News and Updates

With great sadness the San Diego Homing Pigeon Club has lost "the pioneer of one loft racing", Ron Steinbrenner passed away on Tuesday, April 17.  Ron was 80 years old, survived by son John, daughters Karen and Jody plus many grandchildren and other family members.  Ron was the one person that had the vision of one loft racing in the US.  He started the San Diego Classic, which was the first one loft race and continues to be the longest running one loft race in the country. 

Ron soon after started Triple Crown Classic which will be in the 30th year this year.  Ron's son, John with help from his family, son in law, Frankie, friends Miranda Bleisch and Steve Miner will continue to host the Triple Crown and keep it as Ron would like it.  Ron was a very close friend of mine and will br truly missed by the entire "pigeon community".

FYI  We have @275 birds in the loft and birds have been coming daily.  So far health has been good.  We have had hawk problems already, will have an inventory in a week or so.  Any questions contact Steve Miner, 619-933-8188 or  



We started taking in birds this week and took in 31 birds.  Everything is ready to go, lofts have been steralized, all birds are vaccinated with PMV when they arrive and put in individual pens for 3-5 days to make sure they are healthy and adapting to their new enviornment.  Looks like 2018 will be another great year!