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First of all I hope all the Fathers out there had a Great Fathers Day! I was blessed with one of the greatest dads a boy could ask for.  Growing up my dad hated the pigeons, however he would always help me build new lofts and drive me to the pigeon club on Saturday evenings.  Looking back he knew the birds would kept me out of trouble and he would do anything to keep me safe.

As for the birds, flights continue to come in and the moult is in full swing.  I pulled 2 birds out showing signs of Pox.  These will be isolated for a few weeks.  We did vaccinate for pox and this only proves nothing is 100% effective.  We had Mr. Cooper pay us another visit and he was swiftly chased out of here.  We have had a few birds stay out over night.  We have moved the feed time back an hour and I hope to solve this issue quickly.   The test results came back from Dr. Zollars for this months testing and were negative.  We have posted a copy of last month and this months test results. 

Things are fairly quiet here for now.  We will begin to start flagging the birds here in 3-4 weeks to fore them to fly. 

PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY MORE REPLEACMENTS.  JUNE 15TH WAS THE DEADLINE.  We will now work on getting this final group of birds settled. 

Take Care,



Quick update on this past week.  Overall the birds are looking good!  We have had very hot temperatures move in over the weekend and looks to be here for a few days.  Extreme temperature swings are usually not to good for the birds.  The silver lining in this is that it has been very dry here.  A reminder Thursday the 15th is the last day for accepting replacements. 
We are only 30 days away from really needing these birds to start flying better then we have seen.  Tails are coming in nicely and the start of the 9th & 10th flights are starting to pop through.  A video was uploaded of the birds eating their dinner tonight.  You can watch this by clicking on the Video tab which is on our photo page.  Or by clicking this link

will be sending droppings off tomorrow to Dr. Zollars.  We will post the results once we get them in.

Hope everyone has a great week,



Well we finally finished our 2 day inventory.  However as I'm sure you can tell by looking at the results it took us 3 days to vaccinate for Pox and pull flights.  The "Hand Inventory"  was posted on wincompanion dated 5-31-17.  There were 2 chip rings that were not working that we will be changing tonight.  The birds belonged to LSU Loft  - LSU 39 was the band number and the other was a JFL bird and they have been notified.  We have about 25 replacement birds not in todays inventory because they came in this week. 

Over all I really like where the birds are at in their moult and its amazing how much better the birds are doing with this great change in the weather we have had this week.  No rain and warm temperatures were long overdue.

My sons never read these updates, but a big thank you to all three for all their hard work over the last 3 days.  Our new helper Devon has been learning a lot as well.  Many times I have said that my youngest son Colin (who is 11) is a Mr. Know It All.....if he corrects Devon one more time on how to do something in the loft Devon may be locking Colin out of the loft!! 

Have a Great Weekend Everyone...Hug Your Kids!!



Well the wet spring has caught up with us as we have seen signs of Adeno Virus (young bird sickness), however appetites are great and only a handful of birds have had to be removed.  Some recover rather quickly once in quarantine.  Majority of the birds are built up like fighting cocks and we can almost fill a 5 gallon bucket with feathers on a daily basis.  The flights were cut off last week and it didn't take long for them to start a heavy moult. 

We will be posting a hands on inventory Wednesday and Thursday.  This will again be a 2 day process as we will be pulling flights and vaccinating for Pox.  Please remember that you can replace any missing birds up until June 15th.  We have had several breeders replace missing birds the past 2 weeks.  Once the inventory is posted please check to see if you are missing anything since the last inventory. 

Have a Great Week,



Well our inventory was completed yesterday.  This is a complete inventory.  This was a long process due to us cutting flights, tails, vaccinating certain groups and dipping all birds for external parasites.  After handling all of these birds I am very happy with the overall health!  We have them all on Vita-Pro Combo for the next couple of days and then they will all be treated for canker for 5 days.   Any bird received after 5/1/2017 and did not drop a flight we did not cut their 9th or 10th.  We did get our test results back from Dr. Zollars pertaining to the droppings which were negative for cocci & worms.  We will post a picture once we get the letter in the mail from Dr. Zollars. 

