1. Perch fee $75.00 per bird or 3 birds for $200.00. Early payment of perch fee guarantees you a spot.

2. Entry fee $125.00 per bird.

3. Both fees must accompany birds to loft if not prepaid.

4. Accepting birds April 15 - June 15. Excepting replacement birds until July 15.

5. Race distance will be determined by weather with a target of 250 miles or 6 hr minimum.

6. We will be paying first drop money and the trapping order after that.

7. Breeder must make arrangements for return of birds no later than 2 weeks after race.
Breeder is responsible for all return shipping cost.
All birds left after 2 weeks become property of West Wing Club.

Kevin Moore
1300 J E Woody Road
Springtown TX 76082