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We had a great race yesterday! Conditions were a little tough but the best seem to rise to the top. 


Coming in the first drop were 

1 Warbird loft bird# 7316

2 Carlton Kroese/ Crazy Al bird#5041

3 Pacific Northwest Challange Bird #7001

 Bar S loft # 4195 was 2nd  drop 

with Kieth Winslow bird # 170 and 

Pigeon Connection  #1705 right behind

Check out our site to see the rest of the results

  Average speed 

1. Warbird bird #7316 at 1445 ypm

2. Radd loft bird#41235 at 1444 ypm

3 Kieth Winslow Bird 170 at 1436 ypm

Cant get much closer than that!

Congradulations go to all the winners and Breeders that Participated Please get your w9s in as soon as possible [anyone that made more than $599] and also get your return bird $ in so we can ship them home to you, or make other arrangments. 

Thanks once again to all ! We had some Great birds in this years race series and I hope you are going to be in next year. Tell all your friends and Buddies about us so we can get a few more birds for the future!





We have decided to send the birds out tomorrow! Looking at the weather we have an opening tomorrow and then there is no other good days till next week. My feelings are the birds need to go and not sit any longer . They are ready to go and looking good. The course is going to be tough tomorrow with 10 to 15 mph winds in there face some of the way. I apoligize to all about the uncertanty but we have worked too hard to send them out on a terrible day. Anyone is welcome to come and see the birds come in. Once again sorry about the short notice but I think it is for the best. Good luck to all. The evolution team


Well once again the weather is not cooperating. This weekend has 25 to 35 mile  mph winds. I want this race to be tough but I can't see sending the birds out in that kind of winds. We well be watching closely and keep you updated. but as of right now its not looking good. 


We had a great race Monday with 16 birds on the first drop. There was a mad dash for the loft and #1 was Plymouth Peak #2 Morningside Loft ,House of Paine came in with another  good one at #3 and Whiskey Hollow followed by Pendelton/Redekop /Hush at #5 

 The winners of the eliminater were Jose Rangel with Carlton Kroese/ Crazy Al in second and Mcloughlin Lofts taking third

 Congradulations to all the winners . 

The Final race is scheduled for the weekend of the 21st . Meanwhile the training goes on. We trained today from Riverside . It did not show on the internet .We had a problem getting it on line,but the birds came in well and are looking good. 



Some of you probably noticed the superfast speeds on training today. Well we were on our way to Portage and blew a tire on the trailer.  We had some problems with the repair so we let the birds out short of our original destination. They got to fly but a shorter distance. 

 Meanwhile we well be releasing the 4th race on monday. It looks like a great day so far. 


Well once again we are being pushed around by Mother Nature! The course is going to have high winds during the weekend so we are shooting for monday to have Race # 4 . I well keep you updated but for now that is our goal. 


We hada a hard and rough race Monday The course was full of surprises along the way. Winds were good not too strong but the birds hit a section of fog as they came through Idaho falls. And then they had storms all through the area the rest of the way in. Not constant rain but I think they had to go around some areas to avoid bad weather. 

 We had more than I like on losses .The last I checked we have 93 birds in. All recovering and doing well. We well be doing some training this week and getting them ready for next weeks race.

Congradulations to House of Paine for the first bird In  Great Job  We are still shooting for Sunday for the next race going to Apex that is 300 miles. 


The birds are going up at 8:00  Cloudy with patches of blue sky. Should have a slight tail wind all the way home. Should be a good day   Thanks and good luck


Well mother nature once again is not cooperating . We have got winds and rain on the course this weekend so right now my best guess is Monday for race #3


Well Guys we had a Great race today!! We had 41 birds on the first drop.  I was the only one at the loft today and I was Cheering  due to the returns. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope the good stuff keeps up. 

Todays race was for points only . Next week we start with the $. First bird clocked well be up 1000. We well get the eliminater results out. The top 60 birds well be eligible to continue on.

Congradulations to all that made it through and GOOD LUCK!!


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