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The prizes have been updated.  Please take a few minutes to look it over and if we made any mistakes please let us know ASAP.  

For those of you who are our friends on Facebook you have already seen the video of the release.  It was a beautiful day down in Alturas, CA with hardly no wind and the same back here with temps around 71.  It did get warmer later in the day up to around 80 and it got breezy so I am sure it knocked some down for a drink, they should be in tomorrow.  We are uploading the videos to Youtube.  Once they are uploaded you will be able to click on the video link above to watch the release, it was beautiful down there.  

Average speed winners in the A were as follows.

1st Bird Dog Syndicate

2nd Jing X Zheng

3rd Ganus Family Loft

4th Kim Wong

5th Tres Coronas Loft

6th Sugar Land Farms

7th Fassio/Royer Team

8th Flyhome Loft

9th Fl Lin Loft

10th Blue Bucket Stampede


Average Speed winners in the B were as follows.

1st Nanez Family Lofts

2nd Nanez Family Lofts

3rd Lazy A C Loft

4th Roy Kinser


Nanez Family Loft won the C race which was $4,455.  


The first 5 birds in the A race were 19 minutes ahead, way to go guys!


B race winners were as follows.

1st Lazy A C Loft

2nd Lazy A C Loft

3rd Nanez Family Lofts

4th Roy Kinser


For the second year in a row Lazy A C Loft had a great showing.  

Not sure how much Nanez Family Took home, but we are going to be sending them a huge check.  Way to go Rick!


We will be sending out W-9s shortly.  We are going to take some time off this weekend and will be contacting those of you with remaining birds for shipping arrangements.  We will ship all the birds out on the same day as soon as we have a check for everyone's shipping.  If you won money then we will deduct shipping from that, if you did not then $50 for the first bird, $10 for each bird thereafter.  I would wait until at least Monday to send a check, you may have birds come in over the next day or so.  


Olga and I want to thank all of you for supporting us this year, it was a tough one but we got through it.  We have had several individuals contact us lately wanting to send birds but we must remind everyone that we are transitioning over to a young bird series and will not start taking birds until next year in Feb or Mar weather depending through May with replacements through mid June.  




Rick & Olga


PS:  If you are not going to want your birds returned let me know ASAP.  I am going to be finishing up the last two races with the combine and will fly them if you do not want them returned.  Thanks.  



Birds were released at 06:00. Good luck everyone!

Rick & Olga


Today the birds went to Goldendale, our 60 mile training spot.  Most of the birds were in before we returned from the toss, some remain outside playing around.  It will get in the low 80s today so they have to go in for a drink.  We are not keeping them real hungry right now but will start setting them up for the next race which will get them trapping faster. 

We are planning on having the final race next Thursday.  This is so we can avoid weekend flying and the possibility of these birds mixing with someone's combine bierds also flying on the weekends.  Like last week, I will haul the birds and Olga will be here to run the clock and take care of anyone who may show up.  If you plan on coming for the final WE NEED TO KNOW ASAP so we can plan accordingly.  Make sure you bring a lawn chair and umbrella if you don't want a sun tan.


Rick & Olga 



I arrived in Lakeview, OR last night at 9 PM and parked the back of the truck up to a overhead light in the hotel parking lot.  The waterers were filled up and a few birds drank, water was kept in front of them until release.  At release they shot out of the crates like a bat out of hell and headed directly north.  On the return trip there was very little wind noticed.  At release it was right above freezing, at return it had reached low 70s and now it is right at 80.  Most of the birds are home and hopefully the rest will make it in before nightfall or early tomorrow morning.

Congrats to all those who have birds home in good time today and especially to those of you who are going to bring home some cash.  The first two birds today from Nanez Family Lofts and Floridian Loft were 6 minutes out front.  I was not here when they got here but my friends Davey Catey of Horizon Lofts, Bill Wieland of Val & Bill and Gordon Plews of Cactus Lofts were here and said those two birds shot right in at arrival, then 6 minutes later other birds started to show up.  Ganus Family Loft had the 10th place bird and the first B bird, congrats Mike!  Thanks Gordon and Bill for coming all the way down from BC to see your birds come in, also to my club mate Dave for being here to kind of supervise things since I was still on the road.

The next race is tenatively scheduled for next Thursday, of course weather permitting.  I know some of you local guys would like to attend and want it on a weekend, however I am a bit paranoid about having another race on the weekend as I strongly believe that part of what happened last race was these birds mixing with other combines who are also racing on the weekends from WA and CA.  Better safe than sorry.  If you want to come then please let me know WAY ahead of time so Olga can have something ready for those who decide to come.  

I posted the video release on Facebook, also under the video tab which you can see above.  Just click on VIDEOS and you will see today's release, it came out pretty good.  


Rick & Olga 



Beautiful sunny day here in the North West.  Birds are up at 6:35.  Temperatue of 33 degrees, calm winds.  Forecasted slight tail wind at arrival home. Temperature in the low 70's.  Check out the release video!!


Good Luck to Everyone!


