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Very pleased with the moult progress of the birds - the older ones are shining ~~! We are still awaiting on our electronic bands from Deister - charged our CC on Jul 13 and no bands to date - Unfortunate mixup with order and shipping.

The AU convention birds are out in full force - open loft!

We had one of our smaller holding lofts overturned and destroyed with the 60 mph winds/storm that blew through on Aug 3rd. There were a few AU birds in there - all have been accounted for and relocated to the main AU loft - no injuries. Plans are in place to start another 64 feet of loft capacity for the Arizona Classic Derby.

Thanks for your support - it's about to get exciting around here ~~!





The unusual AZ humidity continues - but birds seem to be adjusting. There are 3 birds in recovery bay (skinny and respiratory). But everyone else for the most part is sparkling, strutting and glistening. The 9th and 10th are almost 100% out - so we will be loft flying all sections starting next week. Just giving the later arrivals some more time to settle and fly. Birds will be loft-flown through Sep 15th. Training starts Sep 16th and birds will go every day until 40 miles. Our 350 mile final is November 19th - Strawman training schedule 100 mile - week of Oct 22, 150 mile - week of Oct 29th ~~!

The AU convention birds will be loft flying all this week. Two of them hit wires and we shall see if they recover.

We ordered Unikon bands since the beginning of the month. They charged our CC but screwed up our order as Barbara is out of office - they have promised to have them to us this week.

In the water/feed: Vita King Pro Combo, Versele Laga Start Plus with Oregano/Garlic Oil and B-Pure. The Versele Laga Start Plus is GREAT for developing youngsters from nest to moult ~~!


Best regards ~~!



From record heat to now Humid, humid, humid ~~!! 

We are just putting up the last few entries this week  with about 285+ entries. There are a few replacements - pleased this season with such little losses and single digit replacements. Quarantine facilities, vaccinations (pmv, adeno, pox, salbac) - is always the BEST weapon and preventative ~~!!

Birds are much easier to manage healthwise in the dry heat. With the monsoon dust and humidity - considering a treatment of respiratory but with the flights recently pulled will not do that only if absolutely necessary.

Flights have been pulled on the older ones - the younger arrivals will not have their 9th and 10th pulled so they will be able to fly and settle until dove season starts.

All else is well - the AU convention birds are doing really well - we have about 80 of them (not the original 86 that we incorrectly reported).

Thank you for your support - we just need to get through August now with the moulting and continued health.


Hope everyone had a great July 4th ~~!

The last few breeders are sending in next week which is our final week of accepting birds. Two birds are in the recovery bay - breeders have been notified if they would like to send replacements (until July 15th).

In our own breeding, we are also weaning our last few babies - these are what I call the championship rounds - they will compete for $$,$$$ in November locally - bred in the heat, they perform in the heat ~~!!

Best of luck in all your OLR ventures - we know you have a choice of many OLRs out there - thank you for supporting us.

We will do our best to improve on last year and differentiate us from the others:

- GPS tracker on test birds;

- Live clocking (as soon as the final entries are in next week);

- Your birds will be trained to 150 miles - you don't pay a dime until they have crossed our 150 point (with several 75 milers, 100 mile, 135 mile training points) - with training BETWEEN races ~~! You saw our training regimen last year -

- We actively participate in OLRs - so we know what it takes to give the transparency that we desire to see in OLRs.

- Birds ARE medicated - no other way to get them fit and healthy. I would NOT participate in an OLR that uses "natural" products only. It's a cheap excuse to save money. We use the VitaKing 1-2-3 system with some modifications. We operate a pigeon supply store - so we have access to every medication/supplement. We import our own Versele Laga feed -  the best ~~!






255 birds in the loft with 342 signed up ~~! All is well in the heat - birds are doing great and so much easier to manage healthwise with zero humidity.

We have 3 more weeks until July 15th for accepting birds. Looks like we will hit our target of 300+ for the 2017 Arizona Classic Derby. It's not too late to get in on the action with FOUR (4) 350 miles races in November in some of the best weather in the USA. If you have great birds - here is an opportunity to test them in Arizona country against the who's who in pigeon racing ~!!

AU Convention Friday Nov 17 (358 miles to Irish Syndicate),

Arizona Classic Derby 350 mile Final on Sunday Nov 19,

Tucson Triple Challenge 300 mile race same weekend ~!

