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Mother nature is not cooperating! It looks like we well be having race #2 on monday. It shows rain through utah so rather than chance it we well change it. Thought I would pass it along..


The weather has been pretty rough this week for training. We did get them out Wednesday and they did well . I have been loft flying them every day and they are really doing good, out for about an hour flying hard!

The weather looks good so far for Sunday . Hopefully nothing changes and we can get race # 2 under way.

  PLEASE PLEASE get your entries in as quick as possible.    Thanks and good luck


Our first race went Great!I drove to the release site and at 8:00 released the birds. They circled once and took off. By the time I got home Eric and a few of the breeeders that were there told me that I had missed the return. Thats ok, I well take that any time!!

 There are 4 birds that have not returned yet. Hopefully they well show today. The entries are due for ALL retured birds this week before next weeks race. You can send a check or pay on our site. There well be a 3% charge when you pay on line. Please get it done as soon as possibvle. 

 Next weeks race well be 170 miles from Osgood Idaho. Hopefully the weather well cooperate. It looks like it well be a rough week for training with rain and wind in the forcast . We well do our best to get them out.  Congradulations to all That made it and good luck.   The Evolution Team


Well the training today went well from Riverside. all birds are here and look good. 

 We are ready for the 2017 YB series to begin this sunday when the activation race . It well be 128 miles. A lot of the OLR do not go this far but we like to prove our birds before you fork out the $$ for entry fees. 

 90% of the birds from this race well be eligible to enter our unique eliminator format, that is optional, but increases your chances of winning. Get your eliminator fees in the first week because if you wait the cost for entries goes up!

All entry fees well be due after the completion of this weeks race and can be paid on our website

Thanks to all and good luck

UPDATE 9-7-17

We have not been out the last  week, they have been loft flying a few times. Mainly because we were out tof town on a much needed outing.[ I WENT HUNTING] and no I was not successful but I had a Great time. Now I am home and we can get down to business again. 

 We  well try to get the birds out a couple of times this week before we have our activation race {128 mls} on the 17th. At that time entries well be due so put that on your calander. Weather is still hot and smokey here and I for one am getting tired of the heat. I think all the birds would agree!  Thanks Again and good luck to all. 


We have had some really good training tosses the passed few weeks. I feel we are right on schedule. It is really hot here , getting up to 95 degrees and I don,t like sending the birds out in the heat if we do not need to. I think we well send them on a couple of medium tosses this week to keep them in shape and then next weekend send them out to the pass again. Hopefully the weather well cool off a little and we well be able to get them out farther  soon .  Just thought I would pass on our thoughts!

Birds are looking and feeling good. Really looking forward to some cooler weather. 


Well the birds are getting stronger and faster. The last time out to Portage they beat us back easily. Our next drop well be Malad Idaho. and that well probably be wednesday.  I drive a school bus and this week is the beginning of the new school year so it makes it a little tougher to get the training in as easily as it has. But we well get it done!!

 We have had a couple of birds come in with a few injuries . Non seem to be life threatening but may put them a little behind while they mend. Other than that things are going well and the first qualifying race is getting closer ,so we well hopefully get them through to the end.  Thanks to all The Evolution Team


We are back t training as you have probably noticed . The smoke has gone and we are rolling again. The temp is getting better. In the mornings it is staying cool enoughthat we can get in some good training tossses before it gets too hot. 

 The birds are looking and feeling good. The last toss from Honeyville they were out and heading for home before I was through letting them all out. No messing around in the area, just straight home. Thats what I like to see! We well be taking them out Saturday and Sunday again. Thanks  Evolution team 


Well guys the smoke has really worsened and I am going to shut training down till it clears . There is a fire to the north just over the Idaho border and we are really socked in. Hopefully it clears fast to keep us on schedule but I see no good in flying right now. I'll keep you updated thanks


We have been getting the birds out as much as possible lately. I have got them out to 20 miles  This is a tough spot in this area. We are missing a few birds in the last couple of tosses. This area is where the birds have to navigate around a lake. They do not like to cross it so they go around it. In this particular  area we have a lot of wires and obsticles that seem to really screw with there minds. Most of the birds seem to be handeling it ok but some are strugling. We also have some smoke in the area from the fires in Idaho and Oregon area. Not so much that I am real worried but it could posibly be a problem if it gets too much worse. The weather is still real hot so we have been getting them out early. Hopfully it starts to cool soon.  I mentioned earlier that we are missing a few birds. The toss today I am waiting for a few more to come in. Take a look and see how your birds are doing!!  Thanks The Evolution Team

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