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    Sometimes you get it wrong. The number of people that wish to fly their birds in longer races is greater than what I thought. So, by popular demand, we will be holding The Empire Marathon 400 on the weeked of Septemer 15, 2018. It will be a stand alone race. It will not count towards the Empire Ace Bird. Entry fee will be $ 128.25 per bird and this includes $ 100 prize money, HST and shipping costs. Prizes based on 250 entries will be   1st   $ 5000,    2nd  $ 4000,    3rd  $ 3000,    4th  $ 2000,   5th to 10th  $ 1000 each,  11th to 14th  $ 750 each and the balance of the money in $ 500 prizes untill all funds are used. We look forward to your participation. 



    Having time off is a good thing, sometimes. It can rejuvinate the drive to be productive and creative, or it can lull you into sleep mode and when that happens, that's it, you don't want to ever do anything again. I managed to do both. I am awake but I've managed to fiddle and fart away the time doing other things.

    As much as I don't want to start typing on a full time basis, I will. Both Linda and I are deaf and commincation in our house is almost nill. A wave and a pat will do. Our dog is also deaf all we do is point to the door or at his dish. A wave and pat does him to. Typing will teach me how to talk again.

    I have a new hip. Thank you modern science. Living with constant pain for three years and then waking up after the operation with none, wonderfull. Someone said character was built thru suffering, my wife said all it built was an ornery cuss. I promise to smile more.

    Plans are under way for a new trailer and the renovations to the loft. I am looking forward to both projects. I've spent hours, while I sat on my butt, analizing my handling of the birds last year and I believe that this year will be a whole lot better. Just a few little things that I missed and a couple of others that I need to to spend more time on. Speaking to others who have more experience than me, has helped. Some of the things they do, I won't. Others I will. 

    There seems to be some confusion as to what the prizes are for the first of three races for the Empire triple Crown. For a while, I had brain freeze and I couldnot think of what to call the clocking systems. It is Benzing Live. There will be a complete system for each of the first five birds clocked. 

    I know you have been waiting, so I will now publish the list of people who have free perch fees for 2018. Each free perch fee will be $ 100.00 reduction off the total entry fee. Example, 3 free perch fees, $ 300.00 off. Any other questions, give me a call. There are several reasons for the free perch fees, the reasons I'll write as I go along.

Free Perch Fees, 2018     


In no prticular order, accident replacements:

WWD Syndicate     2

West Coast Syndicate    2

Tom Spring      1

Sunshine Loft     3

Mountain Pacific Syndicate    2

Louis Silvestre  1

Jules Hou    1

Friends of Fatima      1

Eldorado Loft     1

Battlefield 1         1

Battlefield 2         1

Battlefield 3       2

7FL Loft         2

Y2K Loft     1

Wonderbred Loft     3

John Allen    2

Bet to Win      3

Mario Ray      2

Arquette/Dipierdominico       1

Big Andy         2

Bill and Joe      2

Calgarry Boys    1

D & D Lofts       1

Dorothy Hewson     2

El Dorado Lofts Canada    1

Gabes Loft    1

Hurry Home Loft    1

Joe Demedeiros      1

Silio Ropa     3

Ben & Silvio  3

PhilippiansSilvio   1

Joe Splinter    1

Kwan Loft       1

Len Briggs      1

Manitoulin Estates Loft     1

M Dolecki    2

Mohamed      1

Richard Callahan    1

Shah Khan 2    1

Jim Towes    1

Claud Rothgeisser    5

Nanez Loft  3

Frank Meder    1

Bernie Bedard    1

North Star   1

V & V loft     1

Vila du Sud     2

Wilk2    1

Kangchuan Fan    5

Mc Laughlin Lofts   1


Because I forgot to ship their birds to the 400:

Bulldog Loft    1

Van Heerden Kruger Loft    2


Won as a prize:

Toronto Trifecta    5


Happy New year to all. I wish you the best of luck in 2018.














      Urgent family and business situations forces me to direct my time away from mail outs till the first of next week. I wouldn't have thought that filling out certicates, calculating what was owed, etc. would take this much time and energy. More than half have been mailed, the rest will follow shortly. Sorry for the delay. Rick


   Hope all all are well. I have almost completed the package and will be ready to start mailing it to everyone on Monday. Check your mail box often. All the birds except for a twenty or so that have arrived lately, have been returned to their owners. I will wait another month and then will return these. So far, two hundred and sixty three birds have been returned. They just keep on coming. 

  Four have returned without either bands. Linda thinks that some one does that simply so that we can't race the bird again, sort of a Peta kind of move. Maybe she's right. 



   We have started the process of returning the race birds. Quebec and most of Eastern Ontario now have their's. The local birds have been delivered. On Wednesday, we will do Hamilton, Tornto, Guelph and Windsor. I will contact you today, tonight and tomorrow to make arrangements. 

   Each day, more birds come back, not only from the 380, but also from the 300 mile race.  We are also working on the payouts, pools, etc and hope to have all completed by the end of the month.

Thanks, Rick


  The birds keep coming home so I m keeping the clock on for another day or two. Rick


   The payout for the Marathon 380 , based on one prize for every fifteen birds is:

1.   $ 4500.00

2.   $ 3000.00

3,   $ 2500.00

4.   $ 2000.00

5.   $ 1500.00

6.   $ 1000.00

7.   $  750.00

8.   $  750.00

10.  $  750.00

11.  $  500.00

12   $  500.00

13.  $  350.00



   I appologize for a couple of things. First, forgetting to put up the revised payout sheet for the Marathon 380 and second, for not congratulating everyone immediately.

  It's not that I am ignorant, I am just tired. Four nights of not being able to sleep, five days of not being able to stop has ground me to a halt. I stepped into the house at ten last night, walked passed my wife and said goodnight, walked into the washroom and fell asleep standing in front of the bathroom sink while brushing my teeth. As I fell over, I caught sight of myself in the mirror and swore I was being attacked by a rabid clown. Hell of a sight to remember while your trying to fall asleep.

  Congratulations to British Columbia. The first four birds all were born there, infact half of the fourteen birds home on the day were born in BC.

1.      Bulldog Loft

2.      Cascade Syndicate

3.      Mountain Pacific Syndicate

4.      Dave Naylor

5.      Matt Long


Congratulations to Les Duex Suzannes for winning average speed.

1.     Les Duex Suzannes

2.     Cruz and Vasco Loft

3.     Cascade Syndicate


    I will now concentrate on writing the book of results and payouts and returning the birds to their rightfull owners. Linda and I thank you for participitating in our one loft race and we hope to see you all again next year. Stay tuned for the changes, check our updates often.

Linda and Rick


   Good Morning.  The birds will be let up at 8 AM this morning. We are in Quebec, north of La Sarre. The weather there is cloudy with the sun peeking through the clouds. There is no wind but there will be south winds, strong south winds, as the birds get closer to home. It is 59 degrees up north but it will warm considerably as the day goes on. 

Good Luck to everyone. 


   I have just heard from the driver. The birds circled twice and headed straight south. I had asked to make sure he watched their departure. For those wondering, no fog in the area and none the first 45 minutes heading south. 

8:55 am,



MARATHON 380 M 2017

  The birds are at the release site as I write. They have been fed and have water in front of them. Release time will depend on the day tomorrow. I will post it on this message board in the morning. One hundred and eighty six birds went to the race. Good Luck to every one. 


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