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Not much to tell ya guys . It is hot hot hot!  Getting the birds out early in the mornings and allowing them to fly. Should start to get them out training towards the first of the month. Hopeing for some cooler weather. 

UPDATE 6-26-17

The birds are doing great. The first group are in the loft taking it easy and the second group is loft flying daily  . They are doing great. I shouold have everyone on the same page here shortly so it well make it a lot easier. 

The weather is getting really warm but the lofts seem to be rather cool. The health of the group is really good. watching them all go through the molt. Gave them all a good bath yesterday. That seemed to be just what the Dr ordered.  Thanks to all   

UPDATE 6-18-17

Happy fathers day to all you dads out there . Hope you are having a great day. 

  We have been getting the older birds out this week. not too farr but they are out about 2 miles and coming home good. I well be pulling 9-10s tomorrrow and shutting them down for a while. 

 The younger birds are all out and loft flying.Some have not been doing much flying yet so I well keep them going . It looks like we have a couple of birds no show on todays jump . Hoping they make it in. I also noticed that 1 has lost its band so I well have to take care of that. 


UPDATE 6-11-17

We have had a very windy couple of days around here. It well be absolutly beautiful and 5 min later its blowing like crazy. Friday evening I let the birds out that have not been out much. I have 3 groups. A group of about 100 that are out and routing then another that is out flying a little getting used to the outside and another group that has been here for less or about a week that have not been let out yet. Well they had been out for about 20 minutes and we got a wind that came through that I thought was going to blow over my lofts!! the birds tried to get inside but a few got caught in the wind. The door on the loft blew open where the newest birds were and I was scrambleing to get it shut. Things were pretty wild for about 15 minutes. After it got calmed down i think we came out of it pretty good. I know of 1 bird in the newbies that was missing . Hopeing that it well make it back and the others seemed to come in slowly later.

I have got a inventory on all birds going on right now. Please check and see how your birds came out. You are welcome to send in replacements if you like but be aware that they well be behind the rest of the birds. 

  I have clipped the 9/10 flights on the birds. I have to get them through the molt. I welll be pulling them in a little over a week. The newbies I well have to work with a little and decide how to get them done. 


 The birds are looking good. It seems that we have made it thrugh the health issues [knock on wood] and we hope for the best. 

Thanks to all and good luck!   The evolution team



Well you have probably noticed that our inventory the last few days has not shown any birds. Just believe me , they all came in! Some how we are not getting over to the internet.  I have spoke with Terry from wincampanion and he is aware of the problem but he is out of town and unable to remedy the problem . He is sopposed to be home today so we should have the problem taken care of soon. 

If yu are still planning to send new birds please get them in soon. If we have lost one of your birds please send in a replacement if you want too.

 The birds are doing well .They fly at least once a day and they fly for about 45 minutes. Thanks and good flying !!


We have close to 150 birds in the loft and are doing well I well get an inventory this weekend hopefully and put it online.  You well be able to check on yur birds to see that they are here. 

 We have been loft flying daily and they are flying well . We are trying to get all the birds on the same page so we can get them out to train a bit before we turn off the lights and get them through the molt. We have been getting new birds in daily so it is difficult to get this accomplished. The cutoff for birds is the end of the month so if yu want to get your birds entered you need to get them in. 


Hope everyone is having a good week. The weather around here has been pretty rainy this past few days. We have been able to get the birds out a couple of times along with loft flying, so they well stay in shape.

 We are shooting for Friday to have our next race. The weather looks good so far. Hopefully it holds up and we can get it under way. We well Update if there is any changes. Thanks Guys and good luck. 


The birds are doing great still. They are starting to really roll around the loft and are looking healthy. I always keep my fingers crossed on this health thing ,but so far we have had no problems! The weather around here is rainy on day and nice another. We had to post phone our yearling race for tomorrow due to bad weather in Montana. I was really looking forward to keeping the series of races going .  Thanks to all


Well the title pretty well says it all guys. The birds are looking good and loft flying . Some are reaching out and starting to really roll while others are still trying out there new wings and figuring things out. We have gotten a few new birds this week, so keep them coming. 

3/20/17 UPDATE

We have been receiving more birds this week. Still we do not have the amount that have reserved. Hopefully everyone else is still sending. We well take in new birds as long as is needed. so if you are a little behind on your breeding don't worry about it. I have the birds that are here out loft flying and they are looking good. None are really getting out there and routing but most are enjoying themselves flying around the loft. 

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