Arizona Open Classic December 9th (358 miles to Irish Syndicate Lofts)


AU Convention birds update: Birds are in great shape - 9th and 10th pulled and all birds have received vaccination by the AU committee on arrival. I will pox birds this weekend. Omaha 152 showed up this week so no need for a replacement. Any missing bird has been reported to the breeder - if you have not heard from me - your bird is here. We have 86 entries for the race ~~!!


Thanks for your support -





Hand inventory completed on Saturday - breeder notified of missing bird.

Birds are doing really well during this heat. Health is optimal - no surprises with the efforts, supplements  and experienced meticulous care of these champions.

236 birds in loft of the 334 that are signed up. Birds accepted until July 15th - keep them coming. It will be a great year 

<<<<< Who will be the Quadruple Crown Champion Breeder ? >>>>>

AU Convention Friday Nov 17,

Arizona Classic Derby 350 mile Final on Sunday Nov 19,

Tucson Triple Challenge 300 mile race same weekend ~!

Arizona Open Classic December 9th (358 miles to Irish Syndicate Lofts)

For 2017 - we have purchased the latest GPS tracking system to have on several test birds. This will give the entrants added transparency to our race as to our release points, release times, speeds, altitude. We also have a new dedicated computer for the live clocking. I am still on the fence about installing live video feed (password protected).


Update: AU Convention birds - 4 birds missing - 3 breeders have been notified - I do not have a working phone number for TEAM OMAHA (AU17 OMAHA 152 is MIA) - if someone knows them please get me a valid number `!


Hot and healthy ~~! Birds seem to be enjoying this heat more than I do. Headed to 112 by the weekend. Heat is definitely better than humidity for the birds - Oregano based supplements in the water and the best of Versele Laga feed, grits and minerals ~~!

228 birds in the loft as of today inching our way to our 326 that are signed up. A few breeders are asking for an extra week to get their entries in. As such, we will EXTEND OUR ENTRY DATE to JULY 15th.  Our training starts September 15 - so birds will have time to mature and settle for training and a final race date of November 19th.


There are a few AU convention birds missing - we will do a hands-on inventory by this weekend and allow replacements. They are already paid for - so you should get a replacement in. My own Arizona Classic Winner a few years ago from the AU Convention race station was a June hatch weaned in July. The bulk of my local team are just coming off the nest - I prefer babies hatched in the heat - they do better for those tough races.

Thanks for your support ~!


Birds look healthy and have great weight on them - They seem to be thriving in the heat. Oregano based supplements in the water and the best of Versele Laga feed ~~!

Any breeder with birds missing have been notified ~~!

212 birds in the loft with 322 signed up and a few weeks left for getting those entries in. If you have those last rounds that need to go to an OLR - please consider sending to us - the 350 mile final is in November coinciding with the 2017 AU Convention in Phoenix AZ. Our training schedule starts after September 15 after dove season - so plenty of time for those youngsters to mature.

Thanks for your support ~!


Hot Hot Hot ~~! Headed to 109 today - with lots of clean water before the birds ~!

Birds seem to be enjoying the heat - lots of flapping and vigor when eating. Vita King Pro Combo in the water this week - with a new Versele Laga Show mix (no corn). We just got in several new mixes - the Gerry Plus and the Mariman (lots of corn) for this upcoming training season - we bulk ship to any location (one skid minimum).

Expecting a few teams this week to be shipped in. Send us those May hatches - they will do well in November ~~!


AU convention birds are doing well at our location - seems there are some issues in a few lofts - contact your handlers for details to see how your birds are doing.


Best of luck ~~!


Just 5 weeks left to get those entries in –

All birds on the property have received at least one combo vaccine (PMV, Pox, Parathyphoid) here at the Arizona Classic. Typically we do that July 4th – but decided to do it ahead of schedule and keep these birds separate from the June arrivals. We have 4 sections plus an additional 3 sections just for quarantine. Flights are pulled (9th and 10th) – and these birds will be on lockdown for about 2-3 weeks. We put up huge nets so that they have still access to outdoor aviary. We also medicated for canker and respiratory.

The AU birds received their vaccine on arrival and are doing well. We have only lost 3 birds and replacements are pending.

As usual - the best of Versele laga feed/supplements, Jovati grits, minerals before the birds 24/7 ~~!! We spare no expense to keep those birds shining as we grow this race - and testimony of the conditioning when you get your birds back. Many have attested that of all the returning birds from the OLRs that were shipped back to the breeders, the conditioning on the Arizona Classic Derby birds WERE THE BEST ~!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your confidence ~!

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