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Birds are out to 40 miles today! We will have another 40 mile toss tomorrow Friday 10/20 and then rest the birds over the weekend. During the rest period, we will treat for any bacterial infections/respiratory as we want to take advantage of the cooldown next week and push the birds out to the distance...

Next week will be critical to our original schedule IF WE CAN get to several 75 mile tosses and a 90 mile toss (assuming that all goes well).

Schedule-wise (due to the heat-related delays in training), we had planned to have the 350 mile final the weekend of the AU Convention. This may/may not happen - We will try to get to as close as we can to our original schedule.

150 mile qualifier: Wednesday Nov 1st

200 mile race: Sunday Nov 5th

250 mile race: Sunday Nov 12th

350 mile race: Sunday Nov 19th


FOR THOSE PLANNING TO BE HERE FOR THE AU race, we will have at least the 250 mile race (worst case) for the Arizona Classic Derby on Sun Nov 19th.




Toss #5 - 15 miles is on the books.

ALL BIRDS ARE HOME - DO NOT PANIC ~~! We will upload the rest of the clockings up later today.

We started with "Live Clocking" this morning - unfortunately some issues with the  Unikon base that keeps updating the module and interrupts the Wincom live uploading. We will swap out with another Unikon clock/module and see if that solves the problem on tomorrow's toss.

High temp today is 95-98. This week we will get to 35-40 miles and hold there until temperatures fall back to normal next week.

Best of luck ~~!!


Toss #4 - 12 miles for the record ~~! We are live clocking today and thought we had missed a few birds - so we turned them all out again and gave a bath.... and let them clock back in to make sure we didnt miss any.

HOT HOT HOT folks - 5-10 degrees above normal around here for the next few days. But we will continue to short training tosses. This is the beneficial and will be able to stretch them out longer once the temps cool off. It is senseless to prematurely do long tosses on high K-factor days with high heat index/winds with birds that have not been trained out.

Best of luck in the OLRs this weekend - lots of races. We try our best for your birds here to use the mistakes we observe as stepping stones to success in hosting an OLR.


Toss#3 in the books on a very high K-factor day and with high temps 95. The next few days will see temperatures climb back to 98 through Tuesday. The birds were released in 4 groups this morning - on arrival to lofts only one group was loft flying. The birds were supposed to head northwest, but immediately took off to the South. They straggled in 2-3-4's from the South West. Hopefully they learned something from this shakeup. This is what happens when the birds take a wrong turn in 95 degree temps. We will continue the daily short tossing through the 90 degree days and then push them out further as it cools off later next week.



TOSS #1 : 2 miles - is in the books ~~! Birds were coaxed into our loading chutes and released in 5 groups. Hallelujah to no more hand basketing. On the races though, we will manually scan each bird to create a basketing list -  should be Standard Operating Procedures for ALL OLRs.

Have some issues with the computer (cracked screen) due to one of your superstars trying to make a nest in the trapping area and computer hit the deck. Will be ordering another one - don't need a supercomputer to run Wincom - and basic computer prices are so affordable right now. Hope by next week to have truly "live" clocking on the short training tosses as well. Have to remind folks that these tosses are really inventory clocking as the birds are released in several groups, and they come home and fly another 30-45 minutes at least. At 50-75 miles, we will have single releases.

On the feed: Van Hee Olie-Mix oil with Belga Super-Fit powder (helps minimize early stress to basketing and training).

In the water: Cosumix (a special mix by French Connection Lofts - Bob French that is a must prior to rigorous training).


Temperatures climbing back up to 100 on Friday and Saturday. Our official training will start Monday 9th - where the daytime highs are forecasted to be 90. This is 3 weeks later than planned - so our schedule will definitely be pushed out by at least 2 weeks. With the losses around here for heat-related stress, this was definitely the correct decision to delay training.


Best of luck in all your racing ~~!!


Just when we thought the heat was behind us - headed back to 99 for the next week or so. We will give it another week before we start training the Arizona Classic Derby. Birds are out everyday - clock will be on this weekend again. 


AU birds are out to 60 miles - we will put the bands on this weekend. We have dropped a few birds training with this heat/seismic activity over the last week. Email if you would like to be added to the training distribution.


Best regards



Dove season has come and gone without any known casualties ~~!

We seem to have gotten most of the kinks out on the clocking issues- 

The temperatures are still upper 90's and some days this past week have been over 100 - as such our training has been delayed as we will NOT take these birds down the road in these temps. It would be foolish to put in all this hard work over the Summer to maintain these birds - and then risk having them make a wrong turn on days where it rapidly warms to upper 90's. Schedule for an OLR should be driven by the birds' readiness and weather.

The AU race birds on the other hand have been down the road several times on the extremely tough NW course - their schedule is fixed for November 17th 358 miles - so no choice but to get these guys on the road and hope for the best. E-bands are not on the AU Convention birds until they are coming well from 50-75 miles.


Best of luck ~~!!


As you can tell, we are debugging clock/antenna/band/piggy backing issues with today's open loft listing.

We will continue to work on them in the coming days with open loft. The clock is on everyday. By the weekend we will do a hand inventory.

A warm 108 today - but these birds are acclimatized to this by now - Summer is almost over ``1




Still hot - but birds are well - lots of down feathers every where - health is optimal. The skies are dark around here with loft flying.

E-bands are on for most of the birds. Working to get the last few corrected and done. Training on the Arizona Classic Derby birds are to the South East which has a lot of dove hunters until Sep 15. As such no training until dove season is over.

AU birds are out and about - training starts next week within the city towards the North West - no issues with dove hunting in that direction~~!

We lost a few birds to wires and at least one to a hawk - inventory will reflect that on the live clocking list this week.


Best of luck to all - our prayers/thoughts/help are with those under the effects from Harvey/Irma. Stay safe and do not ignore evacuation orders !!@


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