Benzing-M1 Shipping My First Race :

Stop any active Training or Races and Release the clocked Pigeons in the M1

Connect the Benzing M1 to the Club Unit - (see FAQ 12 for a wiring diagram)

  • Remove the M1 from the Docking Station
  • Connect the M1 to the Club Unit using the DB 25 Pin Cord (Fat Plug on one end round 4 prong on other end)
  • Plug power in the Club Unit

Select MENU >> BASKET -wave basketing badge over Club Antenna
Set Date and Time - Remember this is Military Time and extremly critical to DO NOT set 12 hours off
Select Race 1 (The Race Number in the M1 must exactly match the Race Id you put on the Internet)
Pass pigeon accross antenna one at a time - Verify the Band in your hand matches the scanned bird in the clock

At the bottom of the M1 Screen select PRINT - Yes or No? Select No if you do not have a Printer connected
Stop Basketing - Yes or No? Critical you select Yes

Once Basketing is complete you need to connect your Club Unit with M1 to the Computer and set it to Communicate with PC.
Turn on Pidex >> Select the Evaluation Tab from the Menu:
Click the two toned Green Arrow button to read out the Clock
Once the Read Out has completed Click the Clock-Active Races at the top of the screen - The birds will all appear in the Window on the Right and the Winspeed button will lite up. Select Windows/2000 XP at the boittom of the screen >> Click the Winspeed button. - A File Dialog box will appear save the wxxxxxx.d00 file to your Desktop.(this is your basket list)

Login in to Your Wincompanion Database
From the Admin menu Click Upload PideXX >> Click Browse or Upload File >> Navigate to your Desktop and select the File you just saved from PideXX. >> Click UploadFile >> From the bottom Table Select the Race for this Basket List >> Select Insert Basket List Button. Your Basket List should now be on the Internet.

Plug your M1 into the Docking Station and power it up. YOU MUST SEE Race.01 or whatever the active race number.
If you do not see RACE.01 then you have not correctly stopped Basketing and NO PIGEONS WILL CLOCK



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