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The first group of 750 are out and exercising again.  The other group of 550 still have another 10 days before the flights are fully grown in.  So far, it's been a very healthy year.  No eye colds, no PMV, No Adeno.....pretty amazing!!! 

We hope to start training the second week of August. 



All the birds are currently on lock down.  We vaccinated and pulled flights on all the remaining birds this past week.  We have had some hot days these past few weeks.  All but 4-5 birds are doing excellent.  The heat is helping with the moult.  The flights on the older group are 1" already.  We hope to have them out exercising in a few weeks.  Training will be here before you know it.  


Race is closed.  We are no longer accepting replacements. 

Currently, all the birds are doing well.  The remaining birds will be shut down late next week. 

We will start with clocking inventory in August, once majority birds are done with their moult.

We plan on letting the first group out again mid July.


Again, we thank all those breeders who have participated in this race but to all of you that help make the week of San Diego racing truly special!!!


Please call with any questions or concerns.


Thank you to all the Breeders participating in this years race.  Our clocking inventory for this week will be 2-3 day process.  We will be doing a hands on inventory for the first 750 birds. We currently have the birds in 3 groups.  The first group 700+ will be shut down this week.  They will be poxed along with their flights being pulled.  The second group will be done late next week.  The 3rd group which are those that just came in along with replacements will be also done in a few weeks.  Currently, our losses have been extremly low.  Settling and health have been great.

Again, we want to thank all of you for flying this race and especially  those breeders that commit themselves a year in advance and follow through with entering.  A race is only as good as those who enter it.  We consider ourselves very fortunate to handle the best birds in the country.   


We hope that everyone had a great Memorial weekend. We are approaching our last week of accepting new entries.  Please do not send your birds if prior arrangements were not made. 

The current health of the birds is great.  The earlier birds sent in are starting to mature.  The young ones are ok. 

We will be poxing 3-4 weeks from now.


Please call with any questions or concerns.




We have 2 weeks until we close new entries.  We will take replacements until June 15.  Our current inventory are birds that are in the loft.  Any birds that are MIA for more than 1 week are deleted from the clock and inventory.  Please call if you have any questions or concerns.

Currently the babies are doing very well.  We will continue to exercise 4-5 days a week, weather permitting. 


Not much loft flying this week.  Strong winds and occasional rain.  Not the norm for us here in San Diego.  The overall health is fine.  Any birds not looking good are pulled out and are isolated.  We will notify those breeders with birds that are put down.  For those that have birds here, please see trainer to see clocking inventory. If any mistakes with numbers or loft names, please let us know.




A change in days for those planning to see me Saturday.  I will be in Chino Friday for this week 5/5 but only for a few hours.   Please call  if you want me to meet you.


Loft inventory shall be posted the early part of the week.  We will leave the clock on for a few days for birds that may not scan.  At the moment things have been going very well.  Settling and health are great.  We are hoping this next month goes just as smooth.  We will contact those breeders with birds missing.


The first 500+ babies have been out daily for the last few weeks.  The weather has just been too nice for them not to go out.  The Health has been great so far. 


**A reminder for those interested in Dr. Lin birds.  His final auction is this Sunday in Compton, CA.  Please contact John Stephens for info. (562-477-0755)

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