News and Updates
From one veteran to all of you veterans out there, our heartfelt thanks and admiration for your service to our great country.  I spent 20 years in the US Army, most of the men in my family also served and our daughter who currently serves in the US Air Force just returned from Afghanistan.  

Just a few days ago we reported that we were up to 100 perches reserved.  Today we are already over 200.  Word must be out on how hard we train the birds because that seems to be the one thing we keep hearing over and over when new breeders sign up, and our past breeders sign up again.  Guess that 20 years in the Army did pay off!  

Thanks again everyone and again for your support, Happy Veterans Day!

Rick & Olga

Instead of mailing out free perch certificates we decided to just email everyone individually who is owed free perches from last year's race.  We are about half done and should have all emailed over the next few days.  If you earned free perches from last year PLEASE send a few birds on top of the free ones you will be sending.  We need to come out ahead this year, we can't just keep breaking even and continue hosting this race.

Our last inventory prior to the first training toss was 8 March, 2017.  All birds who were missing from that inventory are getting free perches for 2018.  Any bird lost once training started after 8 March is not eligible for free perches.  If a breeder entered 12+ birds and all were lost BEFORE the final race, then all of those perches will be free for 2018 ONLY.  

As of typing this we are already nearing 100 perches reserved for 2018.  This WILL be one of, if not the largest One Loft Races in North America in 2018......don't miss out!

No drops, no splits, just gets too confusing and we have seen it create too many problems and arguments.  This is a clocking order only race.  We will have 10% paid out in AVG speed, 20% on the 300M, and 70% on the final 35M race with $100,000 to the first bird through the trap on the final race!

Last year we doubled our intake from the year prior, will 2018 be a 2,000+ year.....
Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement!  

Rick & Olga 
It was brought to our attention that some of you were having sign up issues or reserving your perches for our 2018 series.  This issue has finally been rectified now, please take a few minutes to reserve your perches at this time. 

If you are owed free perches from this year's series please be patient, free perch certificates will be sent out before Christmas.

Perch fees will be $100 per bird this year, free perch the next year if your bird does not make it to the first training toss.  Entry fee is $300 per bird due after the 100 mile activation race.  First bird through the trap on the final 350 mile race wins $100,000, no splits. 

We are expecting over 1,000 birds again this year so don't miss out on one of the biggest One Loft Races in 2018!

Rick & Olga 
We had two birds turn up over the last week who still had our Taurus chips on them.  One bird looks like the picture of health and has great feather quality, the other looks like it has been out surviving on it's own but still very healthy. 

ARPU 20668 BCWF Cock

AA 14337 BB Hen

I can not look these birds up because once the series is over Terry Gilmore wipes out all the birds who did not clock on the final race. 

If someone is the owner please let me know ASAP to let me know if you want your bird returned or not.

Look over the new rules, $100,000 to the first bird on the final race.  We have quite a few excited about this so make your reservations now. 

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Rick & Olga 


Do not ship birds this year, we are not accepting until next year. 

We will send out free perch certificates some time this year before Christmas, probably much earlier. 

Sent all checks out except 3 which we were still waiting for W-9 at the time of mailing.  Received one, the other two know who they are.  We are waiting for more checks to come in, should be here any day. 

Thanks everyone for your support this year.  It was a tough one, but we got through it together. 


Rick & Olga