week everyone,



Before we start sending back everyone's youngsters from the Hoosier Classic Race - Consider entering them into the Hoosier Classic Old Bird Series!  We will be training them starting in April with races starting in May.  5 Races consisting of  100 miles - 200 miles - 300 miles - 400 miles & a final of 500 miles.

Watch live on Wincompanion on the internet week after week to see who really has the best Old Bird Racers In The Country!

There will be optional entry fees available for prize money & trophies will be given out to winning pigeons and Ace pigeons.  Any pigeons lost before the 100 mile race will be refunded $100 of the $150 perch fee.

Birds will be flown from our 2017 Hoosier Loft (164 ft Long), sexes will be separated for the yearling competition.  This is a true test of your family of racing pigeons!  Not only as young birds but now as old birds!  Lets see who has the best young and old birds!

Let your Pigeons Race Again!! They are already here in the loft.

Please email us before we start sending birds back.  You can pick and choose which birds you want to stay and enter back into the series or send home. 
We will be flying from a Southern Course of Old Bird Racing Next Spring.  Be a part of it!!

Email us that you would like your birds to stay :

Any birds going home will begin to be shipped out next Monday.  This is a very long process and will take approximately 2 weeks to get everything shipped back.. Please be patient with us.





What A Race!!

The 2017 season of the Hoosier Classic OLR is over.  Congratulations to the breeders who had birds in the first drop consisting of 18 birds splitting $329,000!!!    Returns were very good today with 746 day birds out of 989 shipped.  We expect to see many more tomorrow.

My family and I would like to Thank Everyone who supported our race over the past 5 years.  We have worked very hard to grow this race and make it what it has become today. We had a nice crowd today and hope everyone enjoyed themselves.  We would also like to thank WM Imports and Verse Laga for donating the 1st Place Average Speed Trophy!  

Now is the time to think about flying the Hoosier Classic Old Bird Series!  Any bird that has flown the 2017 Series is eligible to stay and fly our 5 Race Series in the spring of 2018.  The old bird series will consist of 5 races 100-200-300-400-500.  Perch fees are $150 per bird and all birds will compete for trophies.  There will also be a $200 option to fly for $$ prizes.  Prizes will be paid out of the 300-400-500 mile races.  This series will be an ultimate test to your breeding program.  Cocks and hens will be kept separate.  Leave a bird or leave your whole team!  You will be able to enjoy our great sport at every level.  


Hoosier Classic will pay
$500,000 - 1st Place in 2018
6000 birds are entered into the race
Making the already Guaranteed Payout of
increased to 

Watch for all the exciting details in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you again everyone!! Looking forward to doing it all over again next year!  We have met many great breeders, acquired many new friends, all while enjoying a sport that I love!  

Take Care,

Jim & Family



Birds were released this morning for the Final Race from Matthews, MO - 350 Miles.   Clear skies at the release point with approximately a 2 mph wind and after checking several stations along the course looks like they will have clear skies all the way home.   





Birds are on their way to Matthews Missouri, 350 miles!!  Aaron Burns is driving the birds down and Brandon Fisher will be liberating.  Brandon will video the release as well.  You can follow the trailer by checking the GPS Tracker using the information listed below.  We are set for a 7:45 am release.  Weather still shows - NW Wind at release and changing to West along the course at 5-10 mph.  West wind will be a side wind.  All are welcome to come out and enjoy the race, we will have food ready around 12:30 and plenty to drink.  It will be somewhat chilly but we have fire pits and heaters in the tents.  
Remember Vita King will be open to get a jump on supplies for the breeding season.  Save some money on shipping of grit, nest pads, nest bowls, and drinkers while you are here.

Good luck to everyone!  Lets hope for a great race tomorrow.  

Thank you to Rico, Neil, Azec Loft, and Marty & Melissa for all their help shipping this evening.

A special thanks to my 3 sons and my wife for always being there for me.

Good Luck Everyone,


Please do not change the GPS Password:

Password: Pigeons123



Our intention was to train today and but we have strong winds and heavy overcast skies.  We do not what to take a chance with the birds out in this kind of weather with them being basketed for the final race tomorrow.   
We will update tomorrow after we are done basketing.  



Birds are home from training however we have a large group still out flying.  We aren't sure if they got spooked or are just enjoying the sunny skies today.   Jim is out in the yard watching for hawks in case that is the problem and working on getting them in. 


We have had rain since Sunday and finally today it cleared out.  We will be training tomorrow 75 miles.  We have been watching the weather very closely.  As of now Sunday looks to be the next best day to race.  It will be very chilly with a west wind of 5-10 mph.  However we have watched the weather forecast change three times in one day!  Our plan is to race Sunday but if the weather drastically changes the race will be held off.  
Birds look really good..let's hope for a good toss and some favorable weather.

All participants in the race are welcome to attend the race on Sunday.  We will have a tent set up with heaters and plenty of food and drinks.  Aside from the chilly weather it should be a great day to talk and watch for pigeons!  We did send hotel information out on Monday for those that are traveling.  If anyone needs that information again or any other information please feel free to email or call.  

If you will be attending the race and would like to place an order with Vita King to be picked up you may do so Thursday & Friday.  We would like to have all orders placed ahead of time.  If you would like to place an order please call Kelly in the Vita King office at 219-733-0011.  This would be a good time to stock up on the Jovati Grit and save some shipping costs.  

Take Care,



Final Race Update

Birds were loft flown both Saturday and Sunday morning.  We have rain today and tomorrow so the birds are staying in.  We are hoping to train Wednesday and Thursday. 
As far as the final race we are hoping for Saturday or Sunday.  The weather forecast has changed 3 times over the last 3 days for the weekend.  We will update Wednesday with a more definitive date.  If anyone would like to attend the race that is traveling, the closest town to us with hotels would be Valparaiso, In. 

Super 8

Address: 3005 John Howell Dr, Valparaiso, IN 46383

Phone: (219) 464-9840

Quality Inn & Suites

Address: 2301 E Morthland Dr, Valparaiso, IN 46383
Phone: (219) 465-1700

on Inn
Address: 1451 Silhavy Rd, Valparaiso, IN 46383
Phone: (219) 531-6424

Holiday Inn Express
Address: 1251 Silhavy Rd, Valparaiso, IN 46385
Phone: (219) 464-9395

Fairfield Inn
Address: 2101 E Morthland Dr, Valparaiso, IN 46383

North of us is Blue Chip Hotel and Casino which is about 20-25 miles from our house if anyone is interested in staying there.
Address: 777 Blue Chip Dr, Michigan City, IN 46360
Phone: (219) 879-7711

We will update again Wednesday. 
Have a great week,


Congratulations to the Big 10 - 1st Drop Winners today!

I was still driving when I received a call that we had 10 on the drop.  I was surprised at how fast they came and thought to myself what an easy race we will have.  Not as fast/easy as I thought...after we reached 300 they started to trickle in.  Many birds have been coming from the East today.  I am very disappointed in todays returns  based on how the birds handled and looked during basketing last night.  It turned out to be a perfect day for a race weather wise.  Hopefully we see many birds return tomorrow.  

Take Care,


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