With will show another hands on inventory on 6/1/17, and will show several trap inventories between now and then.  Remember if you are missing a bird we are accepting replacements until 6/15/17.

Our weather was excellent this week but unfortunately we are back to rain for this weekend.  Hopefully we get the nice weather back by next week.

Remember if your birds are in the 2017 Series for the Hoosier Classic you are competing against the best in the country for a 1st place guaranteed prize of $125,000!!

Have a Great Weekend,

Jim & Family


The inventory that was started today will have to be completed tomorrow.  We are currently at 878 birds clocked with 3 of the 878 having bad chip rings.  Those ring numbers are listed below.  We will begin to clock birds again in the morning.  The inventory will continue to clock under the same trainer as today.  
As we stated this is a very long process with all we were trying to accomplish today.  This it already being early evening here and past feeding time we have decided to stop for the day and let the birds eat and relax.  
Check tomorrow evening to see a complete inventory and check to see if you are missing anything.  

The following 3 birds have chip rings that are not working and will be fixed tomorrow:
ARPU - 10852
JOJO - 215
LCC - 602

Thank you,



Today we will be conducting a Hand Inventory.  This inventory will be slow going as we are completing multiple tasks today.  Some of the groups will be receiving a 2nd vaccine for PMV, flights will be cut for birds that arrived prior to May 1st, tails will be pulled, they will be dipped, and any chip rings not working will hopefully be fixed.  This process we assume will take most of the day.  We have 4 people working in the loft today to ensure this is all done properly and with the least about of stress.  

Feel free to check the inventory throughout the day and again this evening once we are finished to see if you are missing any birds.  

Thank you,



Just a reminder May 15th is the deadline to send in any pre-paid birds.  June 15th is the deadline for accepting replacements.  We had very nice weather today for a change!  All this rain and wind has been very frustrating to say the least.
We continue to revaccinate for PMV on the groups of birds that haven't received the booster.  We will also begin to start the process of cutting flights.  Any youngster received after May 1st and have not dropped a flight will not have their flights cut or pulled. 
Please watch the inventories to see if you are missing any birds.  We will run inventories Wednesday and Saturday again this week.  The last inventory did not pick up 15 birds  The clock was 15 birds higher then the computer.  We aren't sure if it was bands that were not reading or if Wincompanion didn't catch them. 

Have a great week and pray for some good weather here at the Hoosier Classic!



We started an inventory today with our new clock.  Everything seems to be going good so far.  Not all of the birds are cooperating though.  Today is the first nice sunny day we have had in a few days.  Some of the birds are enjoying the sun and don't want to come in.   We will be approaching feeding time here shortly so give it a few hours and all of the birds should be on the inventory.  We don't want to force them in just yet due to the nice weather today.



We have had terrible pigeon weather the past few days.  We will be at 4 straight days of rain come Monday.  We did get a few days of loft flying in before the rain started this week.  A short video was posted from last weekend of birds loft flying.  We know we have lost dome to settling because we have had birds returning for a couple of days after the last loft fly.  Overall the health of the birds has been very good with the exception of a few being removed. We will be sending droppings this week to Dr. Zollars for our monthly analysis. 

We did receive our new Benzing M1 3K clock this week.  This clock can hold 3000 pigeons!!  My wife has already warned me not to get any ideas!!   A big Thank you to Ed and Camille from Siegel's Pigeon Supplies for coordinating with Benzing and ourselves in getting this new clock.  And Thank you to Benzing for creating a clock that could accommodate the Hoosier Classic.  We have always used Benzing as our clocking system not only for the Hoosier Classic but also in our personal lofts.  We greatly appreciate the effort on Benzing's behalf to accommodate our race and allowing us to continue to use their products and doing so in a short period of time.  We have tested the clock once already and so far don't seem to have any issues.  Hopefully we will be able to run a Live Inventory while loft flying this week (if the rain ever stops) and see how the clock works with wincompanion.  Wednesday looks to be the next best day to let the birds out of the loft so expect to see an inventory that day. 

If you are shipping pre paid birds please remember to put information in the box with the loft name and breeder name. 

Have a Great Week,


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