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The 2017 California Classic is in the books.  Our winners for today Mike Ganus from Indiana and Jerry Stone from California.  Each win 75,000.  Our race today was tough.  Warm temperatures and stong cross winds on the desert were not favorable conditions.  The Average speed winner of 15,000 is  Joe Nemelka from Utah.  Joe was just seconds out from being on the first drop as well.  Congratulations to all of you.  We will continue to clock birds for the next few days.


Happy Thanksgiving.



Race Birds released at 7:00.  Partly Cloudy skies with a slight tailwind.  Birds will encounter strong crosswinds 1/2 way home.  10 mph tailwind last 50 miles.  Temperatures expected to be warm 87 degrees last 100 miles.  Driver(s) said birds had one cirlce and gone.

Good Luck to all!!


1st drop 150,000 (equal split)

80 prizes @ 1000 (clocking order)


Average Speed

1st 15,000

2nd 5,000

3rd 4,000

4th 2000

5th-8th 1000

9th-25th  500





Training is complete.  I had a few calls asking if there was any problems with today's toss.  The answer is no.  The last few tosses the birds have been released in small groups.  The last few days I released birds for 3 hours from start to finish.  The reason was to make sure no injuries.  And so far.. no injuries for this week.

This is the last reminder for those wishing to handle their birds come Monday.  We will be doing a hand inventory tomorrow morning.  If you were one of those breeders who failed to mail in your card and want to see your bird Monday,  please call before 7:00 am tomorrow. 


Best of luck to all of you on Tuesday.




The week of the San Diego races is quickly approaching.  The Califonia Classic will be shipping Monday 11/20 at 2:00 at the Liberty station.  Our training program for the birds will be 3 tosses  (42 Miles) during the week.  Thursday will be the last toss. 

-Please fill out required information on Entry sheets

-Entry sheets being sent by mail need to be received no later than Thursday 11/16.

-No checks on shipping night

-Reservation cards need to be returned by Thursday 11/16.  (Those planning on seeing their birds need to make sure there card is mailed)  If no card received we will assume you do not wish to handle your bird)...The reservation card applies for 2018 race reservation as well.

We are asking for everyones cooperation for things to run smooth.  We have a saying here at the CCSD.  Please follow the rules or you will be Broomed!!

Looking forward to one of the greatest weeks in Pigeon Racing!!

Please call with any questions or concerns.




Today's race turned out to be more challenging than expected.  It was perfect on the desert. Clear,calm and cool.  Once released, the birds got in one big group and out of sight. 1/2 way home they did have 10-15 mile headwinds coming out of the desert into the mountains.  Back in San Diego, the weather was not so good.  Low clouds and drizzle the early part of the morning.  The clouds lifted 10 minutes prior to birds coming.  Overall it was a good race.  Congratulations to all those that did well today and to all of you that have a bird going to the main race.  We should have a very interesting 300. 

We will continue clocking tomorrow.


Beautiful release -- Birds left in one big group


The Second Leg of the Average speed is set for tomorrow.  Kofa- Arizona will be the release point.  Ray Sanchez..SJ Loft will be riding along. 




Good luck to all!!


The first leg of the average speed ( 140  mile) went very well.  It was a questionable day.  Very cloudy with no sun the first 70 miles.  The winds were calm except for the last 70 miles where they had a slight headwind.  Overall, it turned out to be a great race.  Congratulations to all those that clocked in within the minute.  

The next race will be 190.  We are planning on racing the later part of the week (Thursday).  We hope to get a  short tosse in prior to the race.  


Please call with any questions.


The first leg of the Average Speed (140 Miles) is this Friday.  We will be releasing just east of Yuma,AZ.  The Exit is Fortuna Foothills.  Ray Sanchez of SJ Loft will be riding along for the release.

Best of luck....


We did a hands on inventory today.  3 birds had bad chips.  They have been fixed.  KB 2171, FVC 1970, and HP 3879.  Because we were working with the clock no 2nd day birds clocked.  5 came hm today.  We will do a loft fly inventory tomorrow.

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