News and Updates
3/20/17 UPDATE

We have been receiving more birds this week. Still we do not have the amount that have reserved. Hopefully everyone else is still sending. We well take in new birds as long as is needed. so if you are a little behind on your breeding don't worry about it. I have the birds that are here out loft flying and they are looking good. None are really getting out there and routing but most are enjoying themselves flying around the loft. 


Looks like the birds are coming in. I have a bunch that are arriving today that Ryan Jones is bringing back. Once again thank you to those guys that helped out this weekend to transport birds for the guys saving them shipping.  All the birds that we have are doing great. I have them trap training with the fly pen . That sure makes it easier when we let them out to fly for the first time!!


We have started to receive birds this last week. Eric is in Las vegas at the Gala. He is set up and enjoying the weather. If you are close and want him to transport your birds he can do that for you to save a few $$. Take advantage of this oppertunity


The loft is ready to go and the weather is nice! Its pigeon flying time Folks. I have spoke with a few flyers and they are ready to ship. Please let me know if you are shipping so I well be ready to pick them up  Thanks Bryan


Just got word from Ryan that Eddie Spetz out of So. California is also willing to transport birds for people over the 24th of February to Vegas and Ryan well bring them in from there. Hey guys this is a way to eliminate shipping! Take advantage of it if you can. 


Just wanted to let everyone know that we well be at the Gala In Vegas over the weekend of the 18th. Find our booth and come see us. Feel free to take birds and leave them with us to eliminate shipping. 

Also Tom Hill and Ryan Jones has offered to help eliminate shipping costs  . Tom well be going to Vegas on the weekend of the 24th. If you want to he would take them with him and and Ryan would bring them to Utah. He well not run around picking up birds everywhere , but if you get them to him before Thursday the 23rd he would help us out! Tom's # is 602-541-1309. We really appreciate his help. Hope this makes it more convieniant for some!


Some of you are having trouble getting the updates on the yearling race. If so you need to go to yearling birds on our site and then push the update tab. Hope that helps   Thanks


Guys its coming time to get going on this years races. Hope everyone is doing well. We have not had a lot of people reserve there perches yet but I know that there is many more that are sopposed to be putting in. We learned a lot last year and we hope to improve in year number 2. Number 1 is the communicatiion!! I really am bad to say the least on this computer stuff. But as you can see if your reading this I have learned how to get the updates out. [finally] we well also get Emails out and facebook if you well check those also. 

The loft is ready and we well be accepting birds on the 15th of Feb. Please if you have a free perch certificate send with the birds otherwards send perch fees with the birds or get on line and do it from our site. the weather is warmer and the birds of prey are not as plentiful,so we can get down to business.   Thanks to all  The Evolution Team