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Well, we are 18 degrees above normal for the last few days around 94 degrees - keeping a close eye on the birds as they usually will drink lots of water during this time. The normal temps will be back in a day or so to 70's. Health is good though - and birds are in three sections with lots of room. As usual the best feed Versele Laga, Jovati grit and minerals before the birds at all times - we do not cut back on this ~~!

Thanks for your support and confidence. We expect the bulk of the birds in April. Several new breeders that have not officially signed up have emailed their committments anyways as have several returning breeders from 2016.




Windy today - birds will be locked in today. Unusually hot and headed to 94 next week - birds spend all their time out in the aviary - looking good - the early ones are in a little moult - all healthy ~~!!

Great Versele laga feed, grits, minerals, clean water except for the ocassional oregano product extracts in the water (Ecocure, Kastle products, etc...).

Thanks for your support ~~!!


All is well ~~!

Birds are trickling in - first group is doing really nice. No health issues - lots of grit, minerals, VerseleLaga mixes.

We know you have a choice in OLRs, thanks for your confidence and support ~~!!

Best regards...


All is well at the lofts ~~ Not much to report. The first birds are healthy and enjoying the cool weather.

Probiotics in the water; best of the Versele Laga feed; Jovati grit === healthy ~!

Thanks for your support.


First birds are in - and have taken possession of the top perches in one section. They are settling in nicely - Birds arriving will be quarantined and those arriving at same time will reside in the same section after quarantine.

It's not too early to send birds - most OLR participants like to send later rounds because they feel the birds get to be dummies and learn bad habits. In Arizona, you should send early ones so that they can gradually acclimatize with the warm-up to the hotter month of May.

As usual, your birds will be trained - we did 26 tosses and trained between races last series. When your birds fly the activation 150mile toss - you know they have been trained and the probability of getting them to the 350 is VERY HIGH as seen by our last series. Too many other OLRs are still doing the "lightly trained to 75 miles, with a blow home activation toss, request entry fees, only to have your bird disappear after 1-2 races".


Not much else to report here - we will be in Vegas promoting our OLR - Special Congrats to the winners at the SAMDPR this past week.


Our intake has started - the first birds are in the loft for 2017.

Our capacity this year is 500 birds - we should get to 400 based on feedback. "Sign up 2017" on our homepage to reserve your spots.

Also, if you want us to fly your birds in the AU Convention 2017 - please email for reservations in my loft - I would like to get them early so that they can be trained out before the replacement period ends. Priority is given to those breeders who have enttered our race in 2016 and plan to put at least one bird in our Arizona Classic Derby for 2017.




Those that requested birds back - will be shipped on Tuesday (due to MLK holiday). Shipping is $60 per 2-bird box $10 for each additional bird. The remaining birds will be flown starting Feb 18 from 175 miles. We will have the races on here ~~!

Checks are in the mail this week - for those that completed the W-9 form. Remember you can reduce your 1099 - by leaving perch fees for 2017.

SEND THOSE EARLY birds Jan 30 - we will get them settled and acclimated long before the heat sets in.

The Arizona Classic Derby 350 mile race will fly on the weekend of the AU race - Send for both and come watch your birds fly both. These races will also be in conjunction with the Tucson Triple Challenge - making this a really great weekend of racing in the best weather in Arizona.

The AU race is Friday Nov 17 - if you would like us to handle - priority is given to the Arizona Classic Derby participants. Send those early birds in - will get them to 100 miles before the replacement period ~~!! Our record from this station speaks for itself.

AU birds are also eligible for the Arizona Open Classic 2017 which is from the same 358 mile station 3 weeks later. Birds must be nominated/paid for the week following the AU race.








So what's new for 2017?

1. The Activation Toss has increased in distance from 125 miles to 150 miles.

Reason: Too many races have a selective blow home 100 mile activation race, get your entry fee only to lose your bird in the next 2 short races. Your birds are throughly trained here as you can see by our 2016 series - 26 tosses and training between races !!! That differentiates us from most of the OLRs out there.

2. The race series is 200, 250 and 350 miles. For an average speed series, a 150 mile race probably does not make much sense. Your birds are still being trained at 150 miles anyways for the Activation Toss. The race course remains SouthEast - as this is more conducive to "racing" rather than "survival". The stations remain the same Lordsburg, Deming Long, Tornillo Texas - flying across Arizona, New Mexico and Texas ~~!!

3. The series is being flown in November - where on average we still have about 10 days in the 80's. A 350 mile race flown in November could be very different than one flown in January. Your birds will be adequately challenged with a 350 mile race in November.


Additionally - for you 400 mile fans

4. An optional average speed series in January - 250, 325, and 400 miles (Deming NM, El Paso Texas, and Sierra Blanca Texas). An additional perch fee of $75 which equates to $25 per race handling. And an additional entry of $300 to be split between 250, 325, 400 and Average Speed.




All the races have been Archived under "Results" in preparation for the 2017 intake.

Wincompanion has reset our fields for Sign up 2017.

************** Our intake starts Jan 30th, 2017 ********************

Checks will be mailed out next week. Our business manager Gordon Meng will be in touch with you.

Please make sure we have a copy of your signed W-9 for IRS purposes.

We can reduce your 1099-MISC accordingly if you leave perch fees for 2017.