A Race

Based on 459 Paid Entries


AVG Speed 50%

1st $10,000

2nd $7,500

3rd $5,000

4th $2,500

5th $1,500

6-10 $937


300 M Race 20%

1st $5,000

2nd $2,500

3rd $1,500

4th $1,000

5th $750

6-10 $345


350 M Final Race 30%

1st $5,000

2nd $4,000

3rd $3,000

4th $2,000

5th $1,000

6-10 $742


B Race

Based on 45 Paid Entries


AVG Speed 50%

1st $3,075

2nd $1,500

3rd $1,000

4th $500


300 M Race 20%

1st $1,215

2nd $600

3rd $400

4th $215


350 M Final Race 30%

1st $1,800

2nd $1,000

3rd $500

4th $345


C Race, Winner Take All on Final 350 M Race

Currently $4,455

* The payout for the C race can still change, it is based upon how many C race birds actually make the final race.  





TOSS 5-16

Headed in to the mountains this morning for a 60 mile toss.  All looked good until we got about 10 miles on this side of Satus Pass where it was fogged in, windy and starting to rain.  Turned around and released where it was clear which was out of the mountains and hills to Pumphouse Road.  It was fairly clear at release but as soon as we let them out it started to blow out of the south with light rain, the birds made it home fast with this tail wind. 

The plan is to load the birds up tomorrow, head down to Lakeview, OR for the 300, release early Thursday morning.  We will look over the weather report again this evening and if Thursday's weather changes we will train tomorrow and race Friday. 


Rick & Olga


Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

Today the birds went to Goldendale, our 60 mile favorite training spot.  Nice clear day, no wind, mid 40s temp.  The birds beat us home as always and a few still remain outside the loft.  If you have been reading the updates you will know we are feeding more than normal to help build the birds back up a bit from the bad race last weekend, thus the slow trapping.   

Some are asking, why no racing this weekend? 

We released last Saturday and it was a smash, you all saw that, however there is no reason that most of the birds were not able to return at least the second day and we are still scratching our heads on that one.  There was some side wind, however the birds have faced that before and it is not unusual for this course.  We spoke to some of the flyers south of us and some have trapped in some of the birds, fed them up and released the next morning with them returning.  Our combine flew the very next day on Sunday and we feel that any disoriented birds that probably got in with the combine birds probably got even more screwed up.  Then it was brought to our attention that the CA guys are releasing up in our area.  As you can see, there were several things that could of went wrong insofar as these birds getting mixed up with other combine birds who are flying on the weekends.  We have therefore decided to have the next two races during the week because there is no one racing during the week, thus lessening the chances of these birds getting pulled off course.  As of right now I will personally be hauling the last two races, Olga will be working the clock back at the loft. 

Rick & Olga



The trays have been full of feed since the bad race last weekend so the birds that were a bit down on return can rebuild themselves.  Currently there are a few birds still playing around outside since they are not motivated by feed so don't get too excited if your bird did not trap in with the first birds. 

Still planning on training early Sunday morning, then again Monday or Tuesday depending upon if the next race is going to be Wed or Thur dependent upon the forecasted weather. 

We constructed a new payout based upon paid entries in the A and B, it needs to be looked over a few more times before we publish it which will probably be this weekend or early next week before the race.  Remember that for the A & B 50% is paid out in AVG speed, 20% on the 300, and 30% on the 350.  The C race is winner take all and until we get to basketing for the last we will not know exactly how much it will be due to the refund policy which applies only to this race. 

Nexrt year we definitely will not have a B and C race.  It created a lot of extra work for us trying to keep all the accounting straight.  We have over 500 free perches to give out next year due to the losses from the PMV outbreak we had right at the end of our acceptance period, we also have given out nearly 100 free perches to various club/combine/secial event auctions.  This means that if everyone who has free perches coming or those they won in an auction send just those birds, we already have 600 birds arriving.  Add to this those who will send birds with their free perches they have coming along with those we already know are going to be flying again next year along with new entrants and we are in for a very large race next year.  We are going to still have a $100 perch fee per bird along with the policy that is your bird gets lost BEFORE training begins, you get a free perch the VERY NEXT YEAR.  There will be a $300 entry fee.  We are shooting for 1500 birds going to the first race, 50K for avg speed, 50K on the 300, and I think it came out to 305K on the final with the first pigeon going through the trap earing $100,000.  We do not believe in splitting drops, just gets too confusing and from the One Loft Race finals we have attended there is usually the mixing of birds from the other drops following the first drop.  How a OLR manager can tell the difference between all those blue bars and blue checks is beyond me.  So remember, $100,000 for the first bird through the trap on the final race, it is going to be exciting!   


Rick & Olga


A falcon hit the birds right after release.  Most come home together but some obviously hid out all day, two just came in before dark and they are in perfect condition.  We posted a video of the release on Facebook and you can see that 60 seconds in to the video they start flying eratically, ten seconds later if you look colsely you can see a falcon coming up from a dive then going behind a pine tree. 

We will train Friday, Sunday, probably Monday and tenatively we have the next race scheduled for Wednesday next week weather permitting. 


Rick & Olga

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