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We finally finished basketing for tomorrows 150 Mile Race.  A Very Big Thank You to Brian, Marty, Melissa, and my sons for all of their hard work helping us on such a warm evening.  Tomorrow will be a tough race no doubt about it.  We hope to get the birds up by 7:00 am and have as many birds home as possible before the heat takes over.

The following birds did not go to the race due to injury or overall health:
Deisher 515
Andy 86
SAR 7031
Jedds 26581 (Broken Leg)
ARPU 43710
Nanaez 4113

Some of these birds may have been scanned out of force of habit, however it would not be fair to the bird or the owner if they were shipped.  My apologies for this and any birds that had entry paid but are not going to the race will have a refund check mailed by the end of the week. 

GPS is on the truck however with all that has been going on this past week we never thought to make sure it was working.  We will be in contact with the GPS company as soon as they open in the morning to see if they can help us get it working. 

We wish everyone the best of luck tomorrow!  I am excited for all of the breeders entered into the race!  I think this is going to be a very exciting series! 

Take Care,



Well..the time has come to ship the birds for the 1st race.  We plan on basketing the birds for the 1st race on Monday evening for our first 150 Mile race on Tuesday.   We are in a very warm weather pattern here and Tuesday shows to be no exception.  Wind should not be a factor, for now its showing a SW 2-3 mph wind.  Not much of a factor!  If we were to fly the race on Wednesday it would be much cooler but looking at a head wind of about 10-15 mph. 

We will be quite busy tomorrow evening with the basketing process.  We have been receiving calls all last week and over the weekend about payments.  My wife (Kelly) handles all of the payments coming in and was gone most of the weekend.  She got as much done on Friday as possible before she left.  Any payments that came in on Saturday have not been entered yet.  She will be working on that Monday to get everything entered by Monday afternoon. 
If you have any questions about your payments, making a payment, or the Hoosier High Roller you can call her at the number listed below to speak with her about it.  If you call me or text me I am going to refer you to her so its easier to just call her.  She will be available Monday between 10:30 am - 5:00 pm CST. 

Hoosier High Roller options need to be picked by tomorrow and paid for.   Kelly is able to accept credit card payments for remaining balances and Hoosier High Roller.  Please note that if you choose to pay with a credit card there is a 3.8% fee of whatever the total is for processing credit card payments. 

We have had a few breeders send payments by check and ask us to hold it.  WE WILL NOT HOLD CHECKS.  If you sent a check and asked us to hold it we will be contacting you on Monday to either verify funds or get a payment by credit card.  Kelly will be making calls on Monday to breeders that we have not received payments from.  

If need be we will be posting a list on Monday after basketing of birds that will be available to purchase by paying the perch fee.  

Again, if you have questions about your payments or the High Roller please call Kelly at 219-733-0011 Monday between 10:30 am - 5:00 pm. 

We will post another update tomorrow night after basketing.  Best of luck to everyone as we begin the race series of the 5th Annual Hoosier Classic One Loft Race!!

Take Care,



Well summer has returned as we have seen temperatures hit 97 degrees today.  We are looking at 90 degree temps over the next 4 days.  Because of this we will ship the 1st Race on Monday and fly on Tuesday.  We are doing our best to avoid a strong tailwind.  Yesterdays toss was a prime example as to how these birds can blow past the loft on a fast race.  Most of the birds returned from the North yesterday. 

We will loft fly tomorrow and train 75 miles on Saturday.  For those of you who haven't paid your entries please get them in. 

Have a great weekend,



Birds are out to the 45 Mile release point.  We have some lingering fog in the area and at home.  We are trying to wait it out to see if it starts to dissipate.    If it doesn't the birds will be brought back home.



We are unable to train today, however the birds are out loft flying today.  We will resume training tomorrow (weather permitting).  The plan according to the weather is to train 4-5 consecutive days.  Our first race may be as late as Monday/Tuesday.  We are watching the weather and don't want to race in a 10 mph tail wind.  The birds are looking really good, however last Fridays toss still has be scratching my head as to why they straggled in all afternoon.  No was a perfect day.

Any paid entries lost before the 1st race will be refunded.  We will refund the week after the first race. To issue refunds now would be an accounting nightmare.  If you are missing a bird that will be due a refund, those funds can be transferred to a bird on your race team to be entered into the Hoosier High Roller Options. 

Entry Fees Due Now!!  Any bird or birds not paid for will be sold.  We will update the payouts just after the 1st race. 

For those of you who called wanting to purchase unpaid entries, we will post a list of available entries the day of shipping. 

We will keep everyone posted about training and our 1st race.  Remember to get those entries in.

Have a great week,




What  day!  We have contractors working on the property and they mistakenly disrupted the power to our lofts.  Because of this we unfortunately had to restart the hands on inventory.  While doing this I managed to drop my phone into a bucket of dip solution.  Needless to say if I haven't answered any calls this evening this is the reason.  My wife just came back from getting me a new phone.
We also managed to let one bird escape back into the loft without scanning.  We will loft fly in the morning and let it scan in.
The following birds need new chips and will be fixed in the morning:
NWFI 258

The following will be pulled from this years race series due to injuries or the fact that they will not catch up with the rest of the team because they are physically to far behind:

BFS 214
MAX 911  (Chest Injury)
BFS 853
ROYAL 330 (Leg Injury)
LU 77 (Chest Injury)
CDR 7114 (Will Not Recover)
TwoBeOne 17124
NWFI 242

It will not be fair to these birds or the breeders to further train or race them.  These birds will be available to be returned to the breeders at the end of the season.

We will resume training Friday.  Please get your entry fees in.  Entry fees are $300 per eligible bird.  Check out our website for information regarding the Hoosier High Roller Option.  100% payout on these options.

We will update again over the weekend.  I think these few days of rest will help the birds after Saturdays tough toss followed by 100 miles on Monday.

Have a Great rest of the week,



Overall I think the birds did well yesterday.  We fly a southwest course and most of the birds arrived from the west.  Very few came on the line.  They will be kept in today as they can use the rest.  Saturdays toss was a tough one.  Our next trainer will be either Thursday or Friday.  Tomorrow calls for rain so we will take advantage of that and do a hands on inventory as well as dip the birds one more time.  We do have several birds that returned with injuries.  These birds will be removed from the race team and owners will be notified. 

Entry Fees Are Due Now!!
Please make checks payable to:
Hoosier Classic
10258 S 1150 W
Wanatah, IN  46390

A reminder that all birds must be activated.  Entry Fees need to be sent in before our first race which is tentatively set for Sept 22. 

Remember 1st Place Prize has been raised to $150,000 and more payouts have been added to the 75th place bird.   Don't Be Left Out Of The Biggest Race Of 2017!!  Get your entry fees in now!

We will update tomorrow after the hands on inventory is done. 




This mornings weather would just not cooperate with us.  We did get the birds out to fly around 10:00 am and they flew like they were on fire!  We will be going 75 miles tomorrow (Saturday) and have a single release.  Birds will rest on Sunday and will be basketed for our 100 Mile Activation Race on Monday Sept 11th.  All entry money (300 per bird) will be due no later than Sept 21 as we will be basketing for our 1st race on Sept 22nd (weather permitting.)  As per our rules "All Remaining Birds Must Be Paid For,"  No picking or choosing birds!  All In or All Out.  Any paid entry lost before the 1st race will be refunded.  Any birds not paid for will be sold and breeder will forfeit all rights and money to their pigeons. 

Food for Thought......Hoosier Classic based prizes on 1000 birds going to the 1st race.  We may be able to raise the prize money by at least an additional $90,000.  If all continues to go well we will raise 1st Place to $150,000!! And add at least 35 more prizes at $2,000 each.  Paying down to 75 places.

Lets hope for good returns..We will update again on Sunday.

Have a great weekend,



No training today due to heavy over cast and spotty rain.  We will resume tomorrow and go 75 miles.  The next 7-10 days looks like great weather.

Take Care,



We had the birds out 55 miles as of today.  There were about 40 or so birds that piggy backed into the loft today when trapping.  You will see that they scanned in at about 5:30 today after we pushed them all out into the aviary and had them re trap at feeding time. 
Our goal is to have the 100 mile Activation on Sept 9th.  This is not written in stone so please understand this is tentative.  As long as the birds keep coming good and we have plenty of good weather we should be OK.  If we have the 100 Mile Activation Sept 9th, the first race will be 2 weeks later on or around Sept 23rd.  We will do our best to race every 7-10 days once we start.  There is rain in the forecast for the next 2 days so we most likely will not be training until Wednesday.  Keep a lookout for our upcoming advertisement in the Racing Pigeon Digest.  We are adding a New and Exciting yearling and old bird series to the Hoosier Classic format.  You will now be able to enter your young birds into the following season old bird race series.  The race format will consist of 100-200-300-400-500 mile races!  There will be more to come on this as well as in the digest.  Old birds will be flown from the existing Hoosier Classic Loft which is 164ft long and can hold 2000 pigeons.
Your 2018 entries will be housed in the new 16ft x 280 ft long loft.  This loft will be finished soon and will have all the best features your champion pigeons deserve.  Stay tuned for more info on this new loft!

Have a great week,


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