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Hello Everyone,

Birds went up at 7am, WSW Wind of about 5 mph, 50 degrees, sunny. Birds will have a good race today with variable winds.  Looks like the 1st 50 Miles they will have a crosswind and the last 300 Miles they will have a 5-10 mph headwind.  They will have temps from 50 to 80 degrees today.  I would like to thank Rick, TJ and Jose for meeting the truck and watching the release.  We will have lunch at 12:30 and wait for the birds that I hope will be home around 2-3pm. 

Best of Luck Everyone!!!


Hi Everyone,

It looks like the final race will be Saturday.  We will have lunch at 12:30 and a few games and prizes after lunch as we wait for the birds to come home.  Weather is looking like a slight headwind and 65 degrees at the loft.  Best of Luck to Everyone.  

We are also accepting birds for next year we already have about 30 new birds. If your attending the race and want to bring birds you are welcome to.. 

Thank You

spring Break


Hi Everyone, we are having bad weather with high winds and storms one after another.  I will try to get the birds out 50 Miles tomorrow and Wednesday or Thursday and we will have the final race Saturday or Sunday.  I will let you know as soon as we can. Weather is showing windy on Saturday so it might have to be Sunday.  It is still a long ways out and things might change.  

Please rsvp if you are planning on coming to the race so we have enough food and drinks for everyone.

Thank you

Daniel Carter


Birds up at 8am.  Sunny, slight headwind if less than 5mph.. They should have this wind most the way home.  50 degrees at release and going to be in the upper 60’s at the loft.  Good Luck Everyone.  


Hi Everyone, 

It looks like Monday’s going to be the best day for the race. Tomorrow I’ll loft fly the birds, I think a couple may not have scanned.  Best of luck to everyone!


Hello Everyone,

It is not looking good for having the 300 Mile Race Saturday.  The weather is calling for Rain and high winds. We are looking at having it Sunday or Monday.  I will train tomorrow and let everyone know as soon as we decide when the 300 Mile race will be For sure.  

A lot of breeders have asked when we will accept birds for next years race.  We have 3 sections of the loft sanitized and clean and will start taking birds in now. We will have a 5 Race series starting with a 150,200,250,300 and a final 350. 

Thank you

Daniel Carter


Hi Everyone, 

I need to apologize to Everyone about getting ahead of ourselves on the last race and let everyone know that we will have a 300 Mile Race and a 350 Mile Final Race after that.  I have always had a 5 Race series consisting of a 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350 Mile Race series.  And that is what we are sticking with.  I have updated the payout and the winnings so far.  i apologize for this and we will have the 300 Mile Race this Saturday or Sunday leaning Towards Sunday because its supposed to be a better day.  The final 350 Mile Race will be April 21st weather depending.  We appreciate all of you that have supported us and we want you all to know that we try our hardest to run the best race we can.  I wish all of you the best of luck on the next races.  

Thank You

Daniel Carter


Hello Everyone,

Here is the Payout for this years series, sorry for the delay I was waiting on some checks to clear and two of them did not.. Absolutely next year if Entry fees are not here on time your birds will be disqualified. This past race turned out to be really tough due to stronger winds than forcasted. The weather was calling for 5-10 mph headwinds and it turned into 15-20+ mph headwinds. Congrats to all the winners so far and best of luck to Everyone on the next Race.

Total Paid Birds at $200 per bird 372 Birds =$74,400

Spring Break Takes %10= $7,440 which out of this the $2,250 for the Colored Bird prizes are taken out.. So we have total of  $66,960 towards the races. Races are Equal 1st on the 1st drop and then paid by trapping order..


$1,000 - 1st Place- 235 Mile Race

$16,490- 1st Place thru 20th Place- 300 Mile Race 

$32,980- 1st place thru 30th Place- 350 Mile Race


1st-  $9,894      6th-  $1,319   11th-  $494   16th thru 20th-$230

2nd- $4,947      7th-  $1,319   12th-  $494   21st thru 30th-$187

3rd-  $2,968      8th-  $989      13th-  $494

4th-  $2,308      9th-  $989      14th-  $494

5th-  $1,978     10th- $989      15th-   $494


Average Speed $16,490

1st-  $4,780     6th- $990

2nd- $2,473     7th- $990

3rd-  $1,978     8th- $825

4th-  $1,485     9th- $825

5th-  $1,485   10th- $660


We will plan to have a few more 30-50 mile trainings before the next 300 Mile race, which will be Sunday April 8th..

We are planning on having the final 350 Mile Race on Saturday April 21st Weather depending. We will have lunch and lots of drinks serverd at 12:30 and some games and raffles for some prizes and some feed that has been donated by Leach Feed.. If you are planning on attending please Email and RSVP your spot.


Thank You



Birds up at 7:15am partly cloudy with a slight headwind.  50 degrees. Should be a good tough race today with a 5-10 mph headwind. Good luck to everyone!!


It looks like the best day to have the 235 Mile 3rd Race will be Wednesday the 28th.  1st bird in the trap wins $500 and 1st colored bird wins $500 also.  We are going to have a pretty good headwind from 5-15 mph on Wednesday.  It should make for a good tough race.  I had one check made of rubber and I have contacted the owner and he wrote it on the wrong account he said. He has until tomorrow to pay for his birds on PayPal. As soon as this is done or not done I will get the payout posted.  

Best of Luck to Everyone



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