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Just a reminder May 15th is the deadline to send in any pre-paid birds.  June 15th is the deadline for accepting replacements.  We had very nice weather today for a change!  All this rain and wind has been very frustrating to say the least.
We continue to revaccinate for PMV on the groups of birds that haven't received the booster.  We will also begin to start the process of cutting flights.  Any youngster received after May 1st and have not dropped a flight will not have their flights cut or pulled. 
Please watch the inventories to see if you are missing any birds.  We will run inventories Wednesday and Saturday again this week.  The last inventory did not pick up 15 birds  The clock was 15 birds higher then the computer.  We aren't sure if it was bands that were not reading or if Wincompanion didn't catch them. 

Have a great week and pray for some good weather here at the Hoosier Classic!



We started an inventory today with our new clock.  Everything seems to be going good so far.  Not all of the birds are cooperating though.  Today is the first nice sunny day we have had in a few days.  Some of the birds are enjoying the sun and don't want to come in.   We will be approaching feeding time here shortly so give it a few hours and all of the birds should be on the inventory.  We don't want to force them in just yet due to the nice weather today.



We have had terrible pigeon weather the past few days.  We will be at 4 straight days of rain come Monday.  We did get a few days of loft flying in before the rain started this week.  A short video was posted from last weekend of birds loft flying.  We know we have lost dome to settling because we have had birds returning for a couple of days after the last loft fly.  Overall the health of the birds has been very good with the exception of a few being removed. We will be sending droppings this week to Dr. Zollars for our monthly analysis. 

We did receive our new Benzing M1 3K clock this week.  This clock can hold 3000 pigeons!!  My wife has already warned me not to get any ideas!!   A big Thank you to Ed and Camille from Siegel's Pigeon Supplies for coordinating with Benzing and ourselves in getting this new clock.  And Thank you to Benzing for creating a clock that could accommodate the Hoosier Classic.  We have always used Benzing as our clocking system not only for the Hoosier Classic but also in our personal lofts.  We greatly appreciate the effort on Benzing's behalf to accommodate our race and allowing us to continue to use their products and doing so in a short period of time.  We have tested the clock once already and so far don't seem to have any issues.  Hopefully we will be able to run a Live Inventory while loft flying this week (if the rain ever stops) and see how the clock works with wincompanion.  Wednesday looks to be the next best day to let the birds out of the loft so expect to see an inventory that day. 

If you are shipping pre paid birds please remember to put information in the box with the loft name and breeder name. 

Have a Great Week,



Just a reminder as we stated over the weekend, the Race Is Closed for the 2017 Season.  We have reached our capacity and can only accept birds that have been pre paid for.  Please Do Not Ship Birds Unless They Have Been Pre Paid.

We would like to thank everyone for their support this year and look forward to an exciting series.  The competition in this years race is outstanding!  Please continue to check inventories for birds that are missing.  If you are missing a bird it can be replaced until June 15th.

Thank you,



Well the time has come for us to close the door on accepting any new entries.  Please DO NOT SHIP any birds unless they have been previously paid for or are replacements.  We can not accept any new entries.

Our team wishes to thank everyone for such great support of our race.  We are now in our 5th year and really have our work cut out for us.

Remember to watch the inventories so you know if you need to send in replacements.  If a bird becomes ill or is injured we will notify you.  3 birds were removed from the loft this week and the owners have been notified.  Groups 1-5 have all been revaccinated for PMV, and group 6 will be done on Tuesday.

We Guaranteed $100,000 for 1st Place and proposed the possibility of raising the bar to $125,000 for 1st!!   Well, we have done just that...this years winner on the 350 mile race will win $125,000. 

Have A Great Week,



There is a partial inventory posted as of yesterday.  We have groups 6 & 7 that have not been moved over yet so they are not showing on the inventory.  Overall the birds are looking really good.  We will have to do a hand inventory soon as there were 15 foreign chips on the clock yesterday.  We have been very busy the past few weeks here at the Hoosier and this week has been no different.  Yesterday we had 34 boxes arrive which makes for a long morning in the office and a long afternoon in the loft making sure everybody is eating and drinking.  We are quickly approaching out limit for the race and will be closing the race soon.  The last 2 weeks we have had over 200 birds arrive each week and it looks like we will see close to those same numbers this week.  If you are missing a bird remember that you can send replacements until June 15th so get them in if you can.
There are a few breeders that still need to get perch fees in.  Please do that as soon as possible.  Once the race is closed we would like to focus on the loft and not unpaid balances. 
We had sent out a fecal test last week.  Dr. Zollars calls us with test results and also sends out a receipt with results written on it.  The results arrived Monday after the update had been sent out so they are included in the email to view. 
This series is shaping up to be a very tough race to win.  I spent most of today in the loft and I was amazed with so many quality pigeons.  Hats off to all the breeders for sending so many super birds.  It will be something to see who wins $125,000 on the 350 Mile Race! 

With as crazy as it has been the past few weeks with birds coming in, we are planning on some much needed family time this Easter Weekend.  We hope you all have a chance to do the same and hopefully get some good weather to go along with it. 

Happy Easter Everyone,

Jim & Family


We have been very busy here at the Hoosier Classic with just over 1000 birds here so far.  We have been averaging about 200 birds per week.  We will be closing the race very soon to entries, once we do we will only accept birds that have been pre paid for or are replacements.  Any one who owes perch fees please get these paid. 
Groups 1-2-3 have been out several times now and group 4 was to go out today but it was to windy.  We will look to get group 4 & 5 out this week.  We had a misting sprinkler system installed in the front aviaries of the Hoosier.  A video was posted but you really can't see anything happening so we will post a better video in a few days.  I hope it helps with settling some of the older youngsters by wetting them down just a bit before they venture out.  Click on the link to see the video

We will be shipping our own birds out this week to 5 one loft races tomorrow and a few more in a couple of weeks.  I noticed a few new races starting up and wish them all the best of luck.  I truly believe for many of us One Loft Racing is the best way to test our birds. 

Have a Great Week,



Inventory Update

We have an inventory posted however the clock shows 804 and Wincompanion is showing 784.  We are not sure why this happened so we will show another inventory over the weekend.  Terry from Wincompanion is also working on trying to get the rest of the birds uploaded. 
Clock issues are never fun so please be patient with us as we get this resolved.  Hopefully we don't have to do a hand inventory, my boys will kill me! 

Take Care,



Our weather the past few days has been much better.  Some of your birds experienced something new for the 1st time since being at the Hooiser.... Sunshine!!  We were able to get groups 1, 2, & 3 all out this week.  Group 3 was only out once so far.
We had 216 birds arrive this past week.  Making it our biggest week yet.  We now have 817 birds in the lofts and another 160 pre paid.  We will close the race once we reach our goal.  I am confident that will be in the next few weeks. 
I started an inventory and realized I would be missing over 300 birds with those who have not been moved to the main loft from quarantine.  Rather then deal with 50 or so phone calls from people asking what happened to their birds I will show a complete inventory on Tuesday.  We have been very busy this past month with the amount of birds that have been arriving and were not able to get a video done.  Hopefully this week we can squeeze one in with the inventory.  We have also been looking into some new features for the loft and hope to be able to implement them soon.
Remember to get your birds in before we fill up.  Don't miss out on a chance to win $100,000 for 1st place and beat the best in the USA.
Also a reminder to please include perch fees when you are sending birds in unless you have pre-paid.  Also, please do not over crowd boxes.  The birds already have enough stress with the process of shipping alone, don't add to it by overcrowding the boxes. 

My boys are on spring break this week so I am sure we will be negotiating a deal to help in the lofts in return for some trips to the batting cages.  If they only knew its not their help that makes me happy its them being around that does it!   We also have a new fella hired on at the Hoosier Classic..Devon Cervantes.  He will work part time 6 days a week and Keith will stay on full time as usual.  If Keith ever quits that will be the end of the Hoosier!  I couldn't do it without him. (Don't anyone tell him I said that!)
Feel free to give us a call when shipping birds out and check for an inventory Tuesday afternoon. 

Take Care,



What a week...we have gone from temperatures in the 20's & 30's to a windy almost 80 degree day and now we are dealing with rain.  If we get anymore rain we will have to build an Ark for the Hoosier Classic Loft!  Needless to say it hasn't been ideal pigeon weather this past week.  All is going well with the exception of a couple fluffed up young ones that were removed from the loft.  Hopefully they will bounce back like the last 2 did. 
Starting April 1st we will begin posting inventories.  I noticed our satellite on the loft for our internet is damaged so hopefully we can get the company out this week to get it fixed and get the internet up and running in the loft.  We will be vaccinating a second time this week for PMV on our first group of birds.  We noticed several other one loft races implementing this practice now and have always thought this be a good measure.
When the weather clears up we will take some videos and have them posted on our site.  I believe we have around 750 birds/pre-paid perches.  I am confident we will reach our goal of 1400 birds with having over 2000 perches reserved. 

Remember that our First Prize this year is a Guaranteed $100,000.  Don't miss out on the chance to Win Big this year!!
As always with the Hoosier Classic expect:
-Monthly Dropping Analysis with Dr. Zollars
-Weekly updates
-Video Updates
-Full Time Loft Manager
-Live GPS Tracking

Please include Perch Fees with the bird when they are shipped to us and feel free to call or email and let us know that you are shipping your birds.

Have a Great Week,


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