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Sunday night, my blood pressure went out of sight and if I smoked weed, I would have used a lot of it. Thirty five birds, mostly the last to be released got the scare of their life and simple found it impossible to land on the landing board. I assume a hawk took a swipe at them and they wanted no part of landing there any more. It took until dark to bring them down and my two droppers wore them selves out. All came back in except two who decided life on top of the silo might be better. Hopefully they'll come back in the morning.

We will be picking up at the airport in Toronto on Thursday and we will also be in Kitchener on Thursday morning for feed pick up. Tuesday we are in Kingston for a border pick up with Dale Zehr.

We are giving them their second PMV shot and hopefully will complete banding very soon. We are doing a hand inventory on Tuesday and Wednesday and will post a list of those who are missing in action asap. This will give us a week or so to get replacements.

We will be excepting birds into the first of June. We understand aome have had a tough time breeding, thanks to mother nature.

Thanks, Rick 


      Hi to all and happy mother's day to all you mama's.

      I'll try to fill you in with all that has been happening here on the Ponderosa. Grab a glass of wine, a beer or a cocktail, sit back and relax even if is's only for just a short while.

      There's a pigeon here who is trying to drive me nuts. It's a blood red bird, very nice in the hand, and extremely strong willed. l won't give you the name of the breeder but I will give you their initials. It's V&V Lofts. This bird flies with the group but when everyone comes down from their spin in the air, he heads for the top of the silo. Off I go, hands full with tennis balls and using my one good arm, I try to bean him. Yesterday, I swear he had a tennis racket behind his back cause the last ball was served right back at me. I got a large rubber beach/soccer ball and with my one good leg, I got a great shot at him. He can't do a header! Fact is, he won't go back up there at all now. I just have to lean against the silo and while he'll come and have a look, he goes right back and lands on the runway.

      Yesterday, five birds with French Canadian accents, tried to take down a Canada goose. After the pate`I presume. 

      I want to confirm with the gentleman in the Guelph area that, number one, your bird wasn't on it's third flight, it was it's fourth. and yes you were right, I did manage to break it. I think he fell in love with happy hour at the loft. Small seeds and fresh vitaminized mineral water at five is a joy to behold at the Classic.

      The birds usually leave the loft for the afternoon at eleven or so. All I have to do is set the exit door and switch on the exit light and there is a mad dash for freedom. Doesn't take them very long to get the hang of things, as long as the rythm is not disturbed. Most fly for a bit and then they like to pick in the grass or at the gravel surounding the building. At two oclock I am usually sitting on the landing deck of the "SS Empire" reading a book and with one eye checking the sky. I started reading out loud and have discovered that the monotone sound draws them closer to me and they lay on one wing and fall aslleep. I feel like a kindergarten teacher at nap time. Next week I plan on upping the culture level a bit and read them War and Peace.

       As you can probably tell, it was an uneventfull week. The birds are flying well, go out easily and most now come in when they are called, even with full feed in front of them. The small seeds really work. The health for 96% of the birds is fantastic, and those in sick bay are coming along. Jim was right, a little older is much better than too young. 

      Things for me are hectic. I have yet to learn to relax and take things in stride. But that will come, hopefully before I'm 80.

      Pick ups this week will be at the Toronto airport on Thursday, May 18 and at the US border in the middle of the week. I will also be in the Guelph area and Hamilton in the evening later this week. I'll post the times on the Message board. 

Thanks for looking in and call if you have any questions. Rick

MAY 11,2017 PICK UPS

      Today { Monday } was a great day on the farm. Approximately 400 birds went outside, played in the grass and spent a considerable amount of time flying around the loft. About 100 now will team up and travel away for a short length of time. Several have damaged themselves flying and if you haven't had a call, it's not yours. 

      This Thursday, I will be in the Hamilton area so I can meet anyone at Tim's. I will also be at Toronto airport in both the afternoon and evening. Again, call and let me know if your planning on meeting me there. 

      The health of the birds is for the most part excellent. I do have a several of the younger ones that took a step backwards and are now in my hospital. Hope to clear them up by next week.



Hi Everyone    

     First let me say that the birds are fine. Over three hundred are out and manage to flit about around the loft. Some of the earlier ones are finding the courage to go further afoot. They go out of sight, but not for long, rushing back to make sure we haven't moved.The health, lucky me, is fine. Some of the younger ones needed help getting a drink but all are now able and willing.

     This week, pickups are cominng out of my ears. Tuesday, I am in Toronto for extra flight pickup and in Kitchener area for feed and bird pickup. On the way home I can still meet and greet along the 401. Just call my cell. On Wednesdaty I or my son, will be in the east, at the border and again along the 401. On Thursday I will be at the airport for pickup from early afternoon till late at night. Friday, I also have a late pickup at the airport in TO.

     My cell phone number is 905 269 2348. Call and let me know. 

     Thanks, Rick


        I will be picking up birds at the airport on Thursday, April 27,17. I can meet anyone along the way to and from Toronto. Please call my home phone, 905 355 1804 or my cell phone, 905 269 2348.

      Thanks, Rick


     By special request, there will be a pick up on Monday in Cornwall, Ontario at 11:30 AM at the Irving Truck Stop, at the Ottawa/Cornwall Exit, number 789, Road 138.

     The birds are fine, about 160 have been out and for the most part are trapping well. A couple have a bit of sawdust in their noggins and find it difficult to see the difference between the front of the loft and the back side. Another blast of wind, and they'll be fine.



Happy Easter to All

      Today, 100 birds had a great time flying out and about. About 75 spent a considerable time on the wing and the other 25 pretended to be helicopters, flapping like crazy but not going anywhere. One hundred went out, one hundred came in. Soon, the balance will join them.

      All are healthy. No issues have surfaced. I thank you for the quality birds that you have sent. They are all on the Ropa program and in the few months that I have been using it, I have become a happy camper. Down feathers float every where and all droppings are fine. 

      This week, I will be in Hamilton, Thursday afternoon. I will be at Tim Hortons, Hwy 20 and the QEW at 2 PM. I will also be at the airport in Toronto after 5 PM. I can meet anyone there, just call and let me know what time you are coming. 

Thanks, Rick


HI    I will be at the airport Thursday evening on April 13 and can meet you there at most any time. Please call to make arrangements. Thank you, Rick


       I will be at Pearson Airport Cargo, West Jet, on Thursday, April 6. I will be at Burger King on the corner of Britania Ave and Dixie Road at about 6 PM. I will stay there untill 8  PM. If you want to meet me, please call and leave the time you will be there. Thanks, Rick. 


      The cost of a 5 bird team for Amercan fanciers is $ 855.00 US. This includes loft fees, entry fees and taxes. Any extra birds you want to send, include the perch fee which is $ 80.00 US per bird. These birds can be your replacement birds incase of losses, saving you the cost and work of shipping later. After July 1st, any extra birds can be activated for $ 80.00 US. Also, if you pick your Master Breeder, include $ 80.00 US, your entry fee. Don't forget to call Dale and give him the details of your shipment. Thanks, Rick

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