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Hello Spring Break Fliers and Friends,

Well another year as came to an end here at the Spring Break Race.. We have had a great 5 race series this year with some of the best breeders in the US sending birds here.. This year had a flavor for everyone with each race being different in so many ways.. From Tail winds to Head winds and Cross winds. Temperatures in all ranges from the 30's to the 90's these birds seen it all.. The best thing about the race series is that there were birds that were very consistant in every race and some were even on the 1st drop in every race... I trained the birds very hard this year and these birds were ready for whatever came their way..

I would like to Congratulate the Top Ten Average Speed winners 1st.

The 1st Place average speed winner is WFA 955 breed and owned by Ed Kehl.. I dont know what to say about this bird but WOW!!! This amazing pigeon was on the 1st drop in every race.. This little blue Check Hen Proved to be as consistant as any pigeon that I have ever had the priviledge to Train and Race!! I have got to know Ed over the last few years and I know there is very few that take care of their birds like he does.. He records more data than you can imagine and has studied his birds and breed them to get the precise bird that he wants.. When I receive Ed's young birds for the race he has a sheet full page of the day they have been vaccinated and Medicated and exactly what they have been given.. I believe that having successful pigeons in a OLR that half the battle is having them as healthy as possible and Ed's birds are just that.. Big Congratulations to Ed Kehl he had three birds that he breed in the 1st drop on the final 350 mile race..

The 2nd Place Average Speed bird is FLYH 1635 owned by Tim Ross, this pigeon also proved to be an amazing bird by being on the !st drop on every race!!!

3rd Place Average Speed is GFL 981 owned by Mike Ganus of Ganus Family Loft!! Mike as we all know has some of the greatest pigeons in the world... And his results in races always show how good they are!!

4th Place HL 6504 owned by Brad Hoggan the Race Manager of the  Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge Race which is another great race in Utah that I would reccommend to everyone.. He does a Fantastic Job..

5th Place is ALCA 2287 owned by Matt Wiesbrock of ALCA lofts, Matt always seems to have a bird in the money in the Spring Break race series!!!

6th Place

Wincompanion is timing out so I will update the rest tomorrow 



Birds up at 7:15 to Clear Skies, Temperature at release is 60 degrees.  South East wind of 3-5 mph. Birds will have little to no Wind almost all the way home.  If they have wind it will be a crosswind.  Temperature along the course will get up to the 80's and at arrival it should about mid 70's at the loft. Birds looked amazing last night and are ready!!  Lunch will be at 1pm today and birds should be home around 3pm.  Best of Luck to Everyone!!!


The Birds are ready and the race will be Saturday. The weather is projecting slight headwinds from 5-10 mph. Temperatures will be from the 50's to the 70's. Should make for a great race. We will have a  luncheon Saturday along with a raffle, and most of all we will relax and enjoy as we wait for the birds to come home. Payout is posted below in an earlier update.  If you are planning on attending please RSVP so we can plan on having plenty of food and drinks.  Best of Luck to Everyone!!!! 


Congratulations to the Winners of the 300 Mile Race!!! It turned out to be a pretty tough day. The birds had a great course the 1st 200 + Miles with little to no wind, but the last 100 Miles they had cross and tailwinds. The 1st drop of three birds winning $2032.66 each are owned by Ed KEHL, Ganus Family Lofts and Plymouth Pro Peak Challenge.  We are looking at next Friday or Saturday to have the final race depending on weather of course.  We will be serving a Lunch and having some other fun things like drawings while waiting for the birds to come home.  We would like you to RSVP if you are planning on coming.  Best of Luck to Everyone!!!

Thank You

Daniel Carter


Birds up at 7:15am.. Clear Skies, 55 Temperature, slight south wind of 3-5 mph.  Best of Luck to Everyone!!!!


350 Mile Race $29,320

1. $8,790

2. $4,390

3. $2,630

4. $2,050

5. $1,730

6-7 $1,170

8-10 $835

11-15 $415

16-20 $210

21-30 $176


300 Mile Race $11,728

1. $3,400

2. $1,642

3. $1,056

4. $820

5. $704

6. $586

7-10 $352

11-15 $235

16-20 $117


Average Speed $17,592

1. $5,101

2. $2,639

3. $2,111

4. $1,583

5. $1,583

6. $1,056

7. $1,056

8. $880

9. $880

10. $704


We will have the 300 Mile Race Thursday April 13th. I should get the money for the birds we auctioned off of Capt Chuck's tomorrow and I will post the payout tomorrow.  Best of luck to Everyone.


Raining really bad today, will try to train tomorrow.. 


As some of you may know Captain Chuck Lohman passed away recently.. Capt Chuck has been in my Race since the beginning over 10 years ago. He was always a pleasure to talk to and learn from... He has two birds left in my race that did very well in the 250 mile race today coming in 20th and 40th. I have talked with his family and they are not going to enter them and gave me permission to offer them to someone else. I am putting them up for someone to pay the Entry Fees of $200 per bird.  If more than one person wants them whoever pays the most will get them.  All the money raised will go to the Prize money for the last two races and Average Speed. Please email me at if your interested!!!


Thank You


Since the 1st two birds clocked at the exact same time today. We will split the money in half so each will get $500!! Congrats to Letellier and Son and Cliff Jayben!!! Also congratulations to Nora Neff for having the 1st Colored bird!!!

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