News and Updates

       I had a diary once, I was young. I found out all the girls, and some of the guys, wrote lots of stuff in them. You could look back and remember when. I wrote a few things, like stuff that I had done the night before. Apparently, diary means open it and read it to Dutch mothers. Mom told Dad and Dad told Rick and Rick burned the damn book.

       I promise never to write about last weeks escapades but I will keep you informed about our race and pigeon news in general. I know how nice it feels to be informed and how frustrating it can be when you don't know what's going on.

       Jim and Judy spent 11 years running the Empire Classic. There's not one thing they haven't had to deal with and solve. Our intension is not to reinvent the wheel, we just plan on polishing the spokes and adding white walls.  

       What was once old, will be new again. Pooling, Saturday evening loft auction, potluck supper, Sunday dinner and whatever more we can think up before the spring. We'll also have the auction of birds after the races. Read our home page end for end, find out what we've done.

I'll keep in touch. Rick

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