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Birds are on lockdown due to gusting winds and dust.

We did a hands-on inventory - one bird is missing and breeder has been notified. There are two others that have some minor injuries - will monitor closely and notify breeders if replacement needed.

All else is healthy - our Old Bird season has finished and so now the focus is on the One Loft birds to get them through a moult and the Summer. Training will start in September; and so there is lots of time through June 30th to get those entries in.


Best regards ~~!



Hot Hot Hot - heading to 97 degrees this weekend.

We will be having live clocking inventory this weekend for all the birds that are settled. This does not include the birds that came in last week.

Both sets of Arizona Classic Derby birds and the AU birds are doing well so far -

We still have time to get those entries in for April, May and June.


Best regards



Birds are doing well - All birds are here ~~! No issues to report ~~!

Expecting lot of the entries starting to ship from this week now that breeders have their early rounds of committments shipped out to the bigger OLRs.

Our OLD Bird season is winding down - will publish a summary of the birds/results that were left over from the Arizona Classic Derby to fly the Arizona Federation. There were quite a few outstanding performances flying a completely oppositive North West course. The Arizona Classic Derby is flown from the South East -


Thanks for your support


Birds are on lockdown for the last 3 days - high winds ~~!

Temperatures are beautiful with daytime highs this week of 70-88.

All is well - no health issues ~~!

Still have all of April, May and June to get those entries in. A lot of the big OLRs are FULL - so consider sending to a smaller OLR where we will have about 300 entries this year and no lack of competition.


Here are some of our other differentiators:

1. Birds are trained between races and thoroughly trained before activation. Still too many OLRs out there with lightly trained birds, then a blow home activation toss, collect the funds, lose the bird after 1st or 2nd race. That's the signature of poorly conditioned/trained birds.

2. Best of VerseleLaga feed/supplements with Jovatti grit to ensure the best of feather, health and condition.

3. Birds are trap trained. We get those birds in and through the clock to get them the credit after flying 348 miles. It is an embarassment to an OLR with an audience on race day to have birds idly on the roof. If they lack this key training regimen on training tosses - what else is NOT being done during training?

4. The condition of the birds are our primary concern! If there is a rough race - we will see to the recover of the birds first and foremost ~~!!

5. We have an open door policy. You set an appointment to see your bird and we will have them in a basket for you to handle. For out-of-area folks, we can take a photo of your bird and email them. We will not show you other people's birds - only your own. Also feel free to call or email or facebook if you disagree with any of our policies or need clarification on our procedures/training/logistics etc. We live in a free world with freedom of expression, speech, religion and we are open to constructive criticism - we do not need a ban policy.

We realize you have a choice in OLR racing - thank you for your support and confidence.


Temperatures are back down 50-80 range which is normal however the winds have kicked up this week. So birds will be on lockdown. All is well and healthy - still have several months to get those entries in ~~!!

Thanks for your confidence



Well, we are 18 degrees above normal for the last few days around 94 degrees - keeping a close eye on the birds as they usually will drink lots of water during this time. The normal temps will be back in a day or so to 70's. Health is good though - and birds are in three sections with lots of room. As usual the best feed Versele Laga, Jovati grit and minerals before the birds at all times - we do not cut back on this ~~!

Thanks for your support and confidence. We expect the bulk of the birds in April. Several new breeders that have not officially signed up have emailed their committments anyways as have several returning breeders from 2016.




Windy today - birds will be locked in today. Unusually hot and headed to 94 next week - birds spend all their time out in the aviary - looking good - the early ones are in a little moult - all healthy ~~!!

Great Versele laga feed, grits, minerals, clean water except for the ocassional oregano product extracts in the water (Ecocure, Kastle products, etc...).

Thanks for your support ~~!!


All is well ~~!

Birds are trickling in - first group is doing really nice. No health issues - lots of grit, minerals, VerseleLaga mixes.

We know you have a choice in OLRs, thanks for your confidence and support ~~!!

Best regards...


All is well at the lofts ~~ Not much to report. The first birds are healthy and enjoying the cool weather.

Probiotics in the water; best of the Versele Laga feed; Jovati grit === healthy ~!

Thanks for your support.


First birds are in - and have taken possession of the top perches in one section. They are settling in nicely - Birds arriving will be quarantined and those arriving at same time will reside in the same section after quarantine.

It's not too early to send birds - most OLR participants like to send later rounds because they feel the birds get to be dummies and learn bad habits. In Arizona, you should send early ones so that they can gradually acclimatize with the warm-up to the hotter month of May.

As usual, your birds will be trained - we did 26 tosses and trained between races last series. When your birds fly the activation 150mile toss - you know they have been trained and the probability of getting them to the 350 is VERY HIGH as seen by our last series. Too many other OLRs are still doing the "lightly trained to 75 miles, with a blow home activation toss, request entry fees, only to have your bird disappear after 1-2 races".


Not much else to report here - we will be in Vegas promoting our OLR - Special Congrats to the winners at the SAMDPR this past week.

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