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Hello to all Breeders,

  Today is the 200 mile race. Live clocking should be working and greatly improved. I apolize for Friday's clocking. The internet was horrible. So it took most of the day, but it should be solved now, with a new modem and router.

  Good Luck to all breeders and have a great day!



Hello to all breeders, 

  Entry fees are due tomorrow. Lets try to get them by Saturday, before the race on Sunday. I have emailed or texted breeders, which I have received their checks. Thank you! Our mail comes in the afternoon. Please email or text if your check is in the mail and what day it was sent. Time is running out! 

  Yesterday the birds went to a 44 mile training toss, loft flying today, and a 44 mile training toss again tomorrow. They are are looking in great shape.

I setup a paypal account to help accommodiate the last minute entry fees. There is a 3% fee for the service. If you wish to try this please contact me. You can call or text. I believe I will I need your name, email address to send the invoice, and the amount or number of birds you wish to activate for you to pay.


Thank you for all your support.

Good Luck to everybody! 


Hello to Breeders,

  Thank you to all those breeders who have sent their entry fees in already. The entry fees are due by Friday Nov 3. If entry fees are not paid by Nov. 3, the birds will be auctioned to the highest bidder. All birds that are not going to the 200 mile race, the entry fee will be refunded. 

The 150 mile qualifier race went well, only missing 8 birds out of 230 birds. The temperature warm, but luckily the birds came back before it got too hot. We hope to see those birds back tomorrow. Tomorrow the birds will be loft flying.

Good Luck to All Breeders! 

Thank you for all your support and confidence!



Hello to all breeders,


Hope everybody is doing well. The training is going well and birds are in great shape. We are happy to announce tomorrow is the 150 mile qualifer race. The race station is 152 air miles. Located Separ Rd Lordsburg NM. Bowlins Continental Divide Trading Post.

We wish everyone the best of Luck!


Hello to all breeders,

 Hope everybody is doing well. It is still hot here in Tucson AZ. The birds already had 4-82 mile training tosses and are in excellent condition. Tomorrow they are going for a 100 mile training toss. It is too hot for the 150 qualifer mileage race, in case they go of course. I was going to take them to 150 mile qualifier race tomorrow but I decided it would be better next week, because the temperature will be 7 degrees cooler. This will give the birds a better chance against the heat.



Entry fees are due by Nov. 3rd. Please allow time for mail delivery. If your bird does not go to the 200 mile race the entry fee will be refunded. Please do not wait to mail the check the last day.               .

Please make checks payable to Tucson Triple Challenge.


Hello to all Breeders,

  Hope everybody is doing well.

    We are happy to announce the training is going good.

We would just like to let everybody know that we are letting the birds go for a 75 mile toss tommorow. The reason is that there is no good spot between the last drop station and Wilcox, due to canyons and mountain ranges. The birds tend to get confused if tossed anywhere inbetween and they fly in the wrong direction.

This year the local flyers are having trouble with the spot we used last year. Many birds are not returning in large numbers.

Good luck to all and we hope all the birds return safely. The birds loft flied the other day for 2 hours and some longer. So they should be ready!





Hello to all Breeders,

   The weather was in the 100's this week. Next week, it will be in the 90's. We like to let the birds out at sunrise, to beat the heat. If they come straight home it works great, but went they go, the wrong direction, they have to fight the heat. 

   All the birds are in good health. In training we are still letting them out in 2-3 groups. So far, it has be working well.

    The qualifier 150 mile race should be October 22 if all goes well.

      Thank You for all your Support!


Hello to all breeders,


    The birds did great today. They got up and came home and flew around the loft. The clock got turned off by accident after most of the birds were clocked in.There may be a few straglers that came in later. It was noticed about 6:21 pm, when I went to pick up the clock and one of the late comers just came in.

  Thank you for all your support!


Hello to all Breeders,


The bird with the broken leg is band # Jedds 23156.

Thank you for your support. 


Hello to all Breeders,

  Today 14 more birds returned. They were exhausted. The temperature was in the high 90's this weekend. Wincompanion was updated on Saturday's toss.

    Tomorrow they will stay in,rest and take a bath. The birds that returned are in good health. One has a broken leg. We will keep you posted.

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