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Our 2015 training video has been uploaded! Enjoy!!





Since our last update we have continued to train the birds multiple times per day and in all 3 directions (N,E & W).  They are improving daily.  The lofts are divided into 2 (the East loft and the West loft) and each loft is trained every other day. Today's toss will be all the East loft birds and they will be training North and then West 12-15 miles each toss.


We are happy to report that training is going very well.  We did have a few cases of pox recently but it has been contained and the birds affected are making a full recovery.  Other than that we are very happy with the overall health of the lofts.  The past week we have been concentrating on 12 mile training tosses.  The birds are being trained more than once per day and in all 3 directions (North, East & West).  When we feel the birds are ready we will increase the distance to 25 miles.  If you are following along on our inventory page please note that the times posted are not an accurate reflection of the birds performances we are only using the clock right now as an inventory tool.  We will notify all breeders when a toss will be an actual "clocked" training toss.  A training video is in the works and should be posted shortly. 


 Good evening breeders birds have been on multiple 5 to 10 mile tosses coming good we posted just aloft inventory today I think the clock missed a few birds LOL I will run one either tomorrow or the next day once we hit 20 miles we will do inventory of each toss Thank you everyone


Five mile training began this weekend and will continue throughout the week.  Another inventory will be posted this coming Sunday August 16th.  Inventories will be posted weekly until we get to 20 miles, once we get out 20 miles and further we will be running the clock and posting inventory for each toss.

All photo's of the birds remaining have been uploaded.  You can view them here:  please click on the camera icon beside the birds band number to view it's picture.



We are finished chipping and photographing all 2015 birds.  We are now in the proccess of uploading their photos.  Please check our website frequently over the next several days to see the pictures of your birds.  Please note that this is a lengthy process to upload several hundred birds so if you don't see your birds right away keep checking.  We will post an update once all birds photos have been uploaded to our website.

For those of you that STILL have not paid you are holding up the posting of inventory for the others.  If payment is not received in FULL by Friday July 31st your team will be disqualified.


A quick update to let you all know that we are still chipping and photographing the birds.  Once that is complete we will be ready to post an inventory & pictures and training will begin!

We will NOT be posting the inventory until all breeder's entry fees have been paid.  There are a dozen or so breeders that still owe, they have all been contacted by us.  For those that have responded to say that payment is on it's way thank you.  For the rest of you we ask that you contact us immediately to let us know when you will be sending payment. 

Thank you,


As promised our first video of 2015 has been uploaded to our website and on our Facebook page!

To view "Learning To Fly" on our website please click on the following link:

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook at:

The next week we will be working on electronically banding and photographing all team members.  Inventory and individual photographs of your pigeons will be posted on our website once all birds have completed the process and everyone's entry fees have been paid.  We know everyone is looking forward to seeing their team members pictures so for those that still owe for your entry fees we kindly ask that you send in payment ASAP as to not hold up the inventory and pictures from being posted.

We hope you enjoy our first video of Toronto Trifecta's 2015 teams!







Good Morning to all breeders, it has been a while since our last update.  We wanted to give it a little bit of time to let all the birds go through their quarantine and get settled into the race lofts.  I am very happy to report that the birds are in good condition and are looking well.  They have been excercising every day rotating between sections we are letting a different section out daily (approximately 350 birds at a time).  The sections that do not go out on a paticular day have full access to go in and out of the averies.  Our older section (the East group) is flying a good 30 minutes now, they are breaking off into little groups and going for small rambles which is nice to see.  The younger section (the West group)  are not far behind, they have also started to break off into small groups and ramble away.

Electronic chipping of the birds will begin shortly, at that time we will be posting photos of your team members on our website so you can see the development of your birds.

A short introductory video is also in production and will be uploaded by the end of this week.

It is very encouraging to see the group as a whole very healthy and sound.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by telephone at 416-990-0187 or via email at

Thank you for your support & have a great week!



Just to let all breeders know that any cheques (checks) that we have received for team entry fees will be cashed this week.  The last couple months has kept us busy receiving and processing all the teams.

Also so far all team members are adjusting well to their new home and I am VERY happy to report that all are in excellent health!

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