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Hi Everyone,


Things are going great here at the Loft. We have over 300 birds here and we have alot of breeders that have contacted me and they will be sending birds in the next couple weeks. I have vaccinated all birds on arrival for PMV-CIRCO-ADENO, up to this point I have not had one sick bird and plan to keep it that way..The 1st group of 200 are loft flying every Morning and the next group of 75 are loft flying every evening.. The !st group are flying very well and routing over a mile away.. We will be accepting birds until mid August so spread the word to any breedes that have some late hatch birds they need to race.. If anyone has any questions please call or email me..

Thank You

Daniel Carter


Hello Everyone,

We are accepting birds from now until the end of July. Birds are coming in fast, we have over 50 birds in the loft right now. The health of these young birds right now is great. The quality is superb also. The 1st 40 of section 1 are starting to kit up and loft flying well and more every day I let them out.   I plan on loft flying them every day the weather allows. All birds are vaccinated and chipped upon arrival and put into quarantine for 10 days. If anyone has any questions please email Or call me.  We will be flying the same course as last year, from the south.

Thank you