News and Updates

I have had several requests for loft fly reports. This year we are cutting and pulling the 9&10 tip. As the birds get settled and are flying good i Lock them up and pull the tips. We have about 200 that are pulled so they are not out as they cannot fly well. I do inventories and the lost bird list is up to date. I hope that i explained it well.

We are excepting birds until july 1. It is not to late. Let us know. We have received 585 birds to date and more are coming. Thank You, Jim


We did an inventory today. Please check the list to see if you have any missing. You can replace until July 15. We also extended the deadline for recieving birds until July 1. Thank You


The birds are nice and healthy and look great. We have had no health problems so far. We keep the Loft, Water and air clean as this aids in good health. John has been settling the birds. I will have an inventory up soon. We have only lost 1 bird so far and that breeder has been contacted.

Our races this year are... 125, 225 and 325 miles. They will go a minimum of those miles in each race. We will not bring them back or shorten any race. We did last year and alot of people were not happy. Its on me, I made those decisions for the birds. I will be more diligent this year and will not ship if there is a problem on the race course or if the birds are not ready.

On another note, as always nobody but John and I handle the birds. Nobody but John and I feed and water the birds and clean inside the loft. Nobody gets near the loft if we are not here. JoJo and Shadow make sure of that. We do let people look at the birds from outside and they are welcome to sit with John while the birds are out.

If anyone has any questions call or email me please. 


The Flamigo Loft has been pressure washed with chlorine. We will be repainting inside this week. When it is done we will post pictures on the webpage. Looking forward to 2017.

John Gallagher is handling birds for the GHC Classic and The Unit 10 Challenge race and is living in Unit 10. The unit 10 Challenge race is only for the Unit 10 Clib Members.