Bluetooth RS232 to PC - COM Port - Wireless Dongles

You order them from

To connect wireless to your PC directly without a router this is the newest solution. The range is up to 330 feet. Larry Rueber and Richard Burris just bought them and they tested great here in Prineville. They almost plug and play. Mail them to me and I will set them up and test them out for you here.
Or I can talk you through the setup over the phone.

NOTE: The 9 pin Dongle needs to be the male end not the female as shown in the photo

  • You still need to connect the serial dongle to the Clock with the special Diester serial cord without a ground jumper on one end

  • Step 1. Set USB Dongle dip switches 1,2,3,4 to ON
    Step 2. Set Serial Port Dongle dipswitches 1, 2, 4 to ON dip switch 3 must be set to OFF.
    Step 3. Plug everything in. Windows will find new hardware and try to install a driver for it. All versions of Windows come with the generic USB to COM port emulator driver needed. If Windows cannot find the driver then unplug your dongles Download and run this USB to serial driver setup.

    USB COM Port Driver

Once you have run the driver setup program then plug in your dongles and this time Windows should find the driver automatically. Windows will tell you it has successfully installed the hardware and it is ready to use. With your clock plugged in and turned on start the wincom program. If everything is working you will get the 3 item menu and you are ready to go.


To use Firefly Wireless Dongles remove ground jumper from one end

The Bluetooth Firefly dongles do not work with a standard factory Diester 9 pin serial cord. Take the back off of one end of the cord and cut the jumper wire or file out the solder between the 9 pin and the 5 pin.

The Don Chapin cord is already wired this way and it will work. Order from Don 541-350-6777