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Happy New Year!

I have been wanting to put together my final numbers for the first year of the Crooked River Challenge and since it is snowing this morning I got them done.

2016 Crooked River Challenge Race Statistics


356 birds entered which included all replacement birds

322 birds started road training at the end of June (90.4%)

295 birds went to 1st 150 mile race (82.8%)...birds road trained over 1100 miles before first race which included two 100 mile tosses.

262 birds went to 200 mile race (73.6%)

213 birds went to 250 mile race (59.8%)

208 birds went to 300 mile race (58.4%)

207 birds went to final 350 mile race (58.1%)...144 birds home on the day with winning speeds of 1456 ypm and 179 birds home by the end of the second day.  

50.2% of the all birds that were entered into the Crooked River Challenge made it home from the 350 mile race by the end of the second day.

Hope this finds everyone well.
Lucas Cramer
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