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The 2017 California Classic is getting ready!!


We ask all breeders (past and new) to review the rules and sign the acknowledgement form when sending their youngsters.  Please call if you have questions or concerns.


We have a few suggestions before sending your young.

1.  Give a PMV shot 5-7  days before sending.

2..Give 1/2 tablet canker pill 2 days

3.  Spray for lice 3 days before shipping.

4.  Make sure your shipping boxes are clean when placing your young.  We have experienced birds 3 years in a row.  A breeder having someone else mail their birds and birds upon arrival full of canker.  Why....dust, droppings, cobb webbs from using a old box.

5.  Optional is administering an ideal pill.  2-3 days prior to shipping.

We have found this to be the protocol for one loft racing.  The Health starts when you ship.  


Good luck to all of you in your 2017 breeding






1099's for the winners in 2016 will be mailed first part of February.  Thank you for your patience. 



The 2017 Breeder page is up to date.  We apologize for not being able to accomodate everyone. 

Breeders with reservations who do not have their birds sent by April 20, need to let me know if they still plan on entering.  We will reopen with new entries starting April 24, per the waiting list.

 Taking Birds March 1st-June 1st.  (Replacements accepted until June 15th)

Best of luck to all of you!!


The last group of birds will be shipped 1/3/17.  Please see Results for the last ones to go.


Wishing you all a Happy  New Year!!


We will be mailing out another group Tuesday 1/27 10:00am.  There are a few here that will not go out  till 1/3/17 per the breeder. 

Please call if you have any questions.


The reservation page will be complete the first week of January.  We need to mail out all birds before we clear 2016 data. We appreciate all those breeders wanting to join.  Please keep in mind, breeders who have participated and are in good standing are grandfathered.   We do not know how many from 2016 are back in.  There are many, but there are a few that just cannot follow rules and they will be broomed. 

In regards to the waiting list.  We are sorry that we cannot accomodate all the breeders, but in order to do what's best for the upcoming youngsters we have a limit on what we will take. 


Happy Holidays!!!



We will be shipping out Northern CA.  birds out Monday.  12/19  Please see Inventory  under results.


We seperated all birds being mailed out.  The first group to go will be Southern California breeders.  Please see reseults for the list of birds being brought to Ontario. 

The first group will be at the Dutch Bakery 9:45 this Saturday.


We will post Sunday the next group to go.


Please call if you have any questions.



Congratulations to Walt Derfel...El Dorado loft from Canada.!!!!  A Big winner today in the Second Wind.  His bird was all alone.  She made won circle and in the trap.  Close behind were the Chinese  Union, Luis Gomez and Eastern Pearl.  Special note Van Gruen Syndicate.  The Partnership of Steve Miner, Art Casale and Ahmad Morat.  Their bird scored 11th at the 300 and today 5th.  Outstanding.


We will start mailing out birds the first week of January.   We will finish sending out prizes this week.  Please send your w-9 if you have won over 600. 


We thank all you Breeders who have participated in the Califonia Classic.  We had a great year with lots of new winners and tough competion.  We hope to see many faces again for 2017.   Thank you for your continued support.  As always, please call with any questions.


Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!!


Second Wind Prizes


1st   50,000 ( 1st Drop equal split)

Remaining prizes are clocking order

2nd  5,000

3rd  4,000

4th  3,000

5th  2,000

6th -15  1000

16th-46    500

**In the event of more than 10 birds on first drop, subsequent prizes will be added to the main prize and divided equally among first drop.


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