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  I hate to repeat myself but I have been asked to remind you that if you are coming out, no pets please. The farm dog is always hungry. Also, please bring a lawn chair or a couch, unless you enjoy standing around. Shipping of the birds starts at 1 today.




   The birds were released, one basket at a time. but only minutes apart, into cloudy skies with winds from the south. Headwinds seems to be the order of the day lately. The skies at home were clear, a bit of white puffs floating by but with strong winds off the lake. As with every toss, twenty or so birds decide to take the long way home. Four hundred and fifty six came on the day.


  If you are coming to handle your birds on Saturday or enjoy the race on Sunday, please, no pets and please bring a lawn chair. We do have tables and chairs but we don't know if we have enough. Don't forget your loft pool if you plan on buying it for yourself, we need that by the auction on Saturday which starts right after we eat at five. Pooling your birds, it needs to be sent to us by Sunday at noon. You can pool your birds when you are here on Sunday, as long as you are here by noon. Sundays barbeque stars at one PM, bring your appetite for that.

Hope to see you all. Rick                                                                                               


     Congratulations to the winner and the top four runners up in the first leg of the Empire Classic Triple Crown Series. Congratulations to Marcin Turkiewicz {1200.00} whose bird cannot only fly as fast as anybodies but is quicker in the one and a half foot dash. He won by less than a beak. Bob Swanson  800.00} was second, loosing by less than a beak. Roti Roti and Furlano {800.00} were third, loosing by a beak and a wattle and Lucky 7 was fourth, tripping a bit as he entered the trap. Fifth was the bird of Toronto Trifecta.Com.  Hesitate and your late. Twenty two birds landed together and made a mad dash for the gold. Three more arrived within a minute with the rest coming at a very steady pace. 

    The birds were released at seven AM. The sun had just nicely appeared over the tree tops and the wind was dead calm. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. It didn't stay that way for long. Within an hour of North Bay, the wind picked up and increased in strength all the way home. Strong head winds  were the order of the day. The last two hours of their journey included dark thunder clouds but as luck would have it, no rain. I am very proud of these warriors. They made me look good. You should be proud, they made you look good!




    Payout for the Loft Pool is 1st  40 %, 2nd  30 %, 3rd  15 %, 4th  10%, 5th   5%.



  The only person who changes his mind more than me is the weather man. All your birds have been scanned and we are ready to go. The basket list is on our web site. I am not taking any chances with the weather and since Sunday is so fine, Sunday will be the day we race. Monday it may snow for all I know. Four days ago, next week was to be beautifull, now it looks iffy. Hopefully, the wind will blow it all to Newfoundland and they can deal with it. They all have nice and bright yellow slickers. The birds will be up at  an 7:00 am and the distance is 181 miles. There were 478 birds scanned for the race. I am taking the birds up. Good Luck to everyone.



  I have decided that loft flying would be more beneficial than pushing them up the road again. A few that came home late need a rest. Tomorrow we scan for the weekend 200 mile race.



 The birds had a few days off, one day they stayed inside and yesterday they had open loft. Lot's off in and out yesterday and plenty of flying. Today, Linda took them 63 KM, straight north. The wind was from the north east at the release spot. The sky was very overcast. They were released in small groups and almost all, arrived in small groups. They were released starting at 9;55 AM and the first arrived at the loft 10:32 AM .  At home, the wind would take my socks away if I had been wearing any. Direct from the west, full force all day long.

   Trapping was the worst I have experienced, Land, then fly off, then come back and do it all again. Forget the times, none are really acurate. They should have gone further but I want this energy for the 200 mile race which will take place on Monday, August 28. Another short toss this week then lock down Friday afternoon and Saturday while we scan them for the 200 mile basket list.

   Good Luck to everyone.
Rick and Linda


   Today, 25 birds returned from yesterdays' toss.  All together we have 475 birds that flew and 6 that stayed home for a total of 481 pigeons. We are expecting a few tomorrow, still 9 short.

   Rest in the morning and loft fly in the afternoon.



     Several emails and a phone call about Mondays' eclipse made me decide to take the birds on a longer toss on Sunday instead of on Monday. It was a late start but as luck would have it, they loaded quickly. Traffic was another problem. Sunday's cottage country roads are damn crowded. It was 13:15 as I went into Manooth and I made a decision to stop there. The birds needed to drink and rest for thirty minutes and another half hour or more would make it to late to release in Whitney. The distance from Manooth is 143 KM. The birds were released at 13:50 into sunny skies with strong winds from the west. They circled twice, went very high and headed for home. I saw them once south of Manooth and they were spread out in a long line, going straight south. The flight home was a tough one with the first group taking 2 hrs and 10 minutes. All most all the birds arrived from the west. A few directly from the north but hardly any from the east which is where I thought the wind would have taken them. Four hundred and fifty made it on the day and this morning, the thirty four still out are starting to drop in.

     The weather dictates what will happen this week. I will have another toss but as yet, I haven't decided how far I will go. The birds are ready to go this morning. A little sleep and food does wonders. Next weekend will be the 200 mile race. Again, the weather will decide which day will be the one. Keep checking, I'll keep you informed. 



      This morning, every combine in Central Ontario is somewhere north or east of us. Even though almost all of our birds have become part of a mean fighting machine, there are still twenty or so where the wind can whistles in one ear and directly out the other. When it gets dark, they panic and then fly like the dickens for the comfort of the home perch. Happens every toss. No need to confuse the few. We will take them for a sixty KM toss this afternoon and tomorrow, 164 KM. There are four hundred and eighty four birds that will train today. Six others need a rest because of bumps and bruises. One extra day off will help them.


    9:31 AM

    I was just informed of the solar eclipse that is happening on Monday. I will train this afternoon, miss all the combines, but I will be going to Whitney, 165 KM. They need one longer toss before the 200 mile event next weekend